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Download Phone Clone APK


PhoneClone APK

Phone clone APK is a fun app!

It’s a common thing nowadays to upgrade smartphones frequently. But there is a problem! When you will upgrade your phone, you will get a new smartphone in your hand with top-notch features. But all the data will still remain in your old smartphone. In that case, we are used to installing the apps again from the Google Play Store, transferring our photos and other files with file-sharing apps like ShareiT, Xender, etc.

But there is a problem. When you transfer all the files, app, contacts, photos, and all other kinds of files, you will lose the metadata of your files!

In this case, this phone cloning app can help you out!

How Does Phone Clone APK Work?

When you will install the app on your phone and start file sharing, it will sync with your new mobile by using the WiFi network. This bridge connection between these two phones will help to transfer all the data from your older phone to the newer one. If your phone holds the Wi-Fi direct feature, this app will work more seamlessly.

What Can This APP Offer?

I know there are many apps like this one. For example, the oppo clone phone APK is one of these most popular apps. But this particular app can offer your something exciting that may make you interested to try this app at least once-


  • Simple and easy user-interface
  • Fast data transferring (You can transfer 20GB in a few minutes)
  • The syncing process is relatively fast
  • Zero interruption in data transferring
  • No need to have an active internet connection
  • Root permission is not required
  • Supports Android 4.4 and above
  • Highly secured
  • QR Code scanning feature for syncing the devices
  • Works in sleep mode
  • Supports all kinds of files to send such as audio, video, call log, contact numbers, alarms, date and time, etc.
  • No registration is required
  • No fancy procedure to maintain

How to Download?

You can directly install Clone Phone APK from the Google Play Store. But when your phone is powered by an older version of OS in 2021, you may not find this app over there. The same thing happens when you search for the Realme Clone Phone APK.

If you face such trouble, in that case, you can use the direct download link that is given below. It’s just a matter of a single click!

How to Install It?

Though the installation process is not that simple as installing apps from the Google Play Store directly, still, the process is simple and linear.

Stick with the procedure that I’m going to represent. It will help you to keep yourself on the right track while installing it.


  • Download the file from the link I have provided above
  • Put the file in a directory, from where the file is easily accessible
  • If you feel challenged to do that, use a decent quality file manager such as ES File Explorer, File Manager, etc.
  • Return to the home page of your phone and clear recent apps
  • Go to your phone settings to enable permission for installing files from unknown sources.
  • If you are unable to make it done, you can follow the sequence - settings > Security > Unknown Sources > make it enabled
  • Open the Google Play Store
  • Go to the Google Play Settings
  • Disable Play Protect from there
  • Return to the phone home page again
  • Turn off the internet connection
  • Clear all the recent apps
  • Now visit the directory where your downloaded APK file is located
  • Tap on the file and install it by following the usual process
  • Congrats! Your phone is installed successfully on your phone

How to Clone a Phone With Android?

I have added this section because I want to show how simple to clone your phone by using Phone Clone APK. Just follow the following procedure. But here is one disclaimer for you-


If you are using a device from the Huawei brand, then you will not face any problems. But in the case of other android devices, you may face some issues. So, keep this info in your mind before using the app.


So, let’s jump right into the using procedure-


First of all, make sure the app is installed on both your old and new phones. The old phone will act as the sender. And the new phone will act as the receiver.

Preparing The Reciever Device


  • Open the app on your receiver phone. It will show the following interface and ask for enabling Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth and click on the This is The New Phone option.

phone clone apk - home page

  • It will ask you for giving around 7 types of permissions. Allow these permissions to allow the app to fetch data from the Sender phone seamlessly.
  • After allowing, you will see the following interface. If your Sender phone is from Huawei, select the option Huawei. In the case of other android devices, select the Other Android option.

phone clone apk - device selection

  • After selecting the right option, it will ask for another permission. Allow that, and it will generate a QR Code as shown in the picture below.

phone clone apk - qr code


Preparing The Sender Device


  • Now take your old phone (Sender Device) and open the Phone Clone APK. It will show the following interface. Select the this is the old phone option.

phone clone apk - the old phone

  • From the following screen, allow all the permissions by following the same procedure as you did a little before.
  • After that, the camera of your phone will be turned on for scanning the QR code that you generated in the Reciever device. Scan the QR code as shown in the image below.

phone clone apk - qr code scanning

  • Wait for a while until your phone notifies the connection is successful
  • Take your older phone (Sender)  in your hand and select the files that you want to transfer
  • After selecting, press the Transfer button
  • Wait for a while, it will automatically begin the transferring process

Concluding Words

There exist many apps like Phone Clone APK that are capable of performing the same things. But considering the look and features, all are different from different perspectives. But this particular app was developed to target the people who are big fans of the simple and easy user interface.

If you are one of these, then this app won’t disappoint you for sure.

  • File type : Phone Clone APK
  • Version : v10.0.1.550
  • File Size : 12.5 MB