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FIFA Mobile


EA Sports

EA Sports, The Owner of FIFA franchise now launch their new FIFA version for mobile. The entire PC version of FIFA is very popular among the gamers. So that’s why EA Sports create FIFA Mobile for the Mobile user to give them a new experience.

FIFA Mobile is exclusively built for Mobile. Also its Download size is not more than 100MB. And It’s completely redesigned and bigger and better than ever.

This FIFA Mobile version brings the online leagues to compete with the players worldwide. First of all a new Attack Mode is enabled in this version. Also Fresh approach to squad building.

One thing this app doesn’t contain is the career mode. You can acquire highest league by reaching the top of the table in any of 30 leagues which are available in the game.

FIFA Mobile Features:

Manage Your Ultimate Team:

  • Build your dream team with top players
  • Manage your squad
  • Add depth to squad
  • Create your tactics and formation

Attack to win:

  • Develop your skill by playing in attack mode.
  • Use your tactics, and accept thrilling matches which will justify you skill.
  • New updated controls, Attack, win and lead your team to success.

Daily Live Events:

  • Stay updated with the live events
  • Accept regular challenges
  • Earn new items
  • Know about new and future packages

Join a League:

  • Place yourself in a league
  • Achieve higher League to make status among the world players.
  • Connect with the worlds player.
  • Quick, Fun, and Accessible.

FIFA Mobile Apk

Unrivaled Authenticity:

  • More than 30 leagues, 650 team and 1700 players.

FIFA Mobile apk requires Internet connection to play. Also requires EAs Acceptance and privacy policy. It’s an amazing Online soccer game. Everything happening in the worlds soccer, FIFA Mobile will try to keep you up to date. Experience a new way of Soccer and new way of Gaming. Download the latest FIFA Apk from below.

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 2.0.04
  • File Size : 95.4 MB