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NBC Sports APK is one of the most underrated contents streaming apps. The interesting part is, slowly and slyly it’s showing its nailing attitude by providing decent services to its user base.

Basically, this app was introduced as a content streaming platform where users can enjoy almost all the content of NBC TV. They didn’t make any fancy marketing campaign for this app. But by providing minimalist UI, clarity, and quality of content, and extensive diversity in delivering content have made this app unique compared to its other competitors.

Now the question is - why should you install it on your phone and how to get it? Don’t worry, I’ll explain. Just stick with this short discussion!

Why Should You Use NBC Sports APK?

Compared to the other decent-quality LIVE Streaming APPs, The NBC Sports app is unique considering many aspects. This is not any kind of LIVE TV Mod APK, but it can provide some satisfying features.

Let me introduce you to some reasons that you should know regarding this app.

  • Chromecast Support: You can telecast your favorite TV show from this app to your smart TV. Just make sure that the Google Chrome browser is installed on your phone.
  • Fewer Advertisements: Compared to the other similar apps, you will have to tolerate comparatively low amounts of advertisements. 
  • TV Episodes,  Clips, and Movies: Almost all kinds of popular TV episodes, blockbuster movies, and exciting move clips you can enjoy here. 
  • NBC Universal Profile: Creating NBC Universal Profile in this app will allow you to save your favorite content. You can earn credits and spend them to enjoy up to 3 episodes for free.
  • Closed Captions: Not everyone loves to watch content by turning on subtitles. If you are one of these, the closed caption is a convenient feature for you. You can turn off subtitles while watching videos if you feel it’s annoying.
  • Stunning UI: The UI is eye-soothing and perfectly user-friendly. The minimalistic and intelligent design helped this app to keep all the content perfectly organized.
  • HD Streaming: All the content is available in full HD. But you can customize resolutions considering your need. This app can adjust resolution automatically considering your device as well.

App Information

Application Name

NBC Sports Apk



Required Platform

Android 5.0 (Jellybean) or Higher


29 MB



Developer Team

Kyo Kyar Ni

Number of Installations






How to Download This APP?

The download process is not that complex. You have two options to install this app on your phone. 

  • Google Play Store: Just open the Google Play Store on your phone and search with nbc sports apk”. And then you will find this app on your search result. Then install that by following the usual process.
  • Use The Direct Download Link: Sometimes from some particular devices, you may not find this app on the Google Play Store. In that case, you can use the direct download link that I have attached to this discussion.

Ending Words

Undoubtedly NBC Sports Apk is one of the best multimedia content streaming sites that have ever been created. The user experience will blow your mind. Yes, there exist some minor cons such as optimization issues, high RAM consumption, etc. But these are fixable in the next update.

If you can consider these softly, this app can be your great companion

  • File type : apk
  • Version : v7.25.2
  • File Size : 29 MB