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Transparent wallpaper


Ramson Softech

By default, the Transparent Wallpaper feature is not available on your phone. To taste the fun experience of glassy wallpaper, you need some manual tasks to do!
Yes, this is not the must-have feature of your phone. But this thing is interesting when you want to surprise your friends or make them puzzled. There are very few apps that can perform such things. But all of these are not good enough.

Today I’ll introduce you to a special glassy wallpaper app that can set transparent wallpaper instantly, and at the same time, it will offer you some interesting features as well.

Interesting Features of Transparent Wallpaper App

There are some reasons that helped this app to attain extensive popularity among android users. Here are some of the key features regarding this app that should be mentioned here.

  • Transparent Live Wallpaper: This is the main feature of this app. Activating this feature is easy as well. After opening the app, you will get a dedicated option to activate it to set the invisible phone background.
  • Mirror Live Wallpaper: Activating this feature will flip the footage horizontally that your camera can capture. And at the same time, it will be set as your live wallpaper.
  • Rose Live Wallpaper: You will experience a beautiful rosy effect when you will set this wallpaper on your screen by using this app. The wallpaper is not attractive but attractive and eye-soothing for sure!
  • Autumn Live Wallpaper: You will like this wallpaper if you love to have an autumn vibe on your smartphone screen. It’s similar to the Rose Wallpaper but not identical.
  • Shake to Change Feature: To change your phone wallpaper, it’s not necessary to open the app and change it. If you shake your phone once, it will change the live wallpaper automatically.
  • In-Built Compass: If your phone magnetometer or gyro sensor, this feature will provide you accurate info regarding directions! You just have to select the Compass option and hold the phone horizontally parallel to the ground. It will help your app to provide accurate info.
  • Volume Booster: Though this is a Transparent Wallpaper app, it has a robust sound tuning system! You can boost volume and customize bass, treble, etc easily with this app to enhance your music listening experience.
  • Clean and Minimalistic UI: The surprising fact is, this app holds an enormous amount of features considering its size. But still, the app is extremely minimalistic and clean.

App Information

Application Name

Transparent Live Wallpaper



Required Platform

Android 4.2 (Jellybean) or Higher


7.60 MB



Developer Team

Ramson Softech

Number of Installations






The Proper Downloading Process

The process of downloading this app is similar to the other transparent background wallpaper apps. And on the Google Play Store, you get the app easily. You have to search with the keyword Transparent Live Wallpaper. You will get it easily from there.

But in some cases, you may not find this app over there. It sometimes happens from some particular android versions. In that case, I suggest you download this app from the direct download link that I have given in this discussion.

A Couple of Disclaimers!

There is no doubt that the app is good. But everything holds some flaws. And this app has also some minor cons that I should mention here as a couple of disclaimers.

  • The App Keeps The Camera On: When you activate the transparent wallpaper, it will start using your phone’s back camera. And all the time it will remain turned on.
  • Battery Draining: As it will keep your back camera turned on, it will consume more energy from the battery compared to the usual battery backup.

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Concluding Words

This is true that the Transparent Wallpaper feature is not that practical, but the extensive features of Transparent Live Wallpaper have made the app different. If you consider all the things together, then this app is definitely a complete package for you with a minimalistic user experience.

  • File type : app
  • Version : v13.87
  • File Size : 7.60 MB

Conclusion : Transparent Wallpaper is a fun apk! If you are bored with using regular live wallpapers, this apk is the solution to provide something interesting!