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Tekken 3 Game Tekken 3 Game

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June 15, 2023
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More About Tekken 3 Game

First of all, we are pretty sure that Tekken 3 game play online must be a nostalgic thing for you if you are a 90’s kid. The game is one of the popular arcade games released in 1997 and on PlayStation...

First of all, we are pretty sure that Tekken 3 game play online must be a nostalgic thing for you if you are a 90’s kid. The game is one of the popular arcade games released in 1997 and on PlayStation in 1998. Initially, the game developer called Namco made the game to play on PlayStation 1 gaming console. Back then, it was the most popular fighting game that kids enjoy playing in the arcade as well as in their PlayStations. So, don’t you think the Tekken 3 game for Android will bring you back to your childhood?  

If so, then this content is for you. Here, you can get the download link for Tekken 3 Apk mod.Moreover, if you don’t play the game before or never heard of it, don’t think of it as an old-time game because its features are evergreen. And if you are a fighting game lover, then surely it will not disappoint you.

About Tekken 3 Game Play Online

As mentioned earlier, it’s a fighting game that is basically played on an arcade. It has a total of twenty-three characters. The primary obligation of the game is to defeat the evil soldiers to reach the bosses. As the game story, the level bosses hire the soldiers. And in the last stage of a level, the boss will appear. The final goal is, defeat all the bosses and collect all the keys. Later, the keys will unlock a special character Dr. Bosconovich. 

The game also has a bonus mode. In the mode, you need to hit a ball with your punch and kicks. It’s kind of similar to volleyball. Anyway, in this mode, if you win, you can unlock Gon, which is a small t-rex with boxing gloves.  

Features of Tekken 3 online play

The Tekken 3 game for android has some exciting features that will give you the best fighting experience. You know, on a mobile phone, you can’t really enjoy fighting or racing games if the games don’t contain any interesting story. But with the Tekken 3 online multiplayer, you can enjoy the game as much as you played it in an arcade. 

Attracting story 

Like most of the old games, the Namco Tekken 3 play online free has a fascinating story plot. The story starts with Jun Kazama. The woman has lived in Yakushima with her young son, Jin. And Jin is the son of Kazuya Mishima. Meanwhile, another character, Heihachi Mishima, established the Tekken Force to protect Mishima Zaibatsu. One day, ‘Ogre’ or ‘Fighting God’ attack the clan. But after that, Heihachi Mishima wants to use them to dominate the world.  

Now, this is the beginning of the story. After that, many characters come with their unique stories. And with a third-person perspective, you can involve with this game and continue your fight with them. The story continued with various intro and cinematic sequences. 

Fighting style

Tekken 3 online play allows street fighting to ancient oriental fighting styles. Each of the characters has different fighting expertise. Moreover, the skill develops slowly with the game story and with your talent. Each character has different moves as well. They consist of throws, punches, kicks, and many more. 

On the other hand, if you forget the control buttons for a character, you can check it any time via a pause menu.  

Various version

The game offers various versions to play. You can choose from Arcade, Versus, Team Battle, Time Attack, Tekken Force, Practice, and a hidden Beach Ball version. By Tekken 3 online multiplayer, you can play any of the modes with your friend.  

3D Graphics

Fortunately, the developers have managed to come up with 3D graphics with natural and fluid movement. The latest version contains more detailed illustrations. You will surely enjoy them a lot.

How to download and install Tekken 3 play online free

On our website, the download and installation process of all games and apps are the same. If you visit our website previously, you already know the process. But for your better understanding, I will write the overall process in this article too. 

Step 1: Go to your android phone Security option from Settings. There you will find an option for Unable Unknown Source. If the option is disabled, you have to enable it to download the Tekken 3 game 2023 file.

Step 2: After enabling the Unknown source, download the Tekken 3 game play online free from the given link.

Step 3: Tekken 3 online game play now will be available on your phone. Go to the File Folder and find the recently downloaded Tekken 3 Apk mod file. Then click install. 

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