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Android Blue is a platform where we discuss the latest android apps and games. If you are an android apps lover and at the same time passionate about writing, you can join our team. You can write for us and always welcome here to contribute your ideas and content. We will eagerly publish your content on Android Blue if you meet our guidelines. 

Writing guidelines

You need to follow some guidelines to help us to accept your writing. 

  • You have to write 100% unique content that will be helpful for the readers. 
  • The content should be based on only android applications and games.
  • No grammatical or spelling mistake is allowed.
  • Give an official link if you need to justify any information.
  • The content should be more than 1500 words.
  • Read our previous content before writing yours to make sure we have not already published the same topic. 
  • The content should be SEO friendly.
  • Make sure your writing has not been published before on other websites.
  • Two or more quality images required. Give credit if you are using other sources' images.

Content will be disqualified for 

  • Plagiarism content
  • Spin
  • Paraphrase
  • Keywords over staffing 
  • Unauthentic
  • Not meaningful
  • Not SEO optimized

What you can’t do 

This segment contains the things you’re strictly forbidden to do. Keep these in your mind before writing your content.

  • Your content should be plagiarism-free. Also, we are not allowing any spinning content. 
  • Don’t share any promotional links. 
  • After publishing your blog in Android Blue, you can not use the same content for other purposes.  

Way to submit your writing

If you are confident that your writing fulfills our need, then send us your script at [email protected]. We will check your content and contact you soon. 

You are highly appreciated for sending us your previous work sample. 

What you get   

If you write for us and become a regular member, you will get chances to promote your website.

Building up do-follow links

We will help your websites by giving you a chance to provide a do-follow link to our website. So that you will gain more SEO points, and your page rank will increase.  

Increase traffic

In your content, you can give no-follow links. Therefore, you can get traffic from our website. 

Build up authority

Everyone in the SEO community wants to build up their authority. You can use our site for your content strategy. We will help you in return for your help and build a community together. 

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Increase trust-follow

One of the ways to increase trust-follow is guest blogging on a popular website. So, if you become our guest writer, your trust-follow will build up.