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Call Blacklist Apk


Vlad Lee

Tired of annoying unknown, known phone calls, want to get rid of them. Then Call Blacklist apk is the best choice for that. Its one of the most rated app in Google play store of this genre.

Call Blacklist apk is an all in one app. Call blocker and SMS filter in one app. Also, it is a very lightweight and simple interface app. Block calls and messages from any specific number, private number, also the number you didn’t save in your device. Just add unwanted numbers to the blacklist or enable one of the blocking options: “Private numbers”, “Unknown numbers” or “All calls”. Its phone blocking is very effective. Also lets you choose each number you want to block.

Call Blacklist Apk Features:

  • Black list option: Place list of numbers you want to block
  • Whitelist: This app also got the white list. The list of numbers you don’t want to block. So prevent from blocking the numbers you don’t want to block.
  • Schedule: Set up the time, list some numbers you don’t want to call you in that specific time.
  • Journal of blocked calls and messages.
  • One-click ON/OFF call blocker or SMS blocker.
  • Blocking of unknown and private numbers.
  • Blocking by prefix (“Begins with” option).
  • Blacklist saving and loading.

Call Blacklist Apk

Call Blacklist Apk Advantages:

  • Very effective and strong Call blocker
  • Works in All devices
  • Easy and simple user interface
  • File size is very lightweight
  • Free to use

Add numbers from call logs, contacts, also message logs. You can also input number manually. It has wide range of setting option. Block calls, as well as messages. Also block the notification of the calls to get rid of disturbance.

Protect your call list and message list with password protection. Enable blocking option to block private numbers, also unknown numbers. You can also block all the calls you have in your mobile. The call blocker does exactly what it’s supposed to with no noticeable and annoying adverts. So download the Call Blacklist App to secure your privacy.

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 3.2.36
  • File Size : 3.50 MB