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Root Booster Apk

4.0.9 by Dominik Nožka
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Root Booster Apk Root Booster Apk

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October 16, 2023
Dominik Nožka
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More About Root Booster Apk

Maximize your Android device's performance with Root Booster APK. Boost speed and efficiency with this powerful tool. Download Root Booster now to unlock your device's full potential.

Root Booster Apk is the most amazing app for improve performance of an Android device by saving the battery life and also make the device run smoothly. It applies some changes which makes sure that device performance will increase.

Root booster Apk has some functionality to control the device. For example, when we kill an app there is still some processing is going on of that app. Which drain the battery whole time. So Root Booster Apk closes those background processes and save the battery from draining.

Root Booster App is mainly for the rooted device user. It has the most advance boost settings to speed boost, battery boost, and make the device stable. Also it will provide lag free controls over the device. It also has the auto backup system. Non rooted user can also use this app but it will not perform that effectively like it performs in a rooted device.

Root Booster Apk Features

This app mainly focuses on three sides in terms of a rooted device.

Hibernate- Optimize the Android OS

Each app contains some services which take into place when they are being shut down. They do their work in the background and that’s what makes the battery to lose its life. That’s why Root booster Apk uses hibernation to make that process completely stop. So that apps no longer can drain the battery life or CPUs computing power. It works automatically.

CPU – Processor governor control

Governor mainly used for know about the CPU frequency. Execution of appropriate governor helps to save battery and make device run faster. Also this app will automatically recommend which governor to use and will apply it automatically.

RAM- Manages the memory

Booster Apk will examine your RAM and sets up the VM heap size for better stability.

For non rooted user

  • Clean the system. Empty folders, trash of uninstalled apps.
  • Hibernation is included
  • Clean all the cache. The junk files that every app creates.

So download Root Booster Apk now from below.

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