Which One Should You Choose, Either Official or Unofficial Phone?

8 min read The smartphone is a promising device in the technology world. When we are going to choose a handset based on our requirements at first, we consider the Brand. Then we go for the desired specifications... June 08, 2023 05:36 Which One Should You Choose, Either Official or Unofficial Phone?

The smartphone is a promising device in the technology world. When we are going to choose a handset based on our requirements at first, we consider the Brand. Then we go for the desired specifications. 

Smartphone Companies are offering our expected and unexpected features by which we can fulfill our needs and demands.

"But have you ever realized you never get satisfied with the provided features you have?"

Justify your thinking & Go for the desired one

They are improving the services and updating the technologies rapidly. If you have bought a phone today, a few days later, the same brand develops another phone that is far improved than the last one at the same price. They compel you to realize the new one is better than the last one. In this case, you are in a dilemma. As a Brand lover or tech lover, you will go for the latest one. Well, this is your choice and decision. 

Now, I will answer the question, which one you should buy either Official or Unofficial.

When you decide to buy a phone, no matter which phone has the best features, you will consider your pocket first. But one thing I have experienced frequently, don’t know what happens with you. 

Official Phone or Unofficial Phone

A case Study

Last year, I managed a fixed amount of money to buy a smartphone, a renowned Brand’s phone. When I went to the market, things are changed. I felt if I had a little more budget, I would buy another phone. 

However, I was determined that I would not go for another one and bought my targeted phone. In my mind, a silent struggle is happening. I realized that I am not happy. If I chose another one, that would be great for me. In this case, I never evaluated the phone, either it is authorized or unauthorized.

This thing can happen to you, indeed, if you are a tech lover like me. 

Afterward, I changed my mind and exchanged my phone with the higher featured one. A few days later, I faced several issues on my phone. I bought my phone from a trusted shop, but they delivered several blah blah speeches. 

Somebody said it is usual as it is not an official one 

At that time, I had to regret not for the Brand, not for the Trusted Shops, Not for my Tech-loving mind. "I regretted at that very moment only for my money, which was interconnected with my efforts and dreams." 

Now you can realize what the Unofficial phone is:

Maximum people face a significant issue while using the Unofficial one, but they cannot realize it even though they do not face any issues. But the percentage of people who satisfy fully with their Unofficial phone is negligible. Maybe you will say, I am okay with my Unofficial phone. Yes, you are Okay, but you can feel the difference in your mobile performance when you will use the Official and Unofficial side by side.

"I am not going to tell you how your money you should use. But I would like to say to you, do you spend your money in a worthy place?"

This month, my colleague has purchased a mid-range phone, although I suggested her to buy the official one. Unfortunately, she was not the lucky one as, after three days, she discovered camera issues. Then she claimed the problem with the shopper. The shopper is a known person to her, so he changed the phone. 

But what an unlucky girl she is!

This time, the phone automatically switches off and on. At last, the shopper decided to give her another model but the same brand’s phone.  Oh, my poor colleague, she had to choose that one as she thought about her investment. But this time, she is also using Unofficial and frightening that the Unofficial phone will be off in the next year or near future.

"I do not think she is unlucky. I assure you she made the wrong decision to purchase a phone. And, after having the phone, she is not happy at all. "

official vs unofficial phone

Difference Between Official and Unofficial Phone

I researched a lot about the Official & Unofficial Phone. I have found out that smartphone companies create the difference between these two. Some phones, while manufacturing, is not ready to deliver in the marketplace as the Official one because they are defective. The consumers use some of them, and those phones are returned to the care center of the Brand for major technical problems. 

In this case, smartphone companies sell those defective and returned products to retailers at a minimal price. 

Secondly, the unofficial phones are not imported or exported in a country by paying tax. In this regard, this type of phone does not have a registered number. So, if you lose your phone, finding out your handset is quite impossible. 

Moreover, you will not get the guarantee or warranty of your unofficial phone. On the contrary, the official phone will provide you one or more free service years in case of any technical issues. 

Bottom Line

It is now or never. You have to think about how you can utilize your earnings more securely and with satisfaction. This is not a guideline but an opinion of me from my experience. 

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