Download FRP Bypass APK to Bypass The Google Factory Reset Protection

Download FRP Bypass APK


FRP Bypass APK

How can FRP Bypass APK help when you forgot your Gmail credential? Is it really worth using such apps in this kind of situation?

Since the inception of the Android Operating System, Google was always concerned with providing a seamless user experience to its users with the highest security protection. As a part of that, Google Introduced the Factory Reset Protection technology (FRP) to make your phone anti-theft.

But what if when you forgot your own Gmail credential? Well, it will be the central topic of this discussion. Let’s find out a proper solution through the discussion for you.

What is FRP Bypass APK?

This is an android app that some third-party developers made. That is why this app is not available on the Google Plays Store.

When we lost our pattern lock or Gmail password, we generally do a common thing. And that is FACTORY RESET. But after booting up what we see on the phone screen, the phone is still asking for the previous Gmail credential that we used before. This technology is called Factory Reset Protection. The apps for FRP bypassing can help you out in such cases.

FRP Bypass APK Download

Why FRP Bypass APK?

Few other good-quality apps can help you reset your phone and forget your Gmail credential. But this particular app is unique, considering multiple perspectives. I want to mention some of these for you. 

  • Tiny-Sized: The size of this app is only 1.17MB. So it will take only a tiny portion of your phone storage after installing it.
  • Quick Process: The process of bypassing Factory Reset Protection with this app is super simple. It will take only a few minutes to complete the whole  process if you follow the procedures in a proper way
  • Compatible in All Devices: In almost all android devices, you can use this for FRP bypassing
  • Works in Multiple Methods: This app is functional in multiple methods. I will discuss two handy methods that will be helpful for you
  • Highest Security: Compared to the other similar apps, this app holds decent security. In other words, this app will not be the cause of any security vulnerability.

How to Download?

Well! As I mentioned before, this is a third-party app. So don’t rush to the Google Plays Store and search for this app. It is not available over there. I can suggest you two available paths to download this app. 

  1. Search on Google with “FRP bypass tool APK.” From the search results, find your direct download link.
  2. The direct link is attached below. Now download FRP Bypass APK straight away by using the link.

Download FRP Bypass APK

If you feel hesitant in case of selecting the second option, in that case, I want to say, the download link is fully secured. You will not face any kind of security vulnerability if you use it.

Precautions for Installing

You can install this app on your phone directly. But some precautions need to keep into consideration. Let’s get some of these important points.

  • Turn off The Anti Virus: Active anti-virus software prevents installing third-party apps almost all the time. If you are using any anti-virus (such as CM Security, 360 Security),  on your phone, turn it off before starting the installation process
  • Uninstall Similar Apps: If you have already installed a similar app on your phone, uninstall it before installing this app
  • Disable Play Protect: The Play Protect function should be turned off from the Google Play Store settings. Otherwise, it will prevent your phone from installing the app
  • Allow Unknown App Permission: From your phone settings, allow permission for installing apps from unknown sources. This tweaking is necessary since you are installing a third-party app
  • Charge Your Phone: Make sure your phone has more than 50 percent battery backup before installing and beginning the FRP bypassing procedure. This point is extremely important as you are about to do Factory Reset.

The Process of Bypassing FRP

There exist multiple methods to bypass the Factory Reset Protection. If you search on YouTube, you will get many tutorial videos regarding this. But most of these methods work on Samsung phones. That is why many people search for the Samsung FRP bypass APK download link, and install it.

Today I will be explaining two popular methods. By following what, you can bypass FRP with any phone!

I am assuming that you have already done the factory reset process, and you are now stuck for your forgotten Gmail credential. If so, follow the following procedure to get rid of this.

Bypassing Method Using OTG

This process is only applicable for OTG supported phones. So, before going through the process, check your phone supports OTG or not.

The detailed procedure has been represented below-

  • Use the FRP bypass APK 9.0 download link to have it on your phone that I have given below
  • Take a USB drive and put the file in it
  • Connect the USB drive and your smartphone with an OTG cable
  • Open file manager and  go to the directory where you put the file
  • Install the file by following the traditional process
  • When the installation process will be completed, you can access the phone settings
  • Now go to the phone settings
  • Now from the settings, follow the sequence Backup and Reset > Factory Data > Erase Everything.
  • Wait for a while. It will take few minutes to make the whole installation process done and delete all your settings, app data, files of your phone storage, and all other changes that you made to the phone
  • After a few moments, your phone will be turned on
  • You will see the setup wizard on your screen. Setup the whole setup procedure as per your smartphone directs
  • Enjoy using your smartphone

Bypassing Method Without Using OTG

To implement this method, you will need an active internet connection. In this case, my suggestion will be to use a decent WiFi connection.

  • Switch on your smartphone
  • The setup wizard will appear. Complete the setup procedure as per your smartphone directs
  • When you will reach the FRP screen, open your keyboard
  • Find the settings option from your keyboard and click on that
  • Now follow the sequence from the keyboard settings - Menu > Help > Feedback
  • Type anything you want and click the share option
  • After that, select the message option
  • Now type a new message over there, and put any number in the “TO” section
  • After that, you will see the contact icon
  • Select any contact
  • Erase the number by clicking backspace. Instead, type  *#*#4636#*#*
  • Dial the mentioned code
  • Click the Usage Statistics option. Then get back to your previous screen again
  • Now go to the settings menu
  • Follow the sequence again - Backup and Reset > Factory Data > Erase Everything
  • Congrats! You have successfully bypassed the FRP

Bonus Method Using QuickShortcutMaker

This is the last method you can try if your wish to do. The Quick Shortcut Maker FRP bypass is another popular method that can allow you to perform FRP bypassing from multiple perspectives. But this process is a little more complex compared to the other methods I have explained above.

However,  without further I talk, let’s jump into the procedure.

Step-1: Accessing the Google Chrome

  • Turn on your phone that is stuck with FRP verification
  • Insert your SIM card in the phone
  • Take another phone that has an active internet connection and functioning normally
  • Download the Hush SMS app from the internet. You will easily get it by Googling
  • After downloading, install the app and open it
  • Tap on the WAP Push SL button. Follow the image below.

frp bypass apk - wap push sl

  • You will see the following interface. Put the phone number of the SIM that you inserted in the first mobile.

frp bypass apk - input number

  • Select the middle option from the three (As per shown in the image above)
  • Put the URL in the message box

frp bypass apk - youtube url

  • If you are set, tap on the Send WAP Push SL button now
  • Take the first phone in your hand and wait for a while
  • After waiting for a while, you see the following pop-up on the screen

frp bypass apk - push message

  • Click on OK
  • Take the first smartphone in your hand and wait for a while
  • After waiting for a while, the following pop-up will be like this (see the image below)

frp bypass apk - google chrome

  • Double-tap on the Chrome icon
  • That’s it! You have successfully opened Google Chrome on your FRP locked phone

Step-2: Time to Unlock FRP!

  • Visit from Google Chrome (By using the same phone)
  • Visit the APP section and download QuickShortcutMaker APK
  • Install the file and open it
  • Type Google Account Manager in the search box. When you will find it, tap on it

frp bypass apk - google account manager

  • You see a drop-down menu. From the menu, select the particular option that is titled Type Email & Password.
  • If you see the following option. Tap on TRY

frp bypass apk - try!

  • Tap on the Three Dot Icon from the following screen located at the top right corner
  • Tap on Browser Sign-In
  • Sign-in with your desired Gmail credential
  • If you can sign in successfully, restart your phone
  • Setup all the initial steps after booting up
  • Congrats! You have successfully bypassed the FRP lock

Final Words

In the very last part of this discussion, one important thing should be mentioned here. FRP bypass APK is definitely one of the best FRP bypassing tools ever created. But depending on the variations of the different operating systems, both methods may not work in some cases. Especially it happens rarely on Samsung smartphones. In that case, my suggestion will be to bypass FRP using your PC. There is a different procedure to maintain.

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