Android Windows 7 Apk Launcher – Free Download

Android windows 7

Android Windows 7 Apk will bring you the real Look of windows 7 as like as your computer on your Android mobile or tablet. Make your android phone exactly like windows 7.when you install and set this launcher on your android device it seems 100% like windows 7 or windows XP. Install the Windows 7 Launcher on your Android and charm your friends! Now get the same look of windows 7 on your Android !. Android Windows 7 apk Launcher made fully based on the Windows operating has a start menu with my computer option.

Features Android Windows 7 Launcher APK:

  • Start menu like the original windows system
  • Looks like the original windows 7
  • Built-in features like Cut, copy, paste support
  • 6 different wallpaper for home screen
  • windows 7 and windows XP, windows vista launcher
  • My computer option is available
  • C Drive and D Drive System
  • Speedy and smooth run in any android version
  • The taskbar system is quite easy
  • Control panel Support
  • Advertisements can be blocked from the App settings for free!

Many more features just check screenshot and video

Screenshot : 

android windows 7 apk

Requirements :

  1. Android 2.3 and up
  2. File Size: 7.4 MB

How to download and install windows 7 launcher apk

  1. After download, the windows 7 launcher from the above link then go to your file manager app
  2. Now go to the download folder of the file manager
  3. In the download folder, you will see a win 7 launcher .zip file
  4. Now Extract this zip file inside the file manager
  5. After extracting you will get the .apk file
  6. Now click on .apk file and install this apk
  7. if you can’t install then go to your setting and authorize unknown apk file install

after doing the above things you will see a successful message and now go to your home screen. now click on the android windows 7 apk launcher icon on the home screen. follow the next step to implement this launcher.

We have made a youtube tutorial for this launcher. just click this link to watch video tutorials.

Few Additional features of android windows 7 apk launcher: 

  • My computer option is visible as like windows
  • Less memory needed to install this launcher
  • Easily customization some features
  • Lower android version supported apk
  • 3 in 1 launcher because win 7,  XP, and Vista supported
  • Super fast and smooth during scrolling
  • There have clock widgets and other important widgets

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What is the launcher and why android windows 7 apk? 

The launcher is one of the main parts of the android interface. an interface shows us a real view of a system. without a good-looking interface, a system is not attractive to the user. so, the Android interface can be said a good looking launcher. an android launcher allows you to customize the home screen(eg. phone call, desktop)and other features of an android device.

Android windows 7 apk is that’s type interface or launcher which allows you to customize the home screen like windows 7 os. so easily we can say win 7 launcher is one of the best launchers for the android system.basically lots of android users want to change their launcher look from the common one. win 7 launcher is the best option to get new some things from a the play store and open source market there have lots of launchers but this launcher is different from any other.

Requirements to run this android win 7 launchers: 

Basically, this is too much light launcher. android windows 7 Apk launcher is supported maximum android device and version. like Samsung, HTC, oppo, mi, Vivo, ATC, symphony, Walton, Maximus, Motorola, and other brands support this launcher. I have also tried to my low version android device, it worked perfectly. it was more smooth my low version android device.

  • Generally 2.2 android version and higher support this apk
  • No need much more ram or storage for installing
  • Price: totally free for use

A final word about this: You can make it much more fun to use this launcher. you can make fun with your friends that you are using the Windows operating system in the android device. This is a technological era so try to do something different by using technology.and this launcher app will give a chance to do something different.

Generally, every android phone or tables need a launcher to run the android system. so as an android user, you should install a less memory-consuming launcher. if you do not install a less memory-consuming android launcher then your phone gradually loses, the best suggestion for you install this less memory-consuming launcher.hopefully this launcher help to increase android device speed.

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : Android Windows Apk
  • File Size : 7.5 MB