The Game of Life APK v2.2.7 Free Download Process for Android

The Game of Life APK


Game of Life APK

The Game of Life APK is neither an action-packed high graphics game nor a traditional puzzle-solving game. And it’s not any kind of mission-based game as well! Then what should we call it? That’s confusing!

I think we can consider this game as another legendary game named Monopoly APK. But both of these are not identical at all. The Game of Life is the game where you have to play your daily life character. I mean, the game itself is an entire society where you are one of the parts of it.
You can wake up in the morning, go to school, grow up, get a job, get married, and participate in almost all other social cultures that we experience throughout our entire life.

This game is not a new concept. As far as our research knowledge goes, this game was invented about 50 years ago (1963) as an offline version. But after 2012 some passionate developers took the initiative to make a digital version of it.

App Information

Application Name

The Game Of Life



Required Platform

Android 4.4 (Jellybean) or Higher


69.5 MB


Premium (But free for you!)

Developer Team

Marmalade Game Studion

Number of Installations



Board Game


United Kingdom

The game of life apk

Why is The Game of Life APK so Exciting?

I’m not going to explain how to play this game. I know you are good at it! Instead, I just want to put some words regarding the exciting features that you may find interesting!

  • 3D Animated Board: The game looks exactly like the original board game. All the objects in this game are designed in 3D shapes. So, you will feel almost a realistic vibe while playing this game.
  • Chatting Facility: You can chat with your other buddies while playing a multiplayer match. You can use emoticons to bring a fun vibe as well while making conversation through chatting.
  • Minigames: To boost your score and earn money, some minigames are available in the game. All the games hold small missions to reach the next missions.
  • Multiplayer Facility: This game can allow you to play with up to 4 buddies. You all can be connected to play this game and challenge each other as well.
  • Offline Match: When you are out of internet access, you can connect your friends with the game by using a WiFi network. All your game progress will be saved on your device temporarily.
  • Multiple Themes: In this game, you will get 7 exciting themes to apply. To bring a different vibe within the game, you can choose one of these considering your taste.
  • Family Friendly: The game is entirely kids friendly, and it doesn’t hold any harmful content. So all the family members of any age can play this game together.

How to Download This Game for Free?

On the Google Play Store, The Game of Life APK is available with a $2.99 price tag. And some users stated their opinion against this. They think the game should be available for entirely free.

In that case, the only way is to download this game from any trusted third-party site. But most of these will provide you The Game of Life Mod APK.

But if you download it from the link that I have been given in this discussion, you’ll get the original version for entirely free!

Ending Words

The Game of Life APK is not just a usual game. It can be just an ordinary game for most of today’s kids. But for very few people, this game is the name of colossal nostalgia for them. On the other hand, this android version eliminates some flaws that people used to face while playing the offline version.

Considering all the aspects, this game is the name of reliance for indoor game lovers!

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : v2.2.7
  • File Size : 69.5 MB