The Best Free Video Editor Apps

Best Video editor apps

Editing videos is an essential task for specific users of smartphones. The users involved in several activities like vlogging, making funny and informative videos for social media, and video editor apps are daily needs. People look for the best video editor apps for android nowadays to make their live moments more attractive and momentum. 

Compared to the past, android users at present are getting more involved in editing and sharing videos on social media. Editing videos perfectly is not an easy task. While searching for the best video editor apps, you must consider several parameters to create your videos mesmerizing. 

What is the Android Video Editor Apps?

Video editor app gives you a plethora of options and features to add, edit, and interestingly modify your recorded moments. The more you edit your videos, the videos will be more attractive.

The popular and best video editing apps for android will assist you in creating the desired video.

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Best Video editor apps

List of Best Video Editor Apps for Android 

Choosing the best free video editing app is a must before starting to edit your videos. You may face a dilemma while looking for a popular video editing app for your android device. 

The below list will help you to get the best video editor apps for android. These apps are free, and you can make your desired video without a watermark as the below-mentioned apps are the best free video editor app without watermark. 

  • FilmoraGo
  • InShot
  • ActionDirector
  • KineMaster
  • VN Video Editor 
  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • PixArt Video
  • Quik
  • Movie Maker Filmmaker
  • Super Studio

Video editing apps for android are more popular for smartphone users because the users can get the best-featured video editor apps free. Besides, you will get a premium feel while using those free video editing apps.


Wondershare developed the FilmoraGo video editing app, which is the top featured one to edit your videos. You can do all the essential functions through this apk. Most of the features are free for you, so using Filmora video editor, your video editing experience will be better. 

Top Features

  • Video and audio controls
  • Audio equalizer
  • Video stabilization
  • 4K resolution editing support 
  • Speed control
  • Advanced text editing
  • Screen recording
  • Scene detection
  • Split screen
  • Noise removal
  • Tilt-shift
  • Social import



Image Source: FilmoraGo


If you look for a super simple video editor app, InShot is the best option for you. It has a simple timeline editor with multiple audio and video channels. InShot offers you a wide variety of great features that perfectly make YouTube and TikTok videos.

Top Features

  • Trim and cut video
  • Rotate or flip the video
  • Extracting music from videos
  • Merging the video
  • Several videos filters
  • Video speed control
  • Video converter and photo slideshow maker
  • Easy to share
  • Lots of stylish collage layouts



Image Source: InShot


ActionDirector is the most popular free video editing app for android, although it is the best video editor apk for PC. The app is updated regularly and provides new features. All basics functions are available in this video editing app.

Top Features

  • Record and edit videos
  • A large number of video filters
  • Animated stickers
  • Slow-motion and time-lapse
  • Editing background music
  • Edit UltraHD 4K video
  • Promptly sharing system
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation



Image Source: ActionDirector

KineMaster Diamond

It is one of the most powerful free video editor apps. KineMaster includes multiple videos, image, and effect layers. The users can easily get attracted to this best video editing app for android as it has a lot of features.

Although KineMaster Diamond 2021 for android is not as powerful as the PC version, your experience with this video editing app free will be satisfactory.

Top Features

  • Speed control
  • Various effects
  • An extensive collection of themes
  • Adjustments options
  • Multiple layers
  • Add music 
  • Audio and video filters
  • Overlays option 
  • Animation styles
  • Real-time recording
  • Instant preview



Image Source: Kinemaster 

VN Video Editor

VN video editor apk is one the best video editor apps certainly as it offers excellent features to the users, including video without watermark, real-time exporting and importing videos, etc. 

The VN video editing app’s UI is clean, and advanced editing tools, including curve shifting, auto-enhance, multi-track editing, and many more, make it more popular and best.

Top Features

  • Keyframe animation
  • Multi-layer timeline 
  • Curve speed
  • Mark the music rhythm
  • Free diverse style music
  • More than 60 filters
  • Advanced text styles
  • Adjust the subtitle duration
  • Instant sharing videos on YouTube and other social media platforms
  • 21 transitions between video clips


VN video editor

Image Source: VN video editor

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe premiere rush is a standard video editing app for android users. It is one of the newest mobile video editor apps.  Adobe comes with a lot of features that help to increase the satisfaction level of the users. Although the app is being updated regularly, some bugs can bother you. 

However, it has a ton of potential and advanced editing tools that enhances UI. 

Top Features

  • Motion graphics templates
  • Shared projects
  • VR audio editing
  • Video tilting and graphics
  • Effects
  • VR rotate sphere
  • VR editing
  • Simultaneous projects
  • Transitions
  • Type tool
  • Multiple formats support
  • Regional closed caption standards


Adobe premiere rush

Image Source: Adobe premiere rush

PixArt Video

The best watermark-free and non paid video editor app for android are PixArt. It is one of the most useful video editing apps for android users. 

The video editor app provides you standard video editing tools, and you can get access to a unique collection of music through PixArt.

Although the free version allows you a great feature, you can save up to 720p video. However, it is a straightforward video editor app for android. 

Top Features

  • Create dispersion
  • Add effects and filters.
  • Add stickers
  • Change background 
  • Add photos to create overlays.
  • Create masks
  • Color with curve tools
  • Draw lines
  • Add mosaics
  • Manage the video speed
  • Add stylized fonts



Image Source: PixArt 


Quick is an excellent video editor app for android. You will get your edited videos without a watermark, and it is totally a free apk with powerful features to edit your videos.

The Action camera is a famous and renowned company that developed Quik apk for android users. For the beginner, the Quik video editing app is the most suitable one. 

The app helps you to edit your videos like a professional one, and it is user-friendly. 

Top Features

  • Add up to 75 videos and photos at a time.
  • A plethora of themes
  • Customize your video
  • Add popular soundtrack
  • Several stickers
  • Transitions
  • Various numbers of effects
  • Moore than 50 filters for your videos
  • Edit the video speed
  • Easy sharing 



Image Source: Quick

Movie Maker Filmmaker

Moviemaker filmmaker is popular for its best features. It is amazingly a powerful video editor app for android users. Although it has some issues, the moviemaker is one of the best and popular video editor apps for android. 

You will not be bothered while using this video editing apk as it is completely free, and the watermark is not present in your video. 

Top Features

  • Free video editor and best video maker app. 
  • Free video intro templates
  • Fix  and add the shaking of video effects
  • Trim and cut the videos
  • Video speed editor
  • Text animation
  • Cute stickers
  • Adjust volume
  • Transition video filters
  • Clip maker, cropper, and editor
  • Blending modes
  • Video compressor and converter
  • Green screen and chroma key


Moviemaker filmmaker

Image Source: Moviemaker filmmaker

Super Studio

The super studio is an excellent featured apk for editing video. Happyness is a Beijing-based company that developed a super studio app.

This video editing app is well designed, and it has a clean user interface. It is not ads free, but you will get your edited video without any watermark.

Top Features

  • Add music
  • Trim and merge videos
  • Change the speed of videos.
  • Rewind the video
  • Clipping 
  • Add bit rate
  • Add resolution of the video.
  • Advanced editing tools
  • Several numbers of filters
  • Add effects and transitions.


 super studio

Image Source: Super Studio

Best Video Editing App for iPhone

Imovie app

iMovie app is the best video editing app for iPhone users. You can make your own movies on your iPhone by using this popular and useful app. 

You will get a comfortable and convenient experience while using this apk. Especially while running iMovie apk on your iPad 2, you will get a premium feeling. 

iMovie app provides you multi-touch gestures by which you can promptly add photos, videos, music, and different attractive sound effects.  

Top Features

  • Edit the length of a video clip
  • Duplicate a video
  • Slow-motion and time-lapse system
  • Audio level control
  • Transitions effects
  • Add background sound
  • Divide a long video into multiple short clips
  • Snip out the boring or unexpected portion of the video

Download iMovie For Android

Download iMovie For iPhone

Wrapping Up

Best video editor for android provides you a better user experience. The most and top featured apps by which you can easily edit your videos are explored. 
Video editing apps for mobile are getting popular nowadays. You have to choose the best free video editor app according to your requirements.
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