10 Best Graphics Games for Android Smartphones

13 min read You have bought a new phone by spending a decent amount of bucks, but you can’t find the best graphics games for android that can utilize the highest potential of your phone. If you are that person, t... June 21, 2023 14:36 10 Best Graphics Games for Android Smartphones

You have bought a new phone by spending a decent amount of bucks, but you can’t find the best graphics games for android that can utilize the highest potential of your phone. If you are that person, then here comes the “10 BEST” list for you!

Yes, in the Google Play Store there are millions of games available. You will get thousands of games that require high specs. But when it comes to the “The Best” discussion, then we are to stop and sleep on it!

You are different in this case because I’m here with you! Today I’ll introduce you to the 10 best graphics android games that seem almost realistic while playing!

What Factors Did I Consider to Make the List?

As I said before, there are millions of best graphics games for android. So I considered the following criteria so that I can filter out that games, which are worthy enough to provide you a decent gaming experience. So, take a look-

  • Graphics should be stunning
  • Game optimization should be decent
  • Should be compatible with the latest android update
  • The number of regular players should be decent (Especially in multiplayer mode)
  • The games should be cost-effective (If the game is premium)
  • The games should have decent average ratings on the Google Play Store

Enough talk! Let’s get into the 10 high graphics android games list where you will feel the realistic vibe in your overall gameplay experience.

1. PUBG New State (PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground)

I know, the game is not officially released yet. But soon the game is going to be released for mass people. I have tried the alpha version of this game and the experience was amazing. Tencent has brought many futuristic changes in the whole game. The movements of the characters are more realistic. Improved gun sound and details of the new map indicate how much attention the developer gave to improve the game details.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

This game is almost similar to PUBG, but unique in some other aspects as well. The storyline of PUBG is based on the scene after the second world war. On the other hand, in Call of Duty Mobile, we see the military combat vibe all over the game. Developed by amazing app developers, the best part of this game is, this game is highly optimized and can be considered as one of the best graphics games for android.

3. Afterpulse

This is one of the most underrated AAA titled PC/Android action-packed games. Out of 8 different maps, you can choose your desired one to play. More than 1300 weapons and skins will help you to lift your excitement one step ahead. And the good news is, this game is optimized for weak devices as well.

4. Lumino City

The three games I have mentioned above were action-packed games. Now let’s talk about something different. Lumino city is a story-based game where a girl (center character) lost her grandfather. Her journey begins from here - to search for him. Though this is a puzzle adventure game, from the graphical aspect this game is stunning. The interesting thing is, the full set of this game is handmade!

5. Leo’s Fortune

It is another one of the best graphics games for android, which is basically a  puzzle game with super realistic and stunning graphics, but different from Lumino City. The center character of this game is a spherical-shaped interesting species that has an aged human-like face with a big mustache. You have to help him to pass all the obstacles he faces in his way. This game is that simple, but fun to play. And the mesmerizing graphics will blow your mind for sure.

6. Alien Shooter

Though it is an old game, Alien Shooter is the game that is my personal favorite. After starting the game you will see the world is taken by the aliens who want to destroy the human race entirely. You and some soldier’s duty is to stop them. Though the game is only around 40 MB, the graphics and background score are super realistic. This is a 2D game but will allow you to explore all over the place from a 3D-like view.

7. Pascal's Wager

Pascal’s Wager is a dark fantasy thriller action-role playing game where you find some samurai-like weapons to beat the monsters. From the four diverse characters, you can choose your hero to bring down the enemies. This is not like any modern action-packed game with a rich collection of arsenals with modern weapons. Instead, from the costume of the character to the surroundings, you will find the ancient vibe all the time.

One thing should be mentioned here, the high graphics android games offline download process for all games is not available. But in the case of this game, you can do so. That’s exciting!

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8. The Wolf Among Us

The interesting thing is, the game is neither a video game nor a movie. You can say it stays in between them! The graphics are cartoonish, but not cartoon at all! Then how the game really is? This is a story-driven game, where almost all the time you have to play a viewer’s role, but during the gameplay, you can  choose the dialogue that you want a character tell. Confused? Play the game, the get all the confusion cleared.

9. Into The Death 2

This is a zombie shooting game. But you won’t have to shoot all the time. There is no story-based mission in this game, but there is a story behind the gameplay. The developers behind the game made this game  ttargeting those people who love simple gameplay. Whenever you start playing, you will see a lot of incoming zombies. Your task is to dodge the zombies and survive. The graphics work and background score have made the game more realistic and scary at the same time.

10. The School

The School is a horror-thriller game, but not like others. There is a story in the game regarding an abandoned school. You will be playing as an outsider who somehow has found the school in his way. After entering the school you will find some interesting stuff like sticky notes, letters, locket, etc. All the interesting things happening around you will lift your gaming experience to another level.

Image Credits:

  • Hy Ge (YouTube Channel)
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Ending Words

In the ending words, I want to say, these 10 games are definitely not the best graphics games for android of all time. I have made the list in such a way that the super popular and the underrated games can take their place together. And that’s why in my list the first three games are super popular with decent user ratings. The second three games are not popular, but worthy enough to be on the list. And the last four games are completely unknown to almost everyone.

Now it’s your choice to pick up your desired one considering your taste. If everybody does so, I believe it will disappoint very few people.

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