Mobile Security and Antivirus Apk Free Download For Android


Mobile Security and Antivirus Apk is developed by Avast. We all used Avast antivirus for PC. Now they are giving us the same antivirus which is securing our PCs for a long time. It is one of the most downloaded and highest rated apps in Google Play store in this genre.

Avast Mobile Security for Android scans and secures against infected files. Block unwanted privacy phishing. Also detect malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans.

Mobile Security and Antivirus apk has the both Antivirus and WIFI vulnerability protection. Also it scans the phone, detect the viruses. Then delete them.

It has some security tools like virus, malware scanner. Also delete infected files and stop the spreading of viruses. It also have some features like app permission, Applocker, Call blocker and more.

Mobile Security and Antivirus Apk

Mobile Security and Antivirus Apk Features:

Best Antivirus Engine– Automatically scan the virus, malware and infected apps. Also delete them. Web and file scanning for complete protection of the mobile. Also detect Trojans and spyware and block them from doing any harm.

App permission– Helps to manage your apps, also give an insight peak of them. Provide access right, network integration and permission.

Call blocker– Secure your privacy. Add number in blacklist which you don’t want to call you.

Mobile Security and Antivirus ApkWeb shield– Scan malware, adware, spyware infected links, also block them. You can choose if you want to disable the shields.

App locking– Lock your apps with a pin and retain security and privacy.

Threats Block– Block all the threats which are mainly dangerous for your OS.

Control– Give you total control of safeguarding your privacy.

Mobile Security and Antivirus ApkNew Features:
  • New home screen design with faster access
  • notification with a more integrated look and feel
  • control style and color
  • charging booster to charge faster and unplug sooner

So download Mobile Security and Antivirus app now.


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