Jio Phone 3: When the Rumored Device Will be Launched?

12 min read Jio Phone 3 is one of the most anticipated devices right now in India that was expected to be released in the second quarter of last year. But you know, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the whole scenari... August 01, 2023 07:44 Jio Phone 3: When the Rumored Device Will be Launched?

Jio Phone 3 is one of the most anticipated devices right now in India that was expected to be released in the second quarter of last year. But you know, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the whole scenario of the entire world. Following the wind, the launching date of this phone was postponed. Then Jio got kind of disappeared and did not make any further statement regarding this phone.

But after the great success of Jio Phone and Jio Phone 2, the excitement got exponentially increased among the Jio lovers. And it is getting higher and higher day by day. On the other hand, the rumors are being spread among the general people.

This short article will cover the authentic information regarding the phone and bust some rumors you have read from many untrusted blogs.

Jio Phone 3 and Google Collaboration

Jio Phone 3 is not the smartphone that is going to be manufactured only by Jio. Google is also supporting them to manufacture and launch the phone in the Indian market. Google’s Pixel Series Smartphones are hugely popular among android users for the past several years for their excellent camera and overall hardware performance. The only con of that series is, the phones are expensive.

The collaboration between Jio and Google hopefully will create something different in this case. Considering the multiple reliable resources, this phone will be available at a reasonable price for the middle-class and the lower-middle-class people.

Two versions are going to be available soon. One is a 4G model, and the other one is 5G model.

Jio Phone 3 Specification

It’s true, Jio didn’t officially announce the detailed specs of this phone. But according to multiple resources, some leaked information exists regarding this phone. Counting these, we can assume there is a high possibility for Jio Phone 3 to hold the following specs.

General Overview





Jio Phone 3 (4G)

Body Type

Unknown (But the high possibility is to be plastic)





Screen Size

Around 5 Inches

Aspect Ratio




Pixels per Inch

280-300 PPI (Approximate Idea)







SOC: Snapdragon

Series: 4 Series (For 5G model)

Clock Speed: Around 1.5GHz

Total Core: Octa-core

Architecture: Around 11nm

CPU Bit: 64 Bit









Back Camera

Dual Lens (Unknown MP)

Front Camera





Unknown (Possibility to be included in the 5G model)











Dual SIM



Wi-Fi 802.11, Hotspot


Yes (Version is unknown)





Infrared (IR Bluster)



Type is unknown



OS (Operating System)

Android 10(Special for Jio Smartphone)

Power Backup


Battery Capacity

Li-Ion 3000mah (Approximate)

Charging Type

USB 10W charger (Approximate idea)



When the Phone Will Be Launched?

There is no official declaration regarding the launching date. Multiple resources are claiming multiple dates where the phone is going to be released for the grass hood level people. But there are a couple of facts that can influence to change the release date. 

  • There is no official declaration from Jio regarding the overall progress of this project.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic is rising again. So the Indian government can announce to lock down the country anytime. This prediction is uncertain, but if it happens, then we may have to wait for more to get this phone from the market.

Considering the reports of multiple reliable sources and these two facts, the phone may arrive in the last quarter of 2021. This is an approximate idea. But this is the highest possible time for the phone to be released.

The Approximate Pricing

As per the reports of multiple resources, The Phone will come in two variants. 

  1. The 4G variant
  2. JIO phone 3 5g

The 4G variant will be launched targeting the grass hood level people who want to use smartphones with limited features. That is why the jio phone 3 price will be around 3000Rs. 

And the pricing of the 5G variant is unknown till today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The general people of India are eagerly waiting for the official launch of Jio Phone 3. And since the last year, many questions are appearing in their mind. If you are one of them, then let me cover some of these.

Q- Can you play PUBG Mobile Lite on a Jio Phone 3?

  • PUBG is a heavy-weight android game that needs decent specs to perform. But for the lite version, the statement is a little bit flexible. As the phone will hold 2GB of ram and a Snapdragon processor,  so we can assume PUBG Mobiel Lite will be seamlessly playable on this device.

    But the real-life performance can be expressed after testing the unit practically.

Q- Are the rumors about the Jio Phone 3 true?

  • Not all of these are true, but a significant portion is true for sure. The most viral rumor regarding the phone is, “Jio Phone 3 is available now in the market. You can order it now from online”.

    Many rumors are fake. My suggestion will be to stay aware of this.

Q- What is your review of Reliance Jio Phone 3?

  • Another common question. The valid answer is, It’s not the right time to express my review of this phone. The reason is simple; the phone is not launched yet. Then how do you expect a review on this phone? Funny right?

But if you consider the price and leaked specifications, then the phone is going to be a great deal at this price range for sure.

Q- How do I order a Jio Phone 3 online?

There are mainly two ways to JIO phone 3 bookings online. Let’s be introduced to both of these.

Process 1:

  • Visit the official website of JIO
  • You will have a separate section named Jio Phone 3. Search for the option and click over there
  • You will get the full details of this phone on the following window. On that window, you should find the order button. 
  • Order from there by following the sequential procedure. You will get your phone within 5-7 business days.

Process 2:

  • Go to Google Play Store with your phone
  • Download My Jio app from there
  • Install it and open the app
  • You will find an option to order the phone from the app
  • Claim order and wait for 5-7 business days to get your phone in your hand


Regarding Jio Phone 3 I want to tell you some words as a disclaimer in the ending section of this article. All the information shared in this article is based on resources from different online platforms. But during the whole procedure, I tried to filter out the original information regarding the phone. So the information I have shared may vary with the flow of time.

Whatever it is, one thing is constant in this case. Jio will definitely shake the entire India with this phone like its predecessors. What’s your thought?

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