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More About Mobizen APK

Are you searching for an APP that can record the internal audio of your android smartphone while recording? Then Mobizen APK can be the ultimate solution for you. Not only your phone’s audio, but it c...

Are you searching for an APP that can record the internal audio of your android smartphone while recording? Then Mobizen APK can be the ultimate solution for you. Not only your phone’s audio, but it can also record your voice while you are recording. 

Most probably, Mobizen is the first screen recording android app that created significant hype among android users. It is extensively known as one of the most popular screen recording tools that can allow you to perform multiple tasks besides recording within the Android ecosystem.
This small-sized app contains numerous advanced features that might be worthy enough to meet all your desire regarding screen recording, instant video editing, and so on.

About Mobizen APK

If we make a list with the title Top 10 Best Screen Recorder APP for Android, Mobizen APK will take its place in the list with great domination.

Mobizen was launched for the first time on May 9, 2012, when the smartphone era just started to boom. More than 100M people have installed this app from the Google Play Store, and most of them are satisfied with the service of Mobizen.

The average rating on Google Play Store is 4.3 out of 5. With achieving such extensive popularity, Mobizen created authority, and still, it is dominating the market.

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Exciting Features of Mobizen APK

Besides screen recording, it holds some other unique features that are not offering by most of the other similar kinds of APP. In this section, I will introduce some such features to you that can give a reason to install this app on your phone.

  • Screen Recording in 2K (1440P) Resolution

Screen recording in Full HD resolution with a smartphone is not a seamless experience for most users. Especially in low-end spec devices, app freezing is a common issue while screen recording.  But Mobizen made a difference in this case. It can allow you to record video with up to 2K resolution considering your device capacity.

  • Screenshot Capturing

This feature will allow you to capture screenshot whenever you need. Even while you are recording your smartphone screen, you can take a screenshot with this feature considering your need.

  • Quick Edit Functionality

Mobizen can be your video editing companion as well. When you finish a screen record, it needs editing before using for your purpose (Such as uploading on YouTube, Facebook, etc.). By using the Launch Editor option, you can get the primary level of the editing process done. 

  • Custom Watermark

You might have noticed; there exists a common problem in almost every screen recording app. When you finish a recording, a watermark will always be visible in the finished version. But Mobizen is different in this case. You can customize your watermark as per your need that you want to show in your video.

  • Screen Recording With Showing Your Face

Suppose you are a video content creator. Sometimes, you might have faced the importance of recording your face while making a video with a screen recording app. Mobizen is introducing the Face Cam feature that can meet that demand. This feature will allow you to include your self video footage in the video.

  • Screen Sharing With PC

This app has the potential to share your smartphone screen with your PC. Mobizen has provided a dedicated software for your pc named Mobizen PC. After installing it on your PC, your phone will be ready to share its screen with your PC. Yes, there needs some procedure to be done.

How to Download and Install Mobizen App

I have attached the direct download link in the last portion of this article. You can easily download mobizen apk with a single click. But after downloading, follow the following procedure if you face any issue while installing.

  • If the latest version of Android powers your phone, then disable play protect first from The Google Play Store.
  • Allow installing files from unknown sources from settings.
  • Go to the download folder, and install the file following the traditional process.
  • If still you are no able to install the file, then go to the App & Notifications.
  • Tap on Google Play Services and then go to Storage
  • Tap on Clear Storage and then Clear All Data
  • Now come to the home screen of your phone.
  • Go to App & Notification option again, and now go to Google Play Store.
  • Clear the storage by following the same procedure
  • Now install the Mobizen app.

How to Use Mobizen Screen Recorder

The overall procedure of using Mobizen is quite simple and easy. There are two key features of this particular app that most users extensively use.

  1. Screen Recording
  2. Screenshot Capturing

I want to cover the using procedure on both of these in brief. By following these procedures, most of the users can perform their tasks seamlessly on their devices.

Screen Recording

For recording your smartphone screen, you need to follow the following procedures.

  • Install The APP and Open: This is the first step to follow. After installing and opening this app, you will notice a visible floating icon on your screen.
  • Tap on the floating icon: After tapping, three options will appear. Click on the middle icon as marked in the image below.

  • Go to settings: After tapping on the middle icon, a pop-up will appear on your screen. Tap on the Gear icon now.
  • Go to video settings: In the following window, a list of options will appear. Now tap on the very first icon named Video settings.
  • Customize Settings: If you have done all the instructions I have mentioned, you will see the following window as shown in the picture below. Set your resolution, quality, and FPS considering your device power.
    But for most of the devices, the following setting is recommended to get a seamless performance.
  • Quality: 5MB
  • Resolution: 720p
  • FPS: 30

Screenshot Capturing

Capturing screenshots with Mobizen APK is super easy compared to screen recording with this app. 

  • Tap the floating icon of Mobizen
  • Now tap on the Camera icon.
  • Boom! Your screenshot has been captured

Note- You will find your screenshots and recorded videos in a dedicated folder named MOBIZEN.

How Do I Activate Mobizen Booster Mode?

The first question should be “What is Mobizen Booster mode?”. In simple word, there are many smartphone devices available in the market that comes with the most updated OS version and specifications. Mobizen can perform all of its functionality on those devices.

Sometimes, the official Mobizen doesn’t work seamlessly on some backdated OS version smartphones compared to the contemporary smartphones. For example, some specific models of many popular brands such as Samsung, Oppo can’t play Mobizen properly.
Most of the time, when you will perform screen recording, the system audio will not be captured with the video. To solve this issue, Mobizen introduced this Booster Mode feature that can solve your issue. Activating this feature on your phone can help you to get rid of such problems.

If you are one of those users facing such issues while screen recording, the following procedure is for you.

Tools You Need

First of all, you will need two things-

  • Mobizen APK app (For your smartphone)
  • Screen Recorder Booster Mode software (For your PC)

Make sure the Mobizen app is installed on your phone and the Screen Recorder Booster Mode software on your PC as well.

Activating Procedure

  • Open Screen Recorder Booster mode software on your PC. The following image will appear.
  • Go to the Build Number option from Settings. If you use Samsung, HTC, or LG smartphones, then the sequence can vary. Look at the picture below to get the right sequence for your device.

  • Tap on the Build Number 7 times. After tapping three times, you will get the following pop-up.

  • Completing tapping seven times will enable the developer mode. Then you will see the following new option on your phone shown in the image below.

  • Now go to the Developer Options. Then turn on USB Debugging.

  • Connect your smartphone with your PC using a Data Cable
  • If you can successfully connect your phone with your PC, then press the Start icon of Mobizen software from your pc
  • If the following note appears on your PC and smartphone, the booster mode is activated successfully on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many people search for some common answers to some common questions regarding Mobizen. Let’s get some of these.

Q- Which is the best Android app to record WhatsApp video and WhatsApp audio calls?

  • You have multiple options to chose from in this case. You can check another article where the topic was about the Top 10 Best Screen Recorder App For Android. All of these are decent quality screen recorder for the Android platform.

  • But if you force me to suggest to you the best and all-rounder screen recording app, then Mobizen APK is highly recommended from my side.

Q- Is there any Android app that enables screen sharing between phone and laptop/PC screen?

  • There exist many popular apps. Mobizen can perform this task for you as well. But my suggestion will be to download another app to do that. Search on Goole Play Store with Mobizen Mirroring APK. The first app you will get is the app, which is hugely useful to share your android screen with your PC.

Q- How to Use Mobizen Mirroring? 

  • Explaining the process regarding this needs a detailed discussion that will make this article longer. And I don’t want to make you bored!

    You can search on some great platforms to get the appropriate direction to use Mobizen Mirroring. Especially Quora is a highly recommended platform for you to find out the right answer to this question.

Q- Is Mobizen a Chinese app?

  • As far as my research goes, the headquarter of MOBIZEN is in Korea. So we can assume that this is not a Chinese app.

Q- Is the Mobizen app safe?

  • Yes. Android blue is providing you the portable version of this app. There is no difference between the play store version and this version of Mobizen.


Mobizen APK is the name of reliance in terms of screen recording within the android ecosystem. The excellent service and outstanding features compelled more than 100M to have this app on their device. If you make video content quite often, then Mobizen can be your best companion to make high-quality screen recordings with your phone.

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