Netboom Mod APK v1.5.2.1 Download -Unlimited Time and Coins!

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Playing PC games on your beloved android smartphone is near to a nightmare! In this case, Netboom Mod APK has changed the game entirely.
You know what? Several months back we put a discussion on how to play GTA V on Android. But that was not about officially released GTA V at all! Instead, it was a modified version of the official GTA V where you can play a limited amount of missions.

What if, an app can allow you to play not only the officially released GTA V but also can allow you almost all the popular PC games on your smartphone? Here comes the beauty of Netboom!

App Information

Application Name


Required Platform

Android 5.0 (Lollypop) or Higher


18 MB


preemium (But free for you!)


Netboom Ltd

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  • File type : Apk [MOD]
  • Version : v1.5.2.1
  • File Size : 18 MB

How Does Netboom Mod APK Work?

To understand the working principle of Netboom Premium Mod APK 2021, you have to understand the concept of game streaming. There are mainly two mandatory parts.

  • Netboom APP
  • A powerful PC (Cloud)

All the PC games are installed in that cloud PC. And that PC is powerful enough to run any high graphics games such as GTA V, Call of Duty, Cyberpunk, Fall Guys, etc.

When you open the Netboom app and select any particular game to play, it sends a request to the cloud PC to open that particular game and start streaming to your smartphone through Netboom.

And then you can enjoy playing any high-graphics games without setting up any powerful PC in your room.

netboom mod apk free download

What Features This App is Offering?

If you consider downloading Netboom Mod APK Unlimited Time and Gold version, you can enjoy the following features that can provide you enough convenience while gaming. 

  • No Powerful PC is Needed: You will play PC games on your phone, but you don’t have to consider spending thousands of dollars to build your play station. You will just need an average-spec smartphone.
  • Almost All PC Games are Available: The games that are extremely popular among the PC games, almost all of these you will find in this app.
  • Don’t Own a Game? No Problem! : Not necessarily you have to spend bucks for owning any particular game! All the games are free and your job is to play!
  • Convenient Controller: The key placement for navigating, shooting, or taking any kind of action is extremely easy. You can use an external controller also if your phone supports OTG.
  • High Graphics With Low Latency! : It will provide you almost the same visuall experience as a PC can provide. But still, Netboom doesn’t hold any significant latency while gaming
  • Unlimited Storage: As your games will be streamed from a cloud PC, so you don’t have to bother about running out of storage. 
  • Unlimited Time and Coin: This is the main attraction of this app! To buy coins, you don’t have to spend dollars. You will get unlimited coins to spend to buy unlimited time for gaming!

How to Download and Install?

Don’t rush to Google to find the authentic download link of this APP. I have put the Netboom Hack Mod APK download link in this discussion. Just click on the download button and get this app on your phone.

And the installing process is simple as well. Follow the steps below to install it properly on your phone. 

  • Download the app
  • Put it in a specific folder
  • Go to your phone settings and enable permissions for installing files from unknown sources
  • Open the google play store
  • Disable the option play protect from the Google Play Settings
  • Clear all the recent apps
  • Visit the folder and install the file by following the usual process

Ending Words

I know, I haven’t covered all the details regarding Netboom Mod APK. Because it’s near too impossible to explain all about netbook within such a short discussion! That’s why I have kept the discussion short to inform the basic features of this game and the downloading and installing process.

So, I want you to explore the rest of the magical things of this APP on your own. Download the app if you want to, have fun with PC games and enjoy!

  • File type : Apk [MOD]
  • Version : v1.5.2.1
  • File Size : 18 MB