The Most Downloaded Game in The World of All Time for Android

Most Downloaded Game

What is the most downloaded game in the world? This question has undoubtedly appeared in many gamers' minds till today. But all of these got multiple answers about the most downloaded game apps 2021, from the internet, their friends, so-called game journals, and some other sources. The excitement regarding this topic among the people drove me crazy to search for the appropriate answer to that particular question. Let me help you to get the right answer today!

What is The Most Downloaded Game in The World

I had to spend a good amount of time during the research process. After long time-consuming research, I ended up with two games that can be considered the most downloaded game in the world. Considering the Google Play Store data, both of these have been installed more than 1 billion times. These games are-

  1. Subway Surfer
  2. Candy Crush Saga

According to Business Insider’s claim, subway surfer is a clear winner in this run as the game has been downloaded 1.5 billion times. On the other hand, Candy Crush Saga could influence 1.2 billion people to download and play this game.

But Wikipedia gives a little bit different data where it is stated; Subway Surfer crossed 2 billion downloads in May 2018. However, this game is always the winner from all aspects, considering the number of downloads.

What Facts Made This Game So Popular?

Playing this game is quite a simple and easy process. It doesn’t keep any kinds of exciting storytelling missions like GTA 5 or The Adventures of Tintin. Then what facts worked behind the game to make it extensively popular? I have researched about this and found something interesting. Let me share those facts with you.

Endless Running

Subway surfer is an endless runner video game. If you are a crazy fan of gaming, then you might have noticed one interesting thing. Subway surfer is almost identical to another legendary android game named Temple Run. There is a thing that is noticeably common between both of these. From the very beginning, you will be chased by someone, and you have to keep running as long as you can. That’s all about these games!

subway surfer

People somehow found this part so much fun that made both of the games equally famous. But subway surfer made some changes in their game that created a significant difference between both. Many critics think, this one is one of the valid reasons that made this game the most downloaded game in the world. 

The Path is Straight-Forward

The more time goes in Temple Run while playing, the more challenging level comes. And when the challenging level comes, you have to take turn-right and turn-left more frequently. Subway Surfer didn’t put any option like this. This simple change brought a massive difference between both games and could able to engage more gamers. Mainly, this simplification allowed entry-level gamers to play this game and engage them easily.

subway surfer apk

No Sensor is Required to Play

In Temple Run G-sensor (Gyroscope) is mandatory to play. While you will be playing this game and will need to collect coins, your should tilt your device considering the coins’ position to collect them. Even when you will have to avoid the abyss and some other kinds of obstacles, you will have to tilt your device also.

subway surfer

On the other hand, Kiloo and SYBO Games (The creators of Subway Surfer) eliminated this process entirely. Instead, the introduced touch-sensitive navigation allows a gamer to move his game character without bending his neck.

Some Other Tricky Parts!

According to multiple resources, Subway Surfer was developed mainly targeting children and women. If you see both the Temple Run and this game side by side closely, you will certainly notice that Subway Surfer is way more colorful, cartoonish, and attractive compared to Temple Run, which was intentional. After all, the super-easy gameplay, attractive UI (User Interface), and the overall colorful fun gaming experience made this game extensively popular among children and women besides the male gamers.

Clever Planning Behind Designing the Game

As far as my researching knowledge goes, there are mainly four types of players in the world.

  1. Achievers: who are always eager to earn badges, trophies, etc
  2. Explorers: who want to explore every corner of the game and have fun while gaming
  3. Socializers: who can find his fun sharing his achievements with his friends
  4. Killers: who play to dominate everyone else and win respect from them

Subway Surfers’ developers added such features to engage all of these types and made this the most downloaded game in the world. There are 20 different characters and 20 attractive surfing boards to choose from for playing.

20 attractive surfing boards

You can earn badges and trophies, share your total score with your friends from Facebook, compete with them to beat their highest score. And for the explorer-type gamers, this game is a name of mystery as it has a beginning of running, but there is no end!
As far as my research goes, these are the factors that worked behind making this game the most downloaded mobile game.

How to Play Subway Surfer

As I mentioned in the whole article, playing this game is super easy and engaging. The free download link of this game is provided at the ending part of this article. Just download and install this game following the traditional process. 

To play this game, keep this procedure in your mind- 

  • Open the installed game (Subway Surfer)
  • After a while, you will see Jake (The main character of this game) is spraying paints on a train and making graffiti.
  • Tap on the tap to play button. And instantly, Jake will start running!
  • Avoid all the obstacles coming on your path by swiping up, down, left, right, considering the situation.
  • You are now good to go. Let’s see how far you can go!

Popular Myths Regarding This Game

There exist some popular myths regarding the story behind the creation of this game. Many critics believe these myths helped to create a significant hype among android users to show interest in this game. I want to express two of these popular myths to you. 


A few years back, a tweet went viral on several social media. In that tweet, the person stated, one of the developers of this game had a son. One day the boy was skating down the railway tracks to enjoy his leisure time. After a while, a train arrived at the spot. 

But for some unknown reason, the boy couldn’t manage to get off the railway track before getting hit and massively injured. As a consequence, the boy died for over bleeding.

Then the developer (the boy’s father) made this game as a tribute to his son, which eventually became the most downloaded game in the world. Fact is, the center character of this game, Jake, represents his son.

Myth- 2

This myth sounds a little more tragic compared to the first one. 

Jacob Møller and Simon Møller initially developed the game. They used to live in a slum in their childhood, and there was a railway station nearby. Jacob and Simon used to bunk school and went to the railway station to pass the entire day.

As both of these were big fans of spray paint, they would use the train’s compartment wall to make graffiti with spray paint. But a policeman always used to chase them for their disturbing activity. Jacob and Simon used to dodge the policeman and rush away from there. And they found this part as a fun game and continued this for a long time.

subway surfer game

The Tragic Part

One day Jacob and Simon were doing the same thing. The policeman rushed over there to catch them. Jacob and Simon left the place and started running on the railway track. But on that day, the policeman was determined to catch them.

After some time, all of these noticed an oncoming train was reaching towards them. The policeman instantly realized there is no time left. Then he pushed two brothers to separate them from the railway track. As a consequence, the train hit the policeman, and he instantly died.

This tragic story made Jacob and Simon extremely guilty, and they couldn’t forgive themselves. Then in 2012, they made this game where we see the same healthy policeman chasing a boy.

Fair Verdict Regarding Those Myths

The interesting fact is, none of these stories are real. That proves the game is not inspired by any real-life tale at all! These are just two viral posts made by some random persons regarding the story behind making Subway Surfer.

But the team behind this game cleared this issue with a clear statement. They made this game only for inspiring and supporting the street wall artists. This single statement proves, there is no tragic story that inspired the developers to make this game.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Crazy gamers always search for answers to some particular questions. Let’s get some of these.

Q- Is Subway Surfers more addictive than Temple Run?

  • It depends on the user preferences. But if you like to play such games that are simple to play and visually attractive, then Subway Surfer might be your first choice.

Q- What are the most downloaded games on android ever?

-Here is an extensive list of some of the most downloaded android games of all times

  • Candy Crush Saga - (1B+ Downloads)
  • Clash of Clans - (500M + Downloads)
  • Angry Birds -  (500M+ Downloads)
  • Temple Run 2 - (500M+ Downloads)
  • 8 Ball Pool - (500M+ Downloads)
  • Free Fire - (500M+ Downloads)
  • Need for Speed no limits - (100M+ Downloads)

Q- What are the best android games in the world? 

  • You can follow the list I have mentioned a little bit earlier.  All of these games are free to play. And these all are still considered as the most popular mobile games 2021.

Q- Does subway surfer ever end?

  • Technically, Subway Surfer is a never-ending game. But the truth is, every game has its limit. Considering the analysis from many critics and tech reviewers, it will take 32 years if you decide to reach the limit!

Ending Line

As the most downloaded game in the world, Subway Surfer created a milestone in the history of android games. Some other legendary games are hugely popular as well. But in the entire article, my focus was only on Subway Surfer. Hopefully, soon I will talk about all of these legendary games slowly but surely. Till then, stay tuned with Android Blue.

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