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Remember the game Super Mario Bros? That game is the name of nostalgia for 90s kids and always reminds me of a very underrated proverb - It’s always fun to dance together when there are no winners! I...

Remember the game Super Mario Bros? That game is the name of nostalgia for 90s kids and always reminds me of a very underrated proverb - It’s always fun to dance together when there are no winners! I believe Mario Kart Tour APK will remind you of the same adage again.

It’s not exactly like the Super Mario Bros that you played in your childhood. But when you start playing the game, you will be surprised to see Mr. Mario in the driving seat of his own car! Because this is basically a racing game, where around 50 characters are available to choose from.

This game was developed especially targeting kids who are below 13. But it achieved extensive popularity among adults by providing a fun gameplay experience.

How Could Mario Kart Tour APK Take the Charts By Storm?

Behind the popularity of every game, there exist one or multiple factors that work inherently to make the game brand itself. This game is not an exception to that. A few months back, I made an article on the 18 best online games to play with friends, where I mentioned 18 such games that are extremely popular among android users.

But in the case of this game, the scenario is a little bit different. I want to mention the key reasons here.

  • The Mario Branding: Yes, the character itself the center point of attraction that could grab the crowd’s attention
  • Fun and Colorful Experience: Since the game initially was developed targeting the kids, so they made it colorful and fun as much as possible
  • The Endless Racing: Even the most downloaded game in the world used this trick to keep the track endless. Mario kart followed the same trend to keep the crowd engaged, and they are successful.
  • The Number of Characters: As I mentioned before, in this game, you are allowed to pick your desired orb from the collection of 50 characters

The Features of Mario Kart Tour APK

You have already known some of the features of this game if you have read my previous words. But some other features I want to mention here that should be mentioned here. 

  • Convenient controller - 4 different modes
  • A rich collection of characters
  • Gold pass buying functionality to beat your opponents easily
  • Upgradable karts
  • Mario kart ultra mini turbo feature to make your opponent wrecked
  • Five kinds of exciting challenges - race through the rings, don’t crash, rocket crash, rocket start, and glider challenge
  • Colorful graphics
  • Free to play for beginners
  • Allows you to increase your online ranking by being the winner in multiplayer games
  • Bonus challenges
  • Allows you to buy premium characters
  • Optional in-app purchases are available
  • An enriches arsenal

How to Download

The game is available on the Google Play Store. You can easily install it from there by visiting. But if you search for Mario kart tour mod APK, in that case, you have to download it manually from any third-party resources. But in this case, I want to give you a suggestion regarding this.

Don’t download any MOD version of this game available on many this-party websites, which are risky to download and install. Grab the official one instead.

If for some reason, you fail to install the game from the Google Play Store or don’t find it over there, you can download the app directly from the link below.

The Installing Process

I hope you have installed the app from the Google Play Store successfully. If you failed to install it from there and had to download it from the link that I provided a little bit earlier, then there is a high chance of facing difficulties while installing it. To avoid it, follow the following procedure.

  • Download the game from the Mario kart tour APK download link I have provided
  • Put the file in the directory from where you can easily access it
  • Turn on the permission for installing apps from unknown sources
  • In the case when you can’t find the option, you may follow the sequence - settings > Security > Unknown Sources > make it enabled
  • Now open the Google Play Store
  • Find the option Play Protect and Disable it from there
  • Return to the directory where you put the APK file
  • Tap on the file icon and install it by following the traditional process
  • Congrats! Mario kart tour has been installed on your phone successfully

How to Play

To play this game is very simple. Many people use Mario Kart Tour Discord to keep communicating with their friends while playing. There are four controlling options to choose from the game settings.

  • Manual drift
  • Smart steering
  • Auto-item
  • Gyro handling

The first settings will allow you to drive or drift your car manually, which is handy for beginners. If you want more convenience, you can go for smart steering mode, where your car will move automatically, but you can change direction manually when needed.

The Auto-item feature will allow you to be superior in a sec by using the frenzy items. And the Gyro handing will allow you to control your vehicle by tilting your device.

The Conclusion

I can guaranty you, after installing the Mario Kart Tour APK when you will see the legendary face of Mario on your phone screen, that will bring a smile to your face for sure. And remember the proverb that I mentioned at the begging of this discussion? It’s always fun to dance together where there are no winners. Yes, this game is a racing game where everybody wants to win. But still, it’s fun to dance by drifting your car and make your opponent wrecked!

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