The Best Cricket Fantasy App to Play Cricket Online

17 min read The Cricket fantasy app is currently gaining popularity across the world among cricket lovers. We all know that we South Asians, especially the Indians, are the craziest fan of this game. In fact, mos... August 13, 2023 11:47 The Best Cricket Fantasy App to Play Cricket Online

The Cricket fantasy app is currently gaining popularity across the world among cricket lovers. We all know that we South Asians, especially the Indians, are the craziest fan of this game. In fact, most of the Indians think of the game of cricket as a religion, not just a game. The fantasy cricket app added extra excitement to the cricket world. You can earn millions of dollars legally with these games. However, there are also free fantasy cricket apps available on the internet which do not involve real money.

In this blog, we will mention both types. So read the whole content and explore the fantastic field of online cricket. 

What Is A Fantasy Cricket App?

Fantasy cricket apps are the platform to play cricket virtually. But it’s more likely managing a team rather than playing a game. Like the real game, you have to select eleven people to make the team and play a match. The games are the virtual representation of actual cricket matches and existing players. You can choose the formats of cricket like T20, ODI, and complete four innings tests. Besides, you can select the games from different domestic leagues, international tournaments, and ICC matches.

In a word, the daily fantasy cricket apps are a platform for applying strategies and brainstorming. The main task of this play is to select the best eleven for a match. And to do so, you have to look for the pitch condition, analyze game statistics, player’s records, and many more variables. Therefore, fantasy Cricket is not just a game of luck but a total reflection of skills and analytical abilities.    

How to Play Fantasy Cricket

Playing a Fantasy Cricket game is easy. After completing all the process of fantasy cricket app download, you need to follow the below steps-

  • Select a match you want to play
  • Choose your top 11
  • Select your Captain and Vice-captain wisely because all the Fantasy cricket apps offer extra points for this position.
  • Enter a contest and choose monetarily or point-based value
  • Track the match progress on the leaderboard

Tips and Tricks to Win in Cricket Fantasy App

If you apply some strategies before playing a game, you can definitely win the game. So in this instance, let’s see what those tips and tricks are.

  • Play the game you know well beforehand 
  • Invest smartly
  • Let an all-rounder be the captain and the best bowlers or batsman the vice-captain.
  • Do complete research on the overall match situation
  • Find low competition game and keep trust in your instinct

Now, it’s time to explore the best fantasy cricket app and play with the legendary player. So let’s start!  

List of the Best Cricket Fantasy Apps 

Cricket Fantasy app in India is a medium to win real cash. And surprisingly, it’s not an illegal way. The Indian High Court declares the platforms as the legal stage of playing cricket. As the game involves actual skill, judgment, and analysis, it’s ideally suited in the term ‘game of mair skill,’ thereby a legal one.

Similarly, if you wish to experience unlimited fun and don’t want to be involved in any betting, go for a free one that plays with virtual points. The following list explains both types of fantasy cricket app. Every day new fantasy cricket apps are coming into the app world, and keeping that into mind, the list contains the top and readily available one.     

1: Dream 11

The first one on our list is Dream 11. It’s a platform to play online cricket and win real money. It’s the best cricket fantasy app in India, with over 8 crore users. In fact, the game has everything to charm a cricket-crazy fan. Moreover, with this app, you can play cricket, Football, Basketball, Handball, Baseball, and other popular games in India. The Dream 11 Apk is available for both Android and iPhone. 

Top Features

  • Best user interface
  • Extensive collection of fantasy players
  • Options for playing Head to Head, Grand League, Small League, and many more 
  • Private contests for engaging with friends
  • Daily offer and promo code
  • Earn Rs 100 as soon as you download the game and every time you refer Dream 11 to a friend. The fact is, you can’t withdraw the money from a bank. But you can use the money in a paid contest.  

2: FanFight

FanFight is an Android gaming app to play cricket and soccer games. Like other fantasy gaming apps, you can win a cash prize if you prove yourself as the best manager in the game. Over 6 million players use the app. You need only a minimum Android 4.0 version to play this game. So let’s see the features of this cricket fantasy app.

Top Features

  • Easy and friendly interface to play every day and win big prizes
  • The safe edit option allows you to change your team until the first ball is delivered
  • Download PDF file option that contains information of the opposite party
  • A lot of options to play
  • Super safe and legal app to play fantasy cricket, meet all the central and state legislation in India
  • Associated with IFSG (Indian Federation of Sports and Gaming)
  • Free contests are also available

3: CricPlay

CricPlay is one of the most popular fantasy cricket apps among people who do not want to involve in real cash and want to enjoy the fun. In fact, It’s the first free fantasy cricket app in India. The developers believe fantasy cricket is for everyone, so they come with the great idea to play the game with virtual currency. So, you can think of it as a great platform to show off your cricketing knowledge and create bonding with other cricket lovers across the world. This fantasy cricket app download link is available on the Google Play Store. You can download the app from there. 

Top Features 

  • 2 game formats available. One is Daily Fantasy League, and another one is Virtual Betting.
  • Predict an available match outcome. You need coins to ask questions and get the idea of the match. If your prediction is correct, you will get multiple coins as a reward.   
  • 5 types of contests. They are- Mega League, Expert League, Super League, Challenger League, Private Contests.  
  • Get coins by referring friends.

4: Fantasy Cricket

With 8k reviews on Google Play Store, the Fantasy Cricket app is the most famous free fantasy cricket app for Android users. You have to bet on something even more critical and risky in this game than money or virtual coins. Here you have to bet on your achieved trophies! 

However, you can achieve your trophies by playing tournaments and winning them.   

Top Features

  • No money but limitless fun
  • The score will be based on how the players are actually performing in the actual match.
  • You need to win more tournament matches and improve your Tournament Rank.
  • The top performer will achieve trophies.
  • Gang war mode

5: CricFL

CricFL or Cricket Fantasy League App connects cricket-loving people and helps them make their dream team with their favorite idol. The game covers so many tournaments across the world. Moreover, you can also participate in your favorite premier league matches of IPL (Indian Premier League), BPL (Bangladesh Premier League), PSL (Pakistan Super League), CPL(Caribbean Premier League), or even the BBL (Big Bash League), and many more. It also has ICC T20 World CUP, 2020, and ICC Test Championship matches. The link for this fantasy cricket app download is also available on Google Play Store.

Top Features

  • Playing the league match allows you to keep different country’s players under the same team. 
  • You can change your team after starting a tournament in every match. But after the toss, the change is not possible.
  • The most points gained will be shown on the leaderboard, and among them, the top 10 will be featured with badges.
  • The app helps you track upcoming cricket matches.

Which Fantasy Cricket App Is Best?

Now that our list is finished, you may ask which is the best one among them. The fact is, the list contains 5 daily fantasy cricket apps, and among them, with the first two, you can earn real money, and the rest of them are ideal for fun purposes only. 

So, it’s up to you while you want to play a game that involves money, or you are simply a game lover who wants to have a fun time. 

If you choose the first one, learn more about the paid games and go for them. I hope you will become a pro within a few months. And for the second option, the free fantasy cricket apps are free to download also. So why bother to find the best? Download and check them out one by one. See which one suits you better.     


We are reaching the end of our article. Cricket fantasy apps are not a regular android game. Also not like playing a cricket game. It’s all about watching and ruling a game on your own. So, I hope as a cricket fan you definitely want to try these unique apps and experience how it feels to control Virat Kohli, Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers,Shane Watson,David Warner, Dhoni, Sakib Al Hasan, and many more legends of the cricket world.
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