10 Best Games to Play When High on Android Smartphone

28 min read Being high at night is almost normal nowadays. But playing games when you are high sounds interesting, right? The question is, are there any games to play when high? You can attend parties and take... July 23, 2023 09:44 10 Best Games to Play When High on Android Smartphone

Being high at night is almost normal nowadays. But playing games when you are high sounds interesting, right? The question is, are there any games to play when high?

You can attend parties and take a lot of pegs to get rid of depression. But you can feel your surrounding, listen to every word of your friends, feel every different smell of different objects.

At this very moment, what would you like to do? You are not fully numb, but your mind is not functioning in the usual way. After all, you are getting blank!

In our normal day-to-day life, we often pick up our phones and start playing our favorite games when we feel dull or when we want to be distracted from particular things. But you are high now. Is there any android game that can refresh your mind a little bit?

Let me help you out!

Categories of The Games to Play When High

You won’t find any separate section on Google Play Store where they can put the appropriate games for high people. After doing time-consuming research, I had to make a 10 best list to describe the online games to play when high. Let me tell you one funny but interesting thing. I have categorized these ten games into three parts.

  1. Recommended games when you are highly drunk
  2. The games to play when you are drunk but not that high
  3. Recommended games when you are drunk a little bit

Sounds funny right? Each of these categories holds three games to play. If so, then you are getting nine games. Then what about the last one? The final game is something special that I couldn’t include in any of these categories. Considering this game’s genre and its uniqueness, it can be regarded as a decent game to play when high in 2021.

I can guaranty you; the game will blow your mind for sure.

Factors of The Best Games to Play When High

I have developed a list considering five factors that can ensure that you will enjoy playing these games when you are high. These factors are - 

  1. Easy to play
  2. No complicated missions
  3. Unique visual effects
  4. Comparatively small-sized
  5. Eye-catchy and mind refreshing UI

I believe my developed list can meet all of these criteria to ensure your joyful and refreshing moments when you are high. Each of these games will consume below 1GB of storage. Considering the visual perspective, each of these is different from any other traditional and popular android games.

And most importantly, all of these games have achieved decent ratings on the Google Play Store.

1. Human: Fall Flat

At the very beginning, Human: Fall Flat can be considered as one of the best games to play when you're high. From the beginning of the game, you will play the role of a  wobbly character living in a surreal world filled with many unique puzzles. You will be searching for the exit, but you will have to solve the puzzles to find your way out before that.

On Google Play Store, more than 100K people have downloaded the game, and more than 16K reviewed this game. Based on their feedback, the average rating of this game is 4.3

Price: 4.99$

Size: 503MB


  • 12 exciting levels full of challenging puzzles to solve
  • Multiplayer support for inviting your friends and family members to join you and solve the puzzles together. You can play with random online persons as well.
  • You can customize your player’s outfit using the rich collection provided in the game. With plenty of combinations, you can make your character more unique and attractive considering your choice.
  • Finally, you can feel the real taste of a drunk human in the game if you observe your character’s movement.


  • The object details could be better

2. Getting Over It

This game is one of the funniest games I have ever played on my android device. But many people claimed this game is frustrating as hell!

When you start playing the game, you will play as a shirtless guy holding a shovel in his hand, and half of his body is stuck in a pot. A tall mountain and some other obstacles exist in his way. Your task will be to help him to climb the tall mountain by allowing him to avoid all the obstacles from his way.

That’s all about this game. Avoiding the obstacles and reaching the peak of the mountain is super challenging, monotonous, and frustrating.

How? Just play the game, you will get the answer! But this is one of those games to play when you're high. Rather you will be enjoying the game instead of being frustrated.

Price: 4.99$

Size: 63MB


  • No fancy tutorial is needed to learn how to play
  • No soft controller is needed. You can play by swiping with one finger on your phone screen.
  • The game is small-sized
  • Compatible in almost all kinds of devices
  • Colorful user interface with detailed graphics
  • No bugs at all


  • When you will be near to reach the mountain’s peak, you may fall anytime, and that may leave you to the foothills!

3. Limbo

Limbo is a different game compared to the other two games I have mentioned above. You will need to follow some strategies to complete the levels step by step. We can consider it one of the best video games to play when high, as the overall environment of this game is calm and intense.

The gameplay from the beginning will give you a nightmarish feeling, but at the same time, it feels calm and soothing. At the beginning of the game, you will wake up from sleep and find yourself in an unknown foggy place.

You will play as a little boy whose sister is missing somehow. Your journey will begin from here. Your task is to avoid all the obstacles that come your way and defeat the evil entities using your intelligence. And get there where your sister exists. 

Price: 4.99$ (For the pro version)

Size: 137MB


  • Nice storyline
  • Super simple controller to play
  • Captivating visuals
  • Natural sound effects
  • Unique and exciting puzzles to solve
  • The free demo version is available on Google Play Store.


  • The overall duration of the game could have been longer.
  • As the overall visual of this game, including the center character, is cloudy and dark, you may feel a surreal experience while playing the game when you are high!

5. Alto’s Odyssey

The three games I have mentioned above were for the time when you are super high. But now time to mention some games for less high people!

Sounds funny, right? Alto’s Adventure is a hugely successful predecessor of Alto’s Odyssey. It was released in 2016 and achieved its popularity among a significant portion of android users with its eye-catchy user-interface, soothing background music, easy and linear gameplay.

Yes! Alto’s Odyssey is almost similar to Alto’s Adventure, but different considering some aspects as well. In both games, you will be skiing from the peak of a snowy mountain and keep going as far as you can, avoiding all the obstacles and facing some minor challenges.

That’s all about both of these games to play when high. But some features made this game different from its predecessor. Let me mention some of these.


  • New elements such as sandstorm, air balloon, Christmas chariot, etc., have been added.
  • Improved visual interface compared to its predecessor
  • More realistic audio score compared to the older version
  • Six different characters to unlock and play as one of these considering your choice
  • No fancy puzzles to solve and boss to defeat


  • This game is super eye-pleasing from the graphical aspect, but the details could have been better in the current version.

Price: Free

Size: 69MB

6. Grand Mountain Adventure

Another skiing game, but in a different way! In Alto’s Odyssey, you have to play in 2D and one-directional mode. The game will give you a soothing experience for sure. But suppose you want to experience the real skiing vibe. In that case, you should try Grand Mountain Adventure to get something excited, even when you are high!

This game will allow you to explore the 360-degree view of your surrounding and skiing in any direction, precisely like real-life skiing. The avalanches, the wildlife, the soothing sunset, and some other real-like things will give the almost real vibe of real-life skiing.

And here, an added advantage is, you are high now! Fun fact, your highness and playing this game combined can compel you to feel you are skiing for real! And it will drive you to consider it as one of the best games to play when high.

Who knows?

Price: Free

Size: 485MB 


  • More than 10 exciting and different challenges
  • More than 20 hours of gameplay to complete exploring all the mountains
  • Cross-device multiplayer support to play with your another high buddy!
  • Real-like ski resorts
  • More than 100 various challenges that can lift your excitement
  • 7 mountains to explore for entirely free!


  • You are allowed to free 7 mountains to explore. To explore the rests, you will have to pay some bucks.

6. Subway Surfer

Subway surfer is an endless running game that can remind you of another legendary game named Temple Run. From the visual perspective, both games look identical and two of the best games to play when high. Still, these are not similar in multiple aspects.

From the beginning of the game, you will see a boy wearing a cap on his head is creating graffiti on the wall of a train compartment with spray paint. Whenever you touch your phone screen, a policeman will appear and start chasing the boy to catch.

Your task is to help the boy escape by avoiding the obstacle like the barricades and oncoming trains. As simple as that!

One important fact!

Do you know that SUBWAY SURFER is the most downloaded android game on this planet?

If you don’t, then read this article to know something refreshing!

Price: Free

Size: 146MB


  • Colorful and vivid user interface
  • No sensor is required to play
  • No fancy tutorial is needed to learn how to play
  • More than 20 characters 
  • 20+ surfing boards to choose\
  • Multiplayer support to beat your friends’ score


  • There should exist multiple venues to choose and play

7. Cut the Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2 is a fun game to play. It was first developed for the kids who love a colorful and fun gameplay experience that Cut The Rope 2 can provide. But with the flow of time, the game started being popular among adult people as well.

The fun fact is, every people is like a kid when they are high. If you believe so, this game will be proven as one of the fun games to play when high.

After the first installment of this game, you will have to cut multiple ropes by swiping on the screen, which can eventually deliver a mouth-watering candy to Om Nom’s mouth. Om Nom is mainly a weird but oval-shaped cute species whose candies were stolen by some uninvited guests.

Play Cut The Rope 2 and bring all the candies back to Om Nom!

Price: Free

Size: 73MB


  • Colorful and eye-catchy user interface
  • No external controller is required to play
  • Compatible in all kinds of android devices and almost all types of Android OS
  • Ease of learning and playing
  • More than 100 exciting levels to play!


  • Annoying advertisements in free version

8. Granny

Now let me recommend you something different compared to the rest seven games I have mentioned above. Granny is a horror game that can keep you thrilled when you will play with a little drunk sense!

More than 100M people installed this game from Google Play Store, and more than 3M people reviewed it. Considering their reviews and the average rating, it could manage to get 4.3 out of 5.

From the beginning of the game, you will discover yourself in an abandoned house where you will have 5 days to manage to leave. Making noise with objects brings the attention of the ghost. Using this noise-making trick and some other strategy-based tasks, you will have to manage to find the way out.

After all, you will find this as one of the best video games to play when high.

Price: Free

Size: 98MB


  • Easy to play
  • Engaging gameplay
  • Play hide and seek with granny and have fun!
  • Decent background music


  • Contains advertisement

9. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs

In the last part of this article, let me take you to the 90’s era. Can you remember the four legendary names? Jack, Mustapha, Hannah, and Mess? If you still can’t remember, then just take a look at the picture! Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is the name of colossal nostalgia and emotion for the whole 90’s generation.

Even in 2021, you may find this game as your enjoyment when you consider it one of the popular games to play when high. 

This game was made based on a legendary comics book series named Xenozoic Tales. Capcom took the initiative to develop the game and released it in 1993. This game created great hype in Asian countries, especially in India and Bangladesh.

The game can allow up to 3 players to play simultaneously. But since you are an android gamer, only you are allowed to play.

Price: Free

Size: 53MB


  • Super easy  gameplay
  • Convenienient virtual controller
  • Various kinds of moves to beat the enemies
  • No lags and bugs
  • 8 exciting story-driven mission


  • Playing this game with an external controller is not a seamless experience for some users.

10. HUE: A Pocket Adventure

In the last part, I want to introduce you to one of the most super underrated and beautiful games that you haven’t ever played before! The name of the game is Hue: A Pocket Adventure. The famous software developer company BadLand Publishing released it on April 22, 2020.

According to the storyline- A little boy somehow lost his mother. At the beginning of the gaming, he finds a mysterious letter in his way. His journey begins after finishing the letter. Long story short, he finds many letters as instructions and many color-altering puzzles to solve to find his way out and reach his mother through this journey.

Considering the overall gaming experience, this is a puzzle-adventure game where you can invert your surrounding by changing the background color.

Price: 4.99$

Size: 14MB


  • Great color altering puzzles
  • Nice storyline
  • Calm and soothing background music
  • Compatible in almost all types of android devices
  • Last but not least, a bunch of overwhelming letters that will melt your mind


  • You may find some puzzles super challenging to solve

Ending Words

I have mentioned ten games to play when high, but many similar games are floating around the internet as well. Moreover, I have put only those games on the list that hold decent ratings on the Google Play Store and hold the potentiality to serve the best. But considering your taste, you can choose some of these that can give you real enjoyment and fun. 

So, which one do you like most?


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