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GTA 5 Download Apk

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GTA 5 Download Apk GTA 5 Download Apk GTA 5 Download Apk

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More About GTA 5 Download Apk

Nowadays, many people search on Google for the link of GTA 5 free download for android. Grand Theft Auto 5, extensively known as GTA5 is one of the most popular games globally that made a milestone in gaming history. This particular version of this game was first introduced in 2013, targeting PC users.

According to Wikipedia, this is the third most expensive game that took over $265 million to complete the project.

There are many story-driven missions behind this game’s extensive popularity. Three protagonists will lead you from the beginning to the end of the story. Throughout the whole journey, these three marvelous characters Micheal, Trevor, and Franklin will make you explore the journey full of thrill and goosebumps!

I will explain the plot where you will get who these characters are, what they do, and why they became the lead characters of this particular game.

An exciting story before GTA 5 free download for android

In almost every game that exists in the world, you play as a hero. Some so-called bad guys exist in every game, and you are to beat them to protect the world. GTA was introduced to give a different test to you. You can experience the villain lifestyle and activity while gaming. The three characters I have previously mentioned, all of these are mainly the villain character. 

The Beginning

Before the discussion of GTA 5 free download for android, let’s read an exciting story of three protagonists.

The story begins with a bank robbery. When you start playing the game, you will experience the robbery that happened nine years back from the present day. Three persons named MichealTrevor, and Brad executed the mission. You will primarily play as Micheal while playing. 

But the whole situation was not going smoothly as they planned. As a consequence, the FIB came to the spot before they leave the bank. As a consequence, a crossfire session happened between FIB and the three protagonists. Brad got shot and died during the crossfire. But somehow, Micheal and Trevor could manage to escape.

The beginning of the story twist

When Brad’s body was found, all the people thought that it was Micheal’s dead body. They buried the body and prayed for Micheal. But Micheal was still alive. Then he disappeared from society and started to live a new life in the underground.

And after all of these incidents happening on your screen, the actual missions will be revealed sequentially to you.

Can I install GTA V on Android?

As I mentioned before, the game was specially developed for PC users. When Rockstar Games released this game, the smartphone era was just passing its initial stage (Back in 2013). 

As this game needs decent hardware specs and the smartphones could not meet that, Rockstar Games released this game only for PC users.

The overall situation got changed year by year. A smartphone nowadays is now way smarter than its pre-successor. But still, Rockstar Games released no android or IOS version of this particular game.

Can I Get the Third-Party Version of This Game?

Third-party developers can make your dream come a little bit true in this case by providing the link of GTA 5 free download for android. But the truth is, these all are the cloned version of GTA-5. There is no GTA v mobile download link is available that was developed for smartphones. You will find tons of direct download links to these - ALL OF THESE ARE CLONED. 

There is no official version of GTA-5 released for android. So my suggestion for you will be not to waste your valuable time searching for GTA 5 mobile free download link.

But after paying a decent amount of time and research, I have found a better quality GTA-5 APK file. It will allow you to enjoy the game with decent graphics and multiple choices. The installing procedure is a little bit complex but not that hard.

Don’t worry; I am here to present you with the whole process in a convenient way.

How do I download and play GTA 5 on iOS and Android devices?

GTA 5 mobile apk free download link is available for you. There is no fancy procedure to download this game from Android Blue. The direct link I have provided at the end of this article. There are two files required to run this game. I have compressed both the files into ZIP format and attached the direct download link of the ZIP file at the end of the article. Just download the file from the link and extract it with a decent quality file extractor. After that, keep both the files in the same folder.

The download link I have provided below is only applicable for android users only. If you use iPhone, then this article will not help you. There needs a complicated procedure to maintain downloading and installing GTA 5 on the IOS platform.

GTA 5 free download for android and the installing procedure

Now time to install the game and play. The fact is, there are many procedures to install this game on your phone. But I am explaining the easiest one to you. 

Installing The APK file

  • First and foremost, visit the Settings option of your phone.
  • Find the Device Administration tab. You will find an option titled Unknown Sources. Tap on it and make it Enabled
  • Go to the directory folder where you have downloaded GTA 5
  • Tap on the file and install it, maintaining the traditional process
  • If you found your phone is blocking the installation process, then go to Google Play Store.
  • Tap on the burger menu, located at the top left corner of the homepage
  • A list will appear containing many options, tap on the Play Protect option and disable the play protect.
  • Re-install the GTA 5 apk

Placing The OBB File Properly

  • The OBB file is in RAR format. Extract this file with a decent quality file extractor like Zarchiver

Placing The OBB File Properly

  • You will found a folder named “com.rusergames.gta5prologue”

download gta 5 for android full apk free

  • Copy this folder with long pressing on the folder, and paste it in the following directory

FIle manager> Storage> Android> Obb> (paste here)

gta v mobile download

  • You are done! Enjoy the game.

How to Play GTA 5 on Android

Luckily there is no tutorial needed to play GTA-5 on android. After completing GTA 5 free download for android and installing it, a virtual controller will appear. This controller will allow you to play the game seamlessly.

Suppose you have played this game for almost many years on pc. In that case, you can quickly figure out which icon of the virtual controller will allow you to perform which action.

Considering your convenience, I have prepared a table for you that will allow you to figure out how to play this game on android.





A, S, W, D keys of the keyboard

Soft Navigation Controller


Shift + A, S, W, D Keys

Dedicated Run Icon


Space Bar

Dedicated Jump Icon

Picking Up Smartphone

Up Arrow Button

Dedicated Mobile Icon

Aiming and Shooting

Aim = Mouse Right-Click

Shoot = Mouse Left-Click

Aim = Dedicated Aim Icon to aim

Shoot = Dedicated Shoot Icon to shoot


These are the basic functions to navigate while playing GTA-5 on your smartphone. There are a bunch more options that you can figure out yourself easily while playing. 

Features of GTA V For Android

Though this version of this game has been developed to serve android users, it holds some almost identical features to the PC version. I want to let you know some of these.

  • Action in Real-Time

You can play GTA 5 from your android phone with multiplayer mode. This feature will allow you to enjoy all the action moments in real-time.

  • A rich collection of cars and weapons

GTA 5 original version holds a decent collection of cars. In this particular android version, some cars have been re-designed, and new cars have been added to lift your excitement to a superior level.

  • Great navigating soft keys

Navigation is one of the essential parts of smartphone gaming. Lousy navigation can ruin your whole excitement in a second. GTA 5 is not doing so. It has a great control panel with which you can accelerate your excitement while gaming.

  • Superior level graphics

Though this version is made for android, it has excellent graphics to offer you. Sounds fake? Just open the game. The interface will make you smile for sure. 

  • The thrilling and adventurous missions

Many story-driven missions have been included in the game that will allow you to taste the real thrill. Though the missions are not entirely identical to the original version, considering the android platform, these are decent enough to satisfy you.

  • High-quality sound effects

I recommend you use headphones while you are gaming. It helps to experience the surround sound effects that your smartphone loudspeaker can’t deliver. For GTA 5, the same theory is applicable. Use your decent quality headphone while gaming, and feel how excited it can make you.

  • Improvised and exciting music

Though both the PC and Android versions of this game are almost identical, developers have brought some improvisation in this game’s background music. Hopefully, that will impress you too.

  • Super lightweight and easy to operate

The original version of GTA 5 is almost 75 GB in size. According to Rockstar Games’ instructionyour PC should have at least 10GB of free disk space to run this game seamlessly. On the contrary, in my provided link for GTA 5 free download for android, the APK file size is 37.8 MB, and the OBB file size is 93 MB. Now you decide how much lighter this version is compared to the official one!

What are the minimum specs for GTA V?

Before installing this game on your phone, try to make sure your phone meets the specs mentioned below. 

  • Operating System: Android 4.0 or above
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Processor: Any quad-core processor with at least 1.5GHz clock speed
  • GPU: Any versions of Adreno GPU
  • Recommended Free Space: 2GB

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are some frequently asked questions whose answers people always search for on the internet. I want to cover the most common questions with answers that come from almost every gamer.

Q- How do I download GTA 5 in PPSSPP?

GTA 5 apk free download direct link is available at the end of the article for you to make the whole process done simply. To install and play with PPSSPP, just make sure to follow the following procedure.

  • At first, make sure you have done the installation procedure mentioned above (Follow the Installing The APK file section in the article).
  • Install the PPSSPP emulator from Google Play Store. If you want to know this emulator further, you can check out the article on the best games emulator for android.


  • Open the emulator and go to the Games tab.

PPSSPP emulator

  • Then follow the sequence android>obb

PPSSPP emulator for gta 5

gta 5 apk play with PPSSPP emulator

  • The thumbnail of your GTA 5 will be visible now

PPSSPP emulator

  • Tap on the thumbnail, and enjoy the gaming!



Q- How do I play GTA 5 on Android smartphones by mirroring the game via Steam Link?

There needs some preparation for both your PC and android smartphone. 

  1. Your PC should have installed GTA 5
  2. You have to have an uninterrupted internet connection.
  3. A good quality android phone connected to the same internet connection

After making sure all of these, the rest of the procedure is simple.

  • Download and install the Steam Link app from Google Play Store
  • Pair your PC with your android using Steam Link
  • Click Start Playing Button
  • Now from your stream library, select GTA 5
  • Click the Play button and enjoy gaming.

Q- Can I play GTA 5 offline?

Yes, you can. The link to GTA 5 free download for android has been provided at the end of the article. If you use this particular version, there is no need to have an internet connection for your phone if you are not in a multiplayer mode.

Q- How can I become a cop in GTA 5?

There is no way to play as a cop. But you can pretend as a cop by stealing a cop car. 

Q- What is the difference between GTA 5 vs GTA V?

There is no difference between them. Both are the same game with different names.

Q- When will GTA 5 be released on Android officially?

The very straightforward and honest answer is - NEVER! The only reason behind this, the game size. The size of the official GTA 5 is almost 75 GB. The fact is, smartphones are not powerful enough to deliver enough power to run this game.

That is why many critics assume that Rockstar Games will not release any android version of this game.

After complete your download process, first of all, unzip this download file

Concluding Words

Many people search for the link of GTA 5 free download for android. But most of them get confused after downloading whether they downloaded the actual version or not. As I mentioned, there is no official version of GTA 5 on the internet. But the version I have provided is the most refined version ever for android.

At least I can say one thing with confidence. When you install the game on your phone successfully and see Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor on your tiny smartphone screen, it will bring a smile to your face for sure.

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