Best 15 Free Call Recorder Apps For Android

22 min read Are you tired of searching for free call recorder apps? Here are some best 15 free call recording android apps to record your call. You must be wondering, “why should anyone need any free call reco... July 08, 2023 11:01 Best 15 Free Call Recorder Apps For Android

Are you tired of searching for free call recorder apps? Here are some best 15 free call recording android apps to record your call.

You must be wondering, “why should anyone need any free call recorder app for android phone?”, “what are the ultimate uses of this free call recording app?”. 

What is a free call recorder app? 

The answer to your question is here. Free call recorder for android  is a mobile application, which allows recording both incoming and outgoing calls. And within just a few clicks users can easily enable the recording on their android device. The uses of this free call recorder app for android are that the call recorder application helps the user “to keep the words of the other saves in their device” so that later they can use the recording as queries or as evidence. You might get a 100+ number of call recorder apps for android, but it is very normal to get confused that which one will be better and contain less or no ads. Here is the best-suggested free call recorder apps which you will not regret after download.

Top 15 Free Call Recorder Apps 

Here are some mind-blowing call recorder apps, which will help the users feel safe and confident whenever they get any threatening or essential call. This 15 free call recorder app  will help you record your call without any hassle.  

1: Cube Call Recorder ACR App 

Cube call recorder ACR app is considered one of the popular choices among all other call recording apps for android. The most striking fact about the cube call recorder ACR app is that it can record both the phone call and VoIP. With the cube call recording app’s help, you can automatically record your incoming and outgoing call. Moreover, this cube call recorder also provides outstanding, accessible support to record calls of many mediums such as Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, messenger, telegram 6, hangout, etc. Cube all recorder is free to download for android with in-app products. The cube call recording app contains many different positive reviews in the Google play store. Cube call recorder ACR Here are some other features:

  • Compatible with any android divide
  • Have a pin-lock system which protects your recording 
  • Can save all the recording to the google drive
  • Can record call in MP4 format  


 Call Recorder - Cube ACR

Photo Courtesy: Call Recorder - Cube ACR

2: Automatic Call Recorder 

The most astonishing thing about automatic call recorders is that you can record every call without pressing any button. And after the users are done with their call, they can decide which call to save or which call to delete. And if the user wants to keep the recording, they just have to press the “save” button, and then it will easily save the recording in the internal memory or the SD card. This automatic call recording app comes up with some default settings such as saves contacts and ignoring/records the incoming/outgoing calls. Android users can enjoy the free version of the automatic call recorder app. Some fantastic features of the intuitive call recorder app are:

  • It comes up with the built-in option to delete recordings within a week.
  • Fasciitis of call blocking
  • Can easily save dialogs of the recorded calls
  • Too many adds 


 Automatic Call Recorder

Photo Courtesy: Automatic Call Recorder

3: Truecaller 

Truecaller is the most popular app all over the world. Unique features of the truecaller are that it helps to detect the unknown number. Truecaller Android app is also a call recording app. Therefore, truecaller helps track the unknown caller and records every call with their advanced call recorder technique. Truecaller is a free application for all the android divide and in-app products.

Here are some fantastic features of truecaller:

  • Can save all the call recording as a backup in the google drive.
  • All the incoming calls will be saved on the phone. 
  • Important call recording
  • Facilities of flash messaging that allow sharing emoji and your location with others  



Photo Courtesy: Truecaller

4: Automatic Call Recorder Pro

Automatic call recorder pro is considered to be a leading call recording application. Because Automatic call recorder pro records all the calls whenever users get a call impulsively. Here are some of the cool features:

  • Supportive file manager 
  • Track all the incoming/outgoing calls 
  • Have a play, pause and resume option 
  • Schedule wise erasing call records 


Automatic call recorder pro

Photo Courtesy: Automatic call recorder pro

5: Note Call Recorder

Note call recorder is one of the spontaneous free call recorders application. Note call recorder comes up with the facilities of record, call block or call note and built-in preprogrammed recording for incoming/outgoing calls. Here are some noted call recorder features:

  • Note call recorder will record the call, while the having the call.  
  • The customizable setting, such as which call to record or not to record 
  • Have the play, stop or resume system 
  • Automatically save in the internal memory. 
  • Call records are shareable. 
  • Edit the call records 



Photo Courtesy: Note Call Recorder

6: Easy Voice Recorder 

The easy voice recorder is indeed an easy and multi-functional call recording app. This easy voice recorder performs amazingly to record in both audio and video versions. Additionally, it also helps the users to record the group or business or personal meeting over the phone. Users can also record a song or video in real-time.  Some easy features of an easy voice recorder are:

  • Also, work as a screen recorder, such as users can record their online class or lecture with HD quality. 
  • The recorder file can be shareable through a different application such as messenger, Viber, hangout, google meet, etc.
  • Users can also use a Bluetooth microphone to record the call.



Photo Courtesy: Easy Voice Recorder

7: Super Call Recorder 

The super call recorder app is a super easy and most user-friendly call recording application. Super call recording app is considered to be the best free call recording app for android. The most exciting matter of this application is that the user can easily play the recorded call directly from the app; therefore, the user doesn’t have to face any tension of overflowing the user’s storage of their device. Users can easily share their call recordings on many different messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, messenger, etc. Here are some super features of super call recording:

  • Neat and clear call recording of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Compatible with every kind of android device
  • Facilities of exporting the recordings to SDcards 


Super Call Recorder

Photo Courtesy: Super Call Recorder

8: Auto Call Recorder 

The auto call recorder app is considered to be one of the finest call recorder app. Not only that, it holds a rating of 4.1 stars on the Google play store with some mind-blowing reviews.This app starts by asking to accept all the requisite permission. Like the other call recording app, the Auto call recorder contains all the incoming/outgoing calls, favorite calls, and many more facilities. Auto call recorder app designed a search engine bar on the right side to facilities to search for the call recording. This auto call recorder app’s bad side is that it contains unwanted or irritating ads on your display. 


Auto call recorder

Photo Courtesy: Auto Call Recorder

9: Blackbox Call Recorder 

The Blackbox call recorder app has a rating of 4.2 in the Google play store with more than five million downloads. Most people chose the Blackbox call recorder app because it is the most user-friendly call recorder. Blackbox comes up with a bunch of features such as

  • One-sided recording on the carrier.
  • Different compare to other call recording app
  • Power saving mode
  • Multiple permission before taking the conferencing call  
  • Have a search bar through which can easily find your desire number, don’t have to scroll
  • Ads removal option 
  • All the call recordings are chronologically arranged as per duration, date, name. Etc.

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Blackbox call recorder

Photo Courtesy: Blackbox Call Recorder

10: RMC Call Recorder

RMC(record my call) call recorder is the most impressive free android call recording app download. It has a rating of 3.8 stars in the Google play store. After done with call recording, users can easily store the recording in the phone’s memory or an SD card. One of the RMC call recorders’ amazing features is that users can easily record the call by opening their loudspeakers. Additionally, it comes up with a manual call recording button. Here are some other features of the RMC call recorder:

  • Users get the facilities of recording the call from both manual and automatic mode.
  • Comes up with up to date search option 
  • Have the facilities of supporting the recording in MP3, MP4,3GP, etc  


RMC Call Recorder

Photo Courtesy: RMC Call Recorder

11: Smart recorder by SmartMob

Even though the smart voice recorder app is not designed for call recorder apps, it does amazing to perform the call recording specification. If you have Google play pass, users can easily download the smart recorder’s free version. The features of a smart recorder are:

  • Can shift to silent mode so that users don’t listen to it.
  • Adequate surrounding voice recorder 
  • It is free from battery saving mode, in order to operate it for a longer period of time .


Smart Recorder - smartmob

Photo Courtesy: Smart Recorder - Smartmob

12: HD auto call recorder 2020

HD auto call recorder 2020 is used for business call recording app. After the user records the call, the recording will impulsively save the call recording.  It also has a real-time notification system. The fantastic features of ND auto call recorder:

  • Pin setup system for security purpose 
  • Sharing the recording through many messaging media such as WhatsApp, mail, Viber, etc. 
  • Can record the call by turning on the loudspeaker 
  • have inbuilt delete the call record after completing customized time     


HD Auto Call Recorder 2020

Photo Courtesy: HD Auto Call Recorder 2020

13: Call recorder by Lovakara 

The call recorder designed by Lovakara is one of the most reliable call recorder apps. Which helps to record all the conversation happened on your phone. Additionally, comes up with the features of a built-in auto call record open whenever any call happens, both incoming and outgoing. Some more features of call recorder are:

  • Assist in organizing your phone records 
  • User can play, pause or store as an MP3 in their SD card
  • User can also record their call by using a smartwatch. 
  • Quickly share the recording to WhatsApp, Viber, messenger, email, etc. 
  • Set the recording as your phone’s ringtone.


Call recorder by Lovakara

Photo Courtesy: Call recorder by Lovakara

14: Parrot Voice Recorder 

The parrot voice recorder is unique compare to other call recording apps. Parrot voice recorder app is a free and in-app product to download for all android devices. USP of this parrot voice recorder can edit or configure HD voice recording according to their need. Parrot voice recorder application provides a customizable, user-friendly HD voice recording on all the android devices. Some features of a parrot voice recorder are:

  • Can play and pause the recording 
  • Share the recorded voice with many messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, etc.
  • Accessible notification facilities 
  • Automatic calendar tracking with icons
  • Can share to different texting application 
  • Also, record the call by camcorder mic, Bluetooth mic, and standard mic. 


parrot voice recorder

Photo Courtesy: Parrot Voice Recorder

15: All Call Recorder lite

With an excellent rating of 4.2 in the google play store, and gained more than five million downloads from visitors. This All call recorder lite indeed is one of the best applications among all the call recording apps. All call recorder lite is user friendly and doesn’t develop any complicated setups to record the call. All call recorder lite is lightweight with a simple UI. This application has four different sections: all calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls, and urgent calls. 

ALL call recorder lite also has many exciting settings, such as excluding any number you don’t want to record. Also has a pin facility of securing your recordings, sharing option, and add removal icon.


All call recorder lite

Photo Courtesy: All Call Recorder Lite

Closing Words 

These are the best 15 android free Call Recorder Apps. These fifteen android applications with different amazing specifications and features, which may help the users to record their preferred call in real-time.

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