SUPERSU Root Download For Android




What is SuperSU?

SuperSU is a short form of the term called super user. It is one of the most popular apps to help you with rooting your android device. It actually protects your android device which has rooted. It has very good security to manage permission of application on your android device.

SuperSU protects the android device from any malicious threats of various apps after the device is rooted. It does not necessarily root your android device. However, once the device is rooted SuperSU allows you to manage the rooted android device.

SuperSU controls the certain applications on your android device which have gained access to system of your android device. So, if you are still confused about what SuperSU actually is. It is actually an app which ensures that security of your device is good after you root your android device.

Supersu apk for android

How SuperSU Root App Works?

There are some preparations you have to do before you install SuperSU on your device. You can check them on our article about rooting your android device.

Once you have done those precautions, you can install this app from here. You must root your device before you install SuperSU. You can also download the apk file or zip file on your device. Thus, it will give you permission to gain access to root with the control of management tool of SuperSU app.

Follow these steps to run on your device. 

  • Before you start with this app, you have to install the TWRP recovery environment.
  • Install the zip or apk file on your android device.
  • Next step is to reboot your device by holding the Power and Volume Down button at the same time. After that you have done rebooting you will see Team win Recovery Project screen.
  • You can find the SuperSU zip file you downloaded earlier. Swipe the blue mark below to confirm the flashing.
  •  After that you will see screen saying install zip successful, tap on wipe cache/dalvik and then Reboot System afterwards.
  • You will see the new SuperSu 2.82 icon after you rebooted your device. It appears in your app drawer.
  • So whenever an application request to root permissions, your app will confirm that request by showing a prompt message to you.

You can now manage permissions of the root by just tapping on your drawer application and opening the SuperSU app. You can also unroot your android device through the SuperSu app by going to the setting option and tapping the Full Unroot option. Good luck!

Warnings before you Root

You must go through some of the most common dangers of rooting your device before rooting your android device. One of them is that it breaks the security of your apps and they can damage the security of other apps. You will lose the warranty claim for your device. However, as rooting doesn’t affect the hardware part of your device you may unroot your device in most cases and claim your warranty again.

Most of the common damage rooting can cause is the bricking of your device. Therefore, you must root your device at your own risk. You must be very careful while doing it on the device, as a little mess can make your phone dead permanently.

However, as explained earlier in the article there are many positive parts of rooting your device too. We recommend you to go through our article about precautions and preparations before you start root your android device.

  • File type : SUPERSU Root
  • Version : 2.82
  • File Size : 6.51