6 Best Social Media Applications for Businesses

9 min read Are you a business? Searching for the right social media platform to improve your marketing strategy and ensure success? In this article, we spotlighted some best social media apps to help you dete... June 08, 2023 05:36 6 Best Social Media Applications for Businesses

Are you a business? Searching for the right social media platform to improve your marketing strategy and ensure success?

In this article, we spotlighted some best social media apps to help you determine the application that best suits your business requirements. This apps will help you to grow your business oraganically, also if you want you can grow your business using these apps ad service. 

Best Social Media Apps for Business

Let us discuss this in detail!

If you open the Google Play or App Store and search 'social media applications,' you will explore enormous apps. As new applications are emerging every day, it is a very challenging task for you to choose a worthwhile platform to spend your time, money, and effort on. But, to change your marketing game, shift your focus towards the social media platform where most of the target audience is. Of course, it is the best idea to establish an online presence for your business. We have discussed a few top social media platforms you should prioritize to grow your business in 2023. 

Excited to know the best platforms that help you to perform better and stay on top of the competition! Continue reading this article.

#1 Instagram 

When Instagram was launched, it was only a simple photo-sharing application. And now, with the tremendous update of its feature and the rise of 1.4 billion active users, it has become the most popular business platform. Interestingly, Instagram business accounts get an average of 1.69% follower growth every month. In addition, businesses have to know that nearly over 44% of users are likely shopping on Instagram every week. 

Unsurprisingly, it is the best social commerce application for businesses, with plenty of interactive features to sell products. 

With the effective use of Instagram features, businesses can quickly build strong brand identities. Some of the features you can take advantage of are:

  • 1: Instagram Stories
  • 2: Instagram Reels
  • 3: Instagram Live
  • 4: Instagram Carousels
  • 5: Instagram Ads 
  • 6: Instagram Shopping tab and more

As a business, note these features and watch for updates to shine on the platform. 

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#2 TikTok

Without any doubt, TikTok is the craziest and buzziest social media platform, with over 1 billion active users. Being a business, you would be excited to know which generations utilize TikTok the most. Without any doubt, 60% of younger generations make a large part of the platform and often set new trends. The tremendous growth of TikTok is because of its short-form video format and engaging features. And also, you have to know that its algorithm optimizes the content to the user's feed that they are already interested in or have interacted with. 

For younger generations in the U.S., TikTok is one of the most favorite applications. So to outpace the competition, make sure to utilize its features such as: 

1: TikTok Live
2: Duet and Stitch
3: TikTok Creator Marketplace
4: TikTok Analytics
5: TikTok Ads and more 

Exploring the multiple features is a little bit intimidating for businesses that started to use TikTok. However, the first step that many businesses consider is to buy tiktok followers to build up a strong profile. You can also follow this to make your business grow and take your business to new peaks. 

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#3 YouTube

YouTube is always the largest and most well-familiar video-watching and sharing application. It is the world-famous video platform and also the second-largest search engine. So, for many people, it is the preferable platform that becomes an excellent resource for watching videos and learning multiple things. Of course, it is true, and 70% of viewers have purchased the product after watching it on YouTube. Nearly 77% of YouTube users are aged between 15 to 35. 

Understanding YouTube's potential, many brands are creating their own YouTube channel and sharing original videos. Well, video creation requires time, skill, and effort. For a big shot to establish your brand's presence, you can take advantage of the below key features:

  • 1: YouTube Shorts
  • 2: YouTube Analytics 
  • 3: YouTube Ads

With the effective use of the above features, you can make a clear decision, and without barriers, you can succeed using this platform. 

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#4 Facebook

As with the emergence of many new features, you may think Facebook is outdated. But, it is still the world's largest social media network, with 2.963 billion active users. Many people use Facebook to connect with friends and family and get news updates. If you are a business, use these key features the most. 

  • 1: Facebook Business Page
  • 2: Facebook Ads
  • 3: Facebook Stories
  • 4: Facebook Reels 
  • 5: Facebook Shops and more.

Currently, Facebook is allowing e-commerce shopping using Facebook Shops. So, to enhance your business presence on the platform, access to the user data. With this step, you can plan to reach new customers with the right strategy and organically boost your brand's reach. 

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#5 Linkedln

Now businesses never miss out on using the Linkedln platform as it is the best professional networking platform. It is exciting to know that over half of marketers have started to use LinkedIn to connect with their professional audience. More importantly, B2B businesses prefer LinkedIn Marketing to higher their lead generation. The main key feature of LinkedIn is

  • 1: LinkedIn Company Page 
  • 2: LinkedIn Live Events
  • 3: LinkedIn Ads and more.

So, to build your social network, use these features the most and stay at the top. 

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#6 WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become an integral part of everyone's lives in this fast-pacing world. As of now, it is the top most messaging platform that is used in more than 100 countries. Well, with the rolling out of the business features on the platform, it is staying at its best as a marketing platform. 

Over 58% of WhatsApp users engage with the application more than once daily. WhatsApp is now investing largely in enhancing its business feature functionality to gain popularity despite being a personal instant messaging application. For your business purpose, the key features that you can take advantage of are:

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Final Verdict

Ready to maintain your active social media presence? If so, reading this guide will clear up your vision to pick the one application that helps to elevate your business. We also discussed the key features of the above six social media platforms to help you to enhance your marketing strategy and save time. Good Luck! 

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