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More About My Boy APK

At the very beginning, an important question for you. Have you ever heard about the apps My Boy APK? If this question sounds weird, then let us ask another question.  Are you a 90s kid? Then we are pr...

At the very beginning, an important question for you. Have you ever heard about the apps My Boy APK? If this question sounds weird, then let us ask another question.  Are you a 90s kid? Then we are pretty sure that you used to play Game Boy regularly. Feeling nostalgic right?

We believe, still you are a big fan of games from Advanced Gameboy, which nostalgia has driven you to reach this article. And you want to play these games with your beloved smartphone.

If we are telling the right thing, then this discussion is going to be super engaging for you. The apps we have mentioned earlier is the name of an Android Emulator. We are about to introduce this emulator to you that keeps the ability to allow you to play these games and bring you to the 90s era.

About My Boy APK

Different games and apps are developed for different platforms. The games from GBA (Game Boy Advance) were developed for a different platform as well which is not compatible with other platforms. Emulator software can solve this issue.  Basically, an emulator is a different kind of software that allows a user to use apps or software from a different platform and plays the role of a synchronizer.

There is a lot of emulators over the internet that can perform the same thing. But all of these are not well optimized and worthy enough to satisfy you. My Boy is different from all of this. This emulator has two different versions. The free version has satisfied almost 10million users so far.  On the other hand, 1 million users are using the premium version of this emulator as it has gained the top level of authority.

Features of myboy full version apk

We are writing about this article only because this emulator is capable of giving something unique to you. The high compatibility will allow you to play almost any game from Game Boy Advance. On the other hand, this is capable of syncing your game progress with google drive. Nothing further we do, let’s discuss the features in brief. 

  1. External controller support

My Boy pro apk comes with a convenient virtual controller to allow you to play games seamlessly. But it keeps the ability to get connected with external controllers. In 2021 some gamers can exist who are not big fans of the virtual controller as it tortures the smartphone screen while gaming. 

In order to get rid of this situation and to give the highest convenience during playing, external controllers can help. Many game reviewers have tested this feature. Their feedback says this feature is fully functional with the lowest amount of delay in terms of playing with myboy full version apk using external controllers.

  1. Cheat applying facility

It’s fun to use cheat code while playing games. My Boy doesn’t want to deprive you of having that fun. Many popular websites out there, from where the list of cheat codes you can get. But you don’t have to play the copy-paste round to have fun with cheat codes. You can get all the available cheat codes for the particular games from the menu while you are playing. 

  1. Slow-motion mode

Many games are not playable in normal mode for many users, especially when the harder levels come. Slowing down the gameplay is one kind of a cheating approach, but still, it’ll be super fun if you can do that right? Myboy full version apk allows the user to explore that magical feature as well. So beat your harder opponent by slowing down the game, and enjoy watching your opponent die!

  1. OpenGL Rendering

OpenGL Rendering Pipeline is a technology of rendering graphics for 2D and 3D objects. The technology was developed for the purpose of minimizing the size of a large object without sacrificing the quality and seamlessness. In terms of playing games with My Boy Apk, this technology can add extra momentum to your gaming experience. Keeping this point in mind, My Boy decided to insert this technology into the emulator. After all, this technology will allow you to have a seamless gaming experience that can elevate your excitement. 

Process of installation and downloading

The process of downloading is as simple as the other apps have. If you are a regular visitor of Android Blue, then you already know about this for sure. One of the surprising things about Android Blue is, all the premium apps you can install from here with completely free of cost. The download link is provided at the end of the video. Before jumping right into that let’s know about the installing procedure.

  • Go to the settings option of your phone. Then select the security option from the list
  • Tap on the Device Administration tab. Then go to the Unknown Sources option to make it enabled
  • Now go to the directory folder where you have downloaded the file
  • Tap on the app and press the install button to begin installing the apps
  • If you notice your installation is blocked, then go to the Google Play Store
  • Tap on the top left corner of the Google Play Store homepage where the burger menu is located
  • A list will appear and from the list, you will find an option to disable the Play Protect
  • Return to the download folder, install the app, and enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rewind your memory a little bit, we told you one interesting thing regarding Android Blue. You don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy all the premium apps if you decide to download those from this site. We know after reading that line some questions you are gonna ask us which we are going to cover in this section.

Q: Downloading the file My Boy emulator from this site is safe?

  • Absolutely. You can enjoy the same advantages of this emulator by purchasing it from Google Play Store with considering about 4.60$ price tag. Our given files can serve the same. This is just the mod version of the main file. But we didn’t include any harmful script in the coding section. And that’s why we are claiming the app is safe.

Q: What permissions are needed for this app to operate seamlessly on your phone?

  • There are several permissions that are needed to be enabled on your phone. Explore the list and get a clear idea about this.
  • Vibration Access: SInce some games need this access
  • Read and write access to external storage: Since most of the time, the ROM files of the games remain in external storage. 
  • Internet
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC: If your smartphone holds this feature

Q: Does this emulator steal personal info from your phone?

  • Not at all! To conduct this unethical process this app needs the permission of Phone calls and Messaging apps. My Boy doesn’t take any kind of access while installing the apps for the first time. 

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