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FireTube Apk



FireTube Apk is a music player which allows user to listen to any songs, anytime, anywhere they want. Most importantly this app offer user to listen to the song from YouTube in Mp3 format.

FireTube Apk is designed in such a way that it looks like a music player only. This is first the YouTube music player that has all function and design like a proper music player. It also let user to play YouTube videos in background. You can listen to the music while doing other work in your device or just screen off.

FireTube Apk will provide you the daily updates. New tracks, Hit songs, most viewed songs. You also can sync your play list with your favorite songs. You can also share your sync list to other device so that you don’t have to create another one.

FireTube Apk Features:

  • Background play: Make FireTube playing in the background and listen to music without any barrier.
  • Unlimited Music: Get access to the largest database of music available.
  • Daily recommendation: Will provide you the most new, hot tracks available.
  • Discover Music: Look for different types of music which you didn’t hear
  • Sync playlist: Sync your playlist to listen to your music from anywhere.
  • Automatic queue: Create a queue based on the song artist.
  • One touch: With a simple click you can watch your favorite music video.
  • Video mode: You can also turn the video from mp3
  • Import play list: Import your synced playlist from one device to another


Firetube Apk

When you will tap to play the video into mp3 there will be a still image from the video. That’s how this app consumes much of your data.

FireTube App is an amazing app to fully turn video into music. It also has the access to log you into your YouTube account. So that you can listen to your own favorite music. Therefore download FireTube Apk now.

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 1.4.13
  • File Size : 21.1 MB