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More About Guitar Hero Apk

Guitar Hero Apk is a music rhythm video game first released on November 8, 2005, by RedOctane. Initially, the game was developed for PlayStation 2. At that time, the game took everyone’s attention for...

Guitar Hero Apk is a music rhythm video game first released on November 8, 2005, by RedOctane. Initially, the game was developed for PlayStation 2. At that time, the game took everyone’s attention for its Gibson SG guitar-shaped controller. With this unique design and exciting features, the game created a big fandom all around the globe. The game has multiple versions. Among them, the Guitar Hero 3 Apk and the Guitar Hero 5 Apk are the most popular ones.  

If you ever played the console game, you surely know how addictive this game is. And now you definitely want to try the Guitar Hero Android Apk version. On the other hand, if you have never played this before, you can try it now. Hopefully, you also become a member of this big fandom.

About Guitar Hero Apk

As the name points outs, the game is all about playing guitar and music. In the Guitar Hero live android Apk, you can play the lead, bass guitar, and rhythm guitar with different songs. You need to match notes that scroll on the screen. So that the music will run continuously and your virtual audience becomes happy. You also need to kill your enemy to maintain the continuity of the song. And that’s how you will earn your points.

Most of the games support single-player mode. However, in multiplayer modes, you can create a band of four members, including vocals and drums.

The best part is, the game allows you to download content for new songs in some cases. Besides, you play songs from the large collection of the game’s library. 

Features of Guitar Hero Android Apk

The Guitar Heros Apk is not only a musical game. You can also name it as an action-adventure and running game. The fact is, it has all the features to be called like that. So, let’s see the fantastic features of this popular game. I hope you will be more eager to play the game after reading them.

A Big Collection of Songs

Guitar Hero 5 Apk offers twenty songs for you to play and become a master. It has songs of famous artists like David Bowie, Nirvana, Bush, Blink-182, Vampire Weekend, and many more. You can play the recent hits as well as the classics from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. You will never feel a shortage of songs while playing this game.

Downloading Feature

Another amazing feature of this game is, you can download a song track if you wish. It has a future for downloading MP3 files.

Other functionalities 

Like the other musical game, this game is not only focused on music. You need to run and jump over enemies and sometimes shoot them to finish the fighting game guitar chords. Moreover, you can say that the ultimate guitar is one of the popular android games for action for the Guitar Hero live Apk lover. 

Additionally, in some games, you have to run as fast as possible to avoid enemies and collect all the coins.  

Get Free Coins

Getting free coins is one of the fun facts in the gaming world. The Guitar Heroes Apk also allows this kind of feature. You can share the game with your friends and collect coins. The coins will help you to get a high score on Guitar Hero Apk.

How to Download Guitar Hero Live Android Apk

In Android Blue, we tried to provide download links for popular and unique apps and games. So you don’t need to go to another place for the download link of Guitar Hero Apk full mod. At the end of the article, you will get a Guitar Hero Apk download link. You can easily download it from there. And the installation process is also the same as before. So before download, you have to enable the ‘Unknown Source’ from your android phone’s security option. 

For your better understanding, the download process is given below.

Step 1:

Go to the Settings option on your phone. Then from there, click Security. Next, you can see an option for enabling Unknown Source. Turn on that option. 

Step 2: 

After preparing your device, download the Guitar Hero Apk full mod from the given Guitar Hero Apk download link.

Step 3: 

When your download is finished, go to your file folders and find the recently downloaded game file. And then click install. Now, everything is set, and you’re ready to play.


We are reaching the end of the article. By the time you get that, if you are a game and a music lover, the Guitar Hero Apk for android indeed gives you a good experience. So, don’t be late. Download the Guitar Hero Android Apk now and enjoy the popular android games.

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