Best Android Launchers to feel you Alive

16 min read Best Android Launchers come with ample and useful features. If you require the best launcher apps for your device, you are in the right place. July 12, 2023 08:33 Best Android Launchers to feel you Alive

Best Android Launchers come with ample and useful features. If you require the best launcher apps for your device, you are in the right place.
Android users are smart to customize the operating system and certainly feel the taste of customization facilities. Google play store is a hub where you can find your desired featured apps based on your choice and requirements. Android launcher apps can make you satisfied by providing attractive and latest features. So, as an Android lover, it is obvious to choose the best android launchers. 

What are the Best Android Launchers?

Android launcher apps are designed to make your android device more customizable and convenient. The best android launchers apps offer you mind-blowing features by which you can improve the user interface. 

Best Launcher for android must have some unique features. These features make them popular and useful. 

Latest and Newest Features

Android launcher apps are getting updated regularly. Suppose you choose one of the launchers that don’t provide new and unique features. But why will you go for it?

Visual Customization

The android users are creative and always look for great customization options, including UI colors, the shape of the icon, and other fun stuff. So it is also a must to have a visual customization facility.

Secure and Regular Update

If your current new launcher is not up to date and insecure, leave it right now. Free android launcher provides you regular updates with new features, and security is a must.

List of Best Android Launchers Free

  1. Action Launcher: Best overall launcher
  2. Smart Launcher 5: Smart and customizable
  3. Nova launcher: Resurging Legacy
  4. Apex Launcher: Simple and powerful
  5. AIO Launcher: A complete package
  6. Microsoft Launcher: Best performance
  7. Niagara Launcher: Fast and Responsive
  8. Total launcher: Visual freedom 
  9. Lawnchair 2: Simple and Wonderful widget 
  10. Poco Launcher: Pixel perfected

Unique Features of the Top Android Launchers

Launchers can make your day more colorful and smart. The unique and mind blowing features can be assured by installing the best android launcher apk. 

Here all of the top-listed android launcher apps are free. Choose the Top launchers for android based on your desire and enthusiasm.

Action Launcher: Best overall launcher

Action launcher is the best overall launcher on this list as it offers a lot of great and useful features. To install this best android launcher, you must have Android 5.1 or later version.

The latest version of Action Launcher is V46.0. This updated version is compatible with Android 11. Besides, adaptive icon styles, automatic backup system to Google drive, option to deactivate ActionDash integration, and many more features are included in this update.

Standout Features 

  • Action launcher has all Pixel launcher features.
  • It is fully customizable and has a responsive dock search box.
  • Offers different useful widget including weather, calendar, date, Clock etc.
  • Adaptive icon support system
  • Full notification dots support system
  • Quick edit options and smart icons
  • Shutters and quick theme
  • Configurable app drawer 


Smart Launcher 5: Smart and customizable

The smart launcher is the best android launcher app because of its customization facility and its sleek interface.

The latest version of the smart launcher is V5.5. This update fixed its minor bugs and adaptive icon system.  Smart launcher 5 sorts of apps into different categories automatically. The pro version provides various features like custom categories, various drawer tabs, and many others, but you have to pay in this case.

Unique Features

  • Ambient theme
  • Sorting the apps automatically.
  • One hand usability system
  • Extremely customization system
  • Adaptive icon styles
  • Smart search button
  • On-screen notifications
  • Adaptive gestures and hotkeys
  • Ultra immersive mode
  • Apps hiding system 
  • Various UI colors and multiple fonts


Nova launcher: Resurging Legacy

Nova launcher is a versatile, powerful, and customizable Android launcher. It helps you to enhance your device’s home screens cleaner, attractive, and iconic as this launcher is designed for everyone with user-friendly and mind-blowing features.

The updated version of the Nova launcher is V6.2.18. This update brings new adaptive icon shapes, including pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and octagon. Nova launcher makes your device more pixel-y than a pixel and more TouchWiz-zy than a Galaxy. 

Highlighting Features

  • Latest Android launcher features to all devices.
  • Dark theme and night mode
  • Custom icon packs and themes
  • Highly optimized and smooth animations
  • Customizable app drawer
  • Subgrid positioning 
  • Great support and stability
  • Swipe gestures option


Apex Launcher: Simple and powerful

Apex launcher is a fantastic app for android. It has the potentiality to make your device a complete makeover. Besides, Apex is a super-fast top launcher for android users.

The latest version of the Apex launcher is V4.9.19. The updated version is compatible with Android 11. This update improves the user interface of the Android launcher. Apex launcher brings personalized customization, efficiency, and fast speed, secure and protect. It is said that the Apex launcher is smooth as butter.

Key features

  • Scrollable dock with up to 10 icons/page
  • Easy to use
  • Customizable home screen, app drawer grid size
  • Fancy transition effects
  • Optimization system
  • Manage with ease
  • Apps hiding system
  • Locker
  • A lot of gesture operation
  • A bunch of themes
  • Backup and restore system.


AIO Launcher: A complete package

AIO launcher is an all in one app for android users. This launcher mainly focuses on home screen styles, including app icons, widgets, clock styles, etc.

This launcher is a complete package that makes it more special compared to others. Besides, it shows your missed call list, SMS, media player, news, and other essential stuff on your home screen.

The latest and updated version of this launcher is V3.0.2. Now you can edit or customize different modes by swiping any widget to the right. Besides, it added a transparency option by which you can change your background color.

Attractive Features

  • AIO launcher displays several essential functions, including-
    • Weather
    • Dialer
    • Timer 
    • Mail 
    • Bitcoin
    • Calendar
    • Exchange Rates
    • Android Widget and so on
  • Multiple themes
  • Different icon shapes
  • Widgets and plugins support
  • Rename applications
  • Integration system
  • Extremely customizable
  • Gestures
  • Icon packs support


Microsoft Launcher: Best performance

Microsoft launcher is the best android launcher for 2021. It provides a new home screen experience on your android device. Besides, it is highly customizable, and it allows you to arrange everything on your mobile.

The latest version of the Microsoft launcher is V6.2.201202.93342, which includes several exciting and useful features. The new features include personalized news, dark mode, and various performance improvements. 

Highlighting Features

  • Customizable icons
  • Attractive and new wallpapers
  • Dark themes
  • Gestures control
  • Integration system with Microsoft PCs
  • Fast and smooth
  • Sticky note sharing option between phone and PC
  • Clean and customize the app drawer.
  • Access Microsoft news feed


Niagara Launcher: Fast and Responsive

Niagara launcher is a responsive and speedy android launcher apk. It gives you a new look of your phone. The latest and greatest features of this launcher add dark mode and smart replies system.

The newest version of the Niagara launcher is V0.34.1 that includes several features. It has a very minimal UI with a clean look. The bugs are fixed in this update. Besides, the Niagara launcher is fast and lightweight.

Attractive Features

  • All apps in a simplified list
  • Optimized for one-hand usage
  • Simple and responsive design
  • Automatically shows the media player on the home screen.
  • Smooth and well optimized
  • Extremely customizable
  • Active development and supportive community
  • Secured and protected
  • Light or dark themes


Total launcher: Visual freedom 

Total launcher is one of the most popular and useful android launcher apps. It has the best customizable options, and it is renowned for its visual freedom. 

It has many pre-installed widgets and plenty of options to customize your Android device’s home screen. You will get several premium features in this free version. The updated version of Total launcher is V2.7.4. This update resolved some problems on Android 11. Besides, the latest update fixed its bugs.

Highlighting Features

  • Customization option
  • A lot of theme collection
  • Attractive wallpapers
  • Plenty of widgets
  • App drawers 
  • Adaptive icon style
  • Dark theme
  • Easy to use


Lawnchair 2: Simple and Wonderful widget 

Lawnchair 2 is the best android launcher for android as it has a plethora of features. It introduces powerful new features. The latest version of Lawnchair is V2.0-2589. This latest update improves the user interface and fixes some bugs. Besides, Lawnchair is compatible with Android 5+ devices.

Key Features

  • Flexible dock, drawer, and desktop
  • Support for adaptive icons
  • Categories of drawer
  • Dark mode and dark theme
  • Integrated with Android 11
  • Real notification dots
  • Integration with google newsfeed


Poco Launcher: Pixel perfected

Poco launcher is specially designed for android devices. It is a fast and lightweight launcher. Besides, it has a gorgeous design that attracts users. You can easily personalize your device as your wish. It has a customizable option by which you can make your smartphone more unique and attractive.

The newest version of the Poco launcher is V2.7.4.8. It fixed some bugs and optimized the performance. Besides, this update helps to improve the speed of the launcher.

Highlighting Features

  • Minimalist design
  • Convenient search option
  • Manage all apps easily.
  • Privacy system
  • Fast and smooth 
  • Fully responsive
  • Customizable 
  • Personalization system
  • Lock home screen icons
  • Fully compatible with Android 11
  • Dark mode 


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Final Thoughts

The technology is developing with time, and the tech-loving people’s requirements are significantly considered while creating something new.
The best android launchers for android are the gift of technology to tech-savvy people, especially Android users. The features of the Top android launchers apps can enhance your experience while using the smartphone.

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