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When you were searching on Google with the keyword VPN pro APK, you saw some names of popular VPN as suggestions in the search result for sure. Yes, most of these are good in terms of service providin...

When you were searching on Google with the keyword VPN pro APK, you saw some names of popular VPN as suggestions in the search result for sure. Yes, most of these are good in terms of service providing. But the problem is, any decent quality VPN will charge a certain amount a month if you want to enjoy all the premium features.
I am pretty sure you have tried many free VPNs so far, but none of these could provide a seamless experience. These were slow to connect, holds limited features, and showed you a lot of annoying advertisements to make money.

Today I want to introduce a new VPN to you that will need a one-time payment to have this phone on your phone if you directly download it from the Google Play Store.

What if you can enjoy the service for entirely free?
I will show you how to do that.

Introducing VPN Pro APK!

Yes, the name of the app is VPN pro APK, and it is available on the Google Play Store with a $0.99 price tag, which you are going to get for free only when you will follow my procedure to have it on your phone. So, you can consider it as a VPN premium mod APK.

Considering the installation count, it is one of the most underrated VPN apps ever created for the android platform. Though only around 50,000 people downloaded this app, by providing a clean and minimalistic user experience, it could achieve 4.6 average ratings, which is pretty impressive!

Yes, you can consider using other decent quality VPN that holds more subscriber and installation count, such as Turbo VPN

Some people search for express VPN mod app as well. We have a separate discussion on Express VPN. You can check that out if you want to.

What Features VPN Pro APK Offers?

Considering the nominal price tag, you will be allowed to enjoy the following features, which is quite enough to provide you a seamless and user-friendly user experience. 

But in your case, you will not have to pay a single penny!

  • No monthly subscription
  • No annoying advertisements
  • End-to-end encryption support
  • It is one of the fastest VPN mod APK that can allow you to connect with servers swiftly.
  • It can allow you to switch proxy server instantly when you are connected
  • The cutting edge encryption technology that keeps you safe from malware attack and hackers
  • Records how much internet data you consume for uploading and downloading
  • Around 14 servers are available for 14 different countries
  • No session, bandwidth, or speed limitation
  • All the servers are free to use
  • Regular updates
  • Compatible in low spec devices
  • Only around 14MB file size
  • No sensitive permissions are required to function

How To Download and Install?

No fancy procedure to maintain for downloading! Just scroll down to the last part of this discussion, you will get the direct download link.
Now, it’s time to install VPN pro APK!

The process is easy as well. To keep you on the right track while installing, I have represented the sequential procedure below. Just follow it.

  • Try to install the app by following the usual process
  • If you fail to install, then allow permission for installing apps from Unknown Sources, from your phone settings
  • Return to your download directory and try to install the app again
  • If you see the app blocked or app not installed message on your screen, then return to the homepage of your phone
  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Find the option Play Protect and Disable it
  • Return to the directory and try to install it again
  • Congrats, the app is now ready to serve you

How To Use?

Well! This process is easy as well. It is one of the best Plug and Plays VPN mod APK, which doesn’t hold any fancy process to use it.
But again! For your convenience of understanding, I want to represent the procedures in brief.

  • Open VPN pro APK that you have installed a little earlier. If you have installed the app properly, you will see the following interface on your smartphone screen.
  • Tap on the marked icon to select your server
  • After tapping, you will see the available servers from where you can select one of these considering your choice. In my case, I am choosing the United State server.
  • No press on the Connect button as marked in the image below
  • If you see, now the wheel-chair boy is riding a spaceship on your screen, then congrats! You have successfully connected with your desired server with the VPN app.

Some Other Functions

Okay, I don’t want to make the discussion longer. But before wrapping up, you need to know some extra functions of this as it’s not like the VPN cracked APK, so the additional features are limited in this case. 

  • Recommended Servers: There is a dedicated option where you will get some instant recommendations of servers to connect where you will get maximum speed.
  • Account Login Options: This optional to use. But if you want to explore more of this app and enjoy a buttery feeling to use, you can try it.

Wrapping Up!

Well! I believe you have already got a clear idea about VPN pro APK. I am not saying this is the best VPN app in the world. But it is one of the most underrated VPN apps for sure. There are so many VPN apps that can provide quality service. I have just mentioned one of these names that are underrated but holds excellent customer satisfaction ratings.
Considering your need, you can consider choosing one of these.

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