Download Angry Birds Goal! Free For android

Angry Birds Goal is soccer game where you will play as the famous character Angry birds instead of playing as a normal human. This time you don’t have to launch them in the air or make them secure the eggs from pig. This time you have to beat pigs in soccer match. You have to score goals, make pass, defend etc.

In the Angry Birds Goal game you will play and lead the Mighty feathers team. Which managed by none other than the Mighty Eagle. The Mighty Feathers have fallen in the league and look for new talent, coach, trainer who can rejuvenate their game.

So that will be your job. Take control over the team, your career. Manage your team, make strategy and lead your team to victory.                                                   

Angry Birds Goal Features:

  • In Game player attributes improving opportunity.
  • Play as an Angry bird and control the major aspect of the game.
  • Manage all aspects outside the games themselves
  • Experience the highs and lows of your new celebrity life as a bird soccer player.
  • Train your team, learn skill, and develop your talent.
  • Easy touch controls for dribbling, passing, shooting and running.
  • Free to play
  • Supper addictive, and very exciting.                                                                               Angry Birds Goal Features

Managing your relationship with team and fans is important. Also Make important decision, interviews like a pro, and lead your team to victory to make everyone love you. Win more and more games, Aim for the top, increase your star rating and earn money in Angry Birds Goal.

Angry Birds will allow you to buy Items like, Jersey, shoes and make yourself look great to make your stats high. Also Improve your technique, Skill. Train hard so that you can get higher achievement. It’s not going to be easy.  So Practice more to beat the piggy opponents and reach the top. Download latest version Angry Birds Goal apk from below

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 4
  • File Size : 59.5mb