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Manga Rock APK is neither a game nor a usual app for android. This is basically an app that can allow you to read Manga Comics that became extremely popular in Japan. Even in the present time, the immense popularity of this comic series has not been faded away.

And that’s why some developers took the initiative to put the whole series together in an android app. This is how this app has been created and achieved more than a 100K+ installation count on the Google Play Store and the number is increasing.

But in the official version, you will have to tolerate some annoying advertisements if you want to enjoy reading your favorite manga rock series. I’ll show an alternative way that will allow you to read all manga rock content for free. And you don’t have to buy any subscription package to eliminate advertisements!

App Information

Application Name

Manga Rock APK



Required Platform

Android 5.0 (Jellybean) or Higher


50 MB


Freemium (But free for you!)

Developer Team

Entertainment Apps for Everyone

Number of Installations






  • File type : Manga Rock APK
  • Version : v3.9.6
  • File Size : 120 MB

Why Manga Rock APK is Getting Hyped?

download manga rock app

First of all, the popularity of the manga series has added a different dimension to attain that hype. But there exist some other factors behind it.

I want to mention the key features of this app that helped this app to get this hype. These features are also available on Manga Rock Definitive APK.

  • More Than 16K Comics! : In this app, you will get more than 16K manga comics for entirely free! That means you will need to spend your entire life if you want to finish all of these!
  • No Compulsory Subscription: All the comics are free to enjoy. You don’t have to buy any subscription package if you are fine with tolerating advertisements.
  • No External Reader is Needed: In most cases, to read document files you will need a reader app. But the in-built feature of this app will help you to read your favorite series without installing any external document reader.
  • Well Segmented: In spite of having more than 16K content, you will see those in separate segments that will provide enough convenience. 
  • Download Facility: You can download your favorite manga comics for offline reading. Thie sizes of these mangas are not that significant as well.
  • Multiple Language: There are 11 languages to select. You can choose one of these as the default language of this app. 
  • Cloud Backup: Manga Rock allows you to keep all the backup of your manga content on cloud storage.

How to Download Manga Premium for Free?

The process is pretty simple! I have attached the direct link to Manga Rock APP in this discussion. By clicking the download button you can get it easily on your phone. This is the modified version of the official Manga Rock APK. And that’s why you won’t have any annoying experience regarding advertisements.

But before downloading the app, please abide by the following instructions to avoid any kinds of inconveniences!

  • Use a Decent Internet Connection: For the first time, when you start opening the app, it will take a while to load all the contents for your homepage. In that case, a decent quality internet connection is required.
  • Keep Enough Storage: As I mentioned above, this app is the ocean of 16K manga content. So if you are an offline reader, you have to download your favorite Manga comics. So, it will need enough space.
  • Uninstall The Official Version: If you have already installed the official version on your phone, uninstall that and install the pro version instead.

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Final Thought

So, what’s your thought on Manga Rock APK? Is it worthy enough to stay on your phone? As far as my thinking process goes, it’s true that this is not the only option to read your favorite manga comics. You can download your favorite one from Google and start reading it with a document reader. It’s that easy! But getting all the manga content on one platform is near to impossible!

I think this can be considered as the main reason to have this app on your phone.

  • File type : Manga Rock APK
  • Version : v3.9.6
  • File Size : 120 MB