17 Great Grammar Checker App for Android

21 min read Grammar is one of the most vital parts of your writing, and managing it alone can be a total disaster! Nowadays, the young generation is getting used to technological inventions, and grammar checking... June 08, 2023 05:36 17 Great Grammar Checker App for Android

Grammar is one of the most vital parts of your writing, and managing it alone can be a total disaster! Nowadays, the young generation is getting used to technological inventions, and grammar checking apps can be considered one of them. It’s always fun to write when you are writing something to someone or making an assignment or a project, and a magical robot is correcting all the mistakes you are driving through your writing journey!

If you are a normal person or a student,  then there are many online services such as WritingCheap, that can do the same thing for you in a little bit different way, where you can get not only grammar correcting support but also can get other supports for improving your writing quality in real-time. 

This article will present 17 typical but extensively popular applications that have gained immense popularity among users by providing great services and seamless user experience. 

The 17 Best Android Grammar Checker Apps for Android

Pick one of these if you want to produce quality articles in real-time!

1: Grammarly Keyboard — Grammar Checker and Editor

Find the perfect words to make your project more convincing. Add this app and join more than ten million users who are not indifferent to their writing quality. With Grammarly, you can always track not only your grammar but also punctuation and spelling. This app is free, but you can always upgrade to the premium version and get a suite of benefits: word choice, fluency, vocabulary enhancement, formality level, and clarity improvements. Customize the keyboard to your needs and type without any mistakes!


  • Real-time grammar checker app (while you are writing)
  • Advanced punctuation correcting
  • Spelling checking in real-time
  • Synonymous choosing option while writing
  • New vocabulary adding functionality to Grammarly library
  • Writing tone adjustment feature
  • Two different themes to choose


  • Correct spelling suggestions come from the swift keyboard, which is not found convenient by many users
  • Checking long paragraphs with the Grammarly keyboard can lead your phone to slow down slightly if your phone holds lower specs.

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2: Knudge.me

Improve your English with vocabulary, grammar checker, and flashcards on the go! With this award-winning app, you can bring a significant change in writing. Visual content will help you memorize new words, learn idioms, phrasal verbs, and clarify commonly confused lexical words. Get a better understanding of word meanings and speak like a native! 

Built-in mini-courses teach newbies and pros rules with examples. Try over 12 games in the English language to expand your knowledge. Revise your texts with ease after learning with reliable assistance from Knudge.me.


  • Three types of Vocabulary Bulder options- Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • More than 250 common phrases and idioms 
  • Learn more than 200 homophones, homonyms, and other confusing words
  • Helpful for IELTS, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, XAT, and NMAT students
  • Tons of bite-sized courses to improve your Grammar, Proverbs, Prepositions, Punctuations, Nouns, Conjunctions, etc.
  • 12 different games that will improve your vocabulary skills in a fun way
  • Vocabulary revision test


  • In the error explanation section, simpler words should have been used in the explanation.

3: English Grammar Ultimate

The English Grammar Ultimate from the developer Maxlogix helps to check and improve your grammar with practical guides. Improve your knowledge on such topics as nouns, capitalization, essay writing, irregular verbs, and more than 30 others. After using English Grammar Ultimate for a couple of weeks, you will notice a significant improvement in writing independently with less effort. You can see examples of each subject and get an easy explanation as if you attend the class. With this app, you will never get lost in tenses and always be on top of English writing proficiency and understanding.


  • Colorful and user-friendly user interface
  • Simpler suggestions in correcting errors
  • Dedicated articles to help you to learn basic level grammar
  • Learn to use tag questions, reported speech, phrasal verbs, etc
  • Quizzes and random questions to improve your writing skill


  • The among of quizzes could have been enriched

4: English Grammar Spell Checker

This app is made by developer NOUNPLUS and presents the easiest way of learning English grammar. With the English Grammar Spell Checker app, you can transcribe text to speech and listen to the pronunciation. If you need your English text to sound more convincing, this grammar checker app covers your text issues so you can enrich it with many features. Develop your knowledge of any tense and learn more about nouns, verbs, articles, prepositions, relative clauses, and other English language elements.


  • Error identification in real-time
  • Review the errors and give suggestions in real-time
  • Easy to understand user interface
  • Functionality to the actual pronunciation of a particular word by text to speech feature


  • Sometimes shows incorrect error suggestions while writing.

5: Grammar Checker

This grammar checking tool is more than just a detector for typographical issues! With Android Grammar Checker app, you can enhance your writing and fix spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors on the go. A friendly user interface helps to dive into the grammar checking process intuitively. Type text in the program or upload your Google Doc, Word, or other documenting formats to check the corrections. Get detailed results of the possible spelling or grammatical errors and improve them instantly. In one session, you can check up to 2,000 words of text and then save the improved file to your phone.


  • Free grammar checking
  • Capable of identifying typographical mistakes to allow you to learn the right things in this case
  • It supports almost all kinds of android platforms
  • Extremely easy user-interface to allow your convenience of using
  • Can teach you all the parts of speech in a particular sentence correctly


  • You have to pay to enjoy the premium features of this app.

6: AI Grammar Checker for English

Download this app and simplify your writing with auto-correction. Error-collection data helps this tool to detect even the most minor details accurately. This AI tech application is a great choice to improve your English grammar. Get detailed analysis with provided examples after each correction. One outstanding feature in this grammar checking app is scanning images to correct the text. Easily find explanations on the texts where you faced challenges and get reliable support to avoid grammar mistakes.


  • Shows the corrected version of your text in a separate section in real-time
  • It shows you the mistakes you made in your text in real-time
  • OCR Text Scanner- allows the app to identify the text from your taken picture
  • Translating functionality - 109 languages
  • Neat and clean user interface


  • Not direct option to share your text with others

7: English Grammar Practice

If you need to improve your English grammar skills, practice with different types of exercises in the English Grammar Practice app. Flashcards, grammar tests, and games will help you better understand such areas as word choice, idioms, punctuation, verbs, subjects, and other language aspects. Write your text correctly without any help from external sources because all your knowledge on grammar is already inside your brain. Both versions, available on tablet and mobile, will help you to visit lessons from various devices. With this app, you will memorize new information better with permanent material retention. So you can quickly boost your grammar.


  • All the grammar flashcards were developed by an expert English tutor manually.
  • Super essential for any kinds of research and academic works
  • The AI will help you to learn English grammar in the most convenient way
  • Super helpful for GRE students
  • Bite-sized tasks to complete to improve your grammar


  • The app is not entirely free to enjoy. You have to pay some bucks to enjoy all the premium functionalities.

8: Spell-checker 2020

This is a new free tool that launched in 2020 and gained popularity among users very quickly. More than 50,000 installs prove this. Spell-checker 2020 is easy to use and has a 1,000-word limit for each session. With this app, you can count words, improve word choice, train your grammar skills, and expand your vocabulary. Avoid misspellings in any of your texts with the countless benefits of this popular spell checker.


  • Full grammar correction in real-time
  • Capable of finding spelling error and correcting automatically
  • You can check spells in offline mode
  • You will get daily updates about new words


  • The app shows advertisements while you will be using it.

9: Proofreader

With secure and simple integration, every user can copy, paste, and share texts they want to check in the app. Customize your correction preferences for such English dialects as British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, or South African. Punctuation, spelling, and grammar checkers are built-in tools by default for free. Also, you can enjoy such additional features as a dictionary, translator, and text reader. Simply add text to the program and listen to it to level up your English pronunciation. With a pro account, you will be able to choose better synonyms for your text, check style, and use advanced grammar and vocabulary checks.


  • Check Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling error with AI-powered rules
  • You can translate between more than 100 languages
  • Allows you to listen to the particular text you choose and learn the correct pronunciation
  • Doesn’t collect any personal data


  • To enjoy PRO features, you will need to spend some bucks.

10: Spell Checker

This spell checker app can check typos in the text. Correct your messages, essays, posts, or any other types of text. There is no need to copy-paste your text before sending it because you can share it with your friends to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any messengers directly from the spell checker. Moreover, this app supports multiple languages as English, Russian, Armenian, and many others. Keep your work simple and organized with Spell Checker and edit documents with ease!

11: English Grammar Spell Check – AutoCorrect

This app is straightforward in usage: simply enter the text, upload a file, or scan an image to check the grammar. All your changes made during one session are securely saved in the program before running a new grammar check. Define spelling and grammar errors easily with highlights and pick up suggestions to correct. Improving English grammar skills becomes easier with this free grammar corrector. Today English Grammar Spell Check is an irreplaceable tool to enhance your grammar skills.


  • Supports Russian, English, and Armenian languages
  • You can use Spell Checker as your notepad to store your written short stories, created lists, etc
  • Full spell correction in real-time
  • Neat and clean user-interface


  • Some bugs exist in the app, which should be fixed in the next update

12: Grammar Checker

Feel like an English writing expert with a trustworthy grammar checker apps at hand! Check grammatical mistakes with lots of suitably explained grammar rules. Improve sentence structure, contextual issues, stylistic approach, and many more. Fix the bugs with one tap and see the polished text as a result. Also, you have the opportunity to play a multiple choice grammar quiz to train your knowledge of grammar. Determine the correct answer and improve your grammar rapidly!


  • Completely free to use
  • Checks grammar in real-time
  • Quizzes to improve your grammar
  • Neat and clean user interface


  • It doesn’t work seamlessly in a low-speed internet connection

13: English Grammar Test With Explanation

When there is no time for surfing through thousands of web pages to improve your English writing skills, you can quickly manage your text corrections with the English Grammar Test app. Pass a test and get classes for one of the three levels, from beginner to advanced. Get a detailed explanation of more than 2,000 language questions. Learn in a broad community of those who consider self-development an irreplaceable part of their lives. Choose your way to practice: pass mixed tests with random questions within a specific level, or select a test with one topic.


  • DIfferent grammar test for English with detailed explanation
  • Three exciting levels to reach advanced from the beginner level
  • The questionnaire - consists of more than 2000 questions
  • Share your knowledge with the global learners by asking questions regarding the improvement of grammar


  • Sometimes shows suggestions with grammatical mistakes, which is fixable in the next update.

14: Free Grammar Checker

Despite fewer downloads, this app is an easy-to-use grammar checker that solves any problems with English texts. Copy and paste text to the program field or upload the needed document. Tap on the text to see possible corrections. This app is popular among its 50,000 users, and, based on many testimonials, this grammar checker apps perfectly works with short text messages, articles, posts, and other types of text.


  • Super easy to use
  • No complicated functions that most users don’t use
  • Compatible in all android platforms


  • It needs some major improvements to grab attention from mass people.

15: Grammar Checker

This app is beneficial not only for newbie English writers but for experienced ones as well. Efficiently fix the issues in a well-designed interface. Place your text in the corrector field using the copy-paste function, speech-to-text, or file uploader. This is a reliable digital proofreader that will incredibly boost your text. Fast spelling and grammar checker functions will not waste time editing your texts before you send them to a vital addressee


  • Check grammatical and spelling error in real-time
  • Decent user-interface
  • Proofreading and mistake finder functionality to improve your grammar
  • Speech to Text and Text to Speech functionality


  • According to many users’ claims, this app crashes on several android platforms. This issue should be fixed in next update.

16: Spell and grammar checker

Having 2,000 words at hand for each checking session can save your text from many typos. Use Spell and grammar checker to develop your writing issues and avoid spelling mistakes. Every session can be saved in .doc or .text format to your device. Consider editing with this grammar correction tool and see how easily you can increase your writing quality.


  • Real-time spell check in sentences and paragraphs
  • Numerous numbers of synonymous to improve your vocabulary
  • Super easy to use user-interface
  • Saving text/doc functionality


  • Synching the app with its server is not seamless. Should be fixed in the next update

17: Grammar & Spell Checker

Grammar & Spell Checker allows customers to improve the English grammar in their texts quickly. Check style, spelling, and punctuation for any writing, including papers, blog posts, messages, essays, or scripts. One of the best grammar checkers for beginners who want to check and correct their English quickly with no effort is waiting for you to download.


  • Colorful user-interface
  • Compatible in almost all android platforms
  • Real-time error correction
  • Super easy to use


  • The app shows pop-up ads while using


These 17 grammar Checker Apps for Android will help you to write better texts with no effort. Choose your favorite applications and see how your English grammar is boosted! 
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