Nova Legacy Mod APK v5.8.3c Free Download For Android Device

Nova Legacy Mod APK

Nova Legacy Mod APK is not the officially released game. Rather, some passionate third-party developers took the initiative to modify the game. And this is the version of what you are going to know in this short discussion!

Basically, this is the fun version of the official N.O.V.A Legacy game. While you will be playing this game, you will get unlimited money, unlimited trilithium, and can enjoy some other fun advantages that you would love to have!

I’ll not make this discussion large to make you bored! Rather, I’ll keep the precise information in the discussion regarding this version that you should know before downloading and installing it.

App Information

Application Name

Nova Legacy Mod APK



Required Platform

Android 4.0.3 (Jellybean) or Higher


111 MB



Developer Team


Number of Installations



Action Games



  • File type : Apk
  • Version : V5.8.3
  • File Size : 111 MB

Why is the Nova Legacy Mod APK Different?

In a straight word - there are several reasons that I can mention here. Even these reasons may make you interested to try out this version! Especially when you will get to know that, this is the Nova Legacy Unlock All Weapons version, you’ll definitely feel so good in your mind! So, let’s deep-dive into the discussion-

  • Story Mode: 

There is a story behind the gameplay. Some unwanted alien guests have come to the world to rule over it. But the human race stood up to stop them by using every slash of their sword and every bullet of their gun! And here the war begins where you are the hero!

  • Team Up With 6 Persons: 

You are not alone in the game. In the Nova Legacy Mod APK you can call 5 more buddies to join you to dominate the arena. And, you 6 will have some special abilities to smash the enemies as well!

  • Character Customization: 

There is a huge collection of different characters. You can choose your desired one. In fact, you can customize these as per your choice or taste.

  • Unlimited Coins, Trilithium and Cards:  

This is the key feature of this version. This mod version will allow you to get unlimited money for free. Moreover, the mentionable thing is, generally trilithium is an extremely rare item in this game. But the mod version will allow you to experience something interesting. Just play and discover by yourself.

  • Diversity in Weapons: 

The developers behind the game put extensive diversity in weapon collection. You will get LMG, SMG, Sniper, and some other kinds of war elements that you will find handy while battling. Even you can customize all the weapons to improve their overall performance.

  • A Great Collection of Arsenals: 

In the spaceship, you will find many arsenals to take new weapons to defeat stronger enemies. Even you will find some unique and legendary weapons that are priceless considering their damaging power!

  • HD Graphics: 

Though the game is not that big considering its size, the developers behind the game didn’t make any compromise in maintaining great graphics.

  • Free to Play: 

The original version of this game is entirely free to play and this modified version is as well. Even you don’t need to spend any money to buy any special weapons. Remember, you got unlimited money and trilithium!

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Nova Legacy Mod APK

Downloading Process of Nova Legacy Mod APK Latest Version

Well! Since this is a modified version that some passionate developers developed, it’s worthless to find this game on the Google Play Store. You will find the official version of it, but not the modified one.

In that case, you have only one option and that is - to download this game from the direct download link that I have provided somewhere in this discussion.

But before downloading it, I should mention a couple of points regarding this game that you should know!

  • Private Server: The game is powered by a private server. And the reason is simple! If we link the modified APK to the official server, today or tomorrow your account will get banned. To avoid such inconvenience, the developers decided to run this game on a private server.
  • Keep Patience: After installing it successfully on your android device, when you open the game, it may take several minutes to get the game started. Till then keep patience. Avoid closing the game until it gets ready.

Wrapping Up

Well! This was the in-brief discussion regarding NOVA Legacy Mod APK. I know there was much more to explore. But for keeping the volume of this discussion short and avoid making you bored, I just put the key topics in it.

No matter what, at the end of the day you have to taste this game on your own to get the genuine idea. The discussion was just informing the basic information! And this word is applicable for almost all types of games.

So, try this game out and keep enjoying its extensive facilities!

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : V5.8.3
  • File Size : 111 MB