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WhatsApp Plus Apk



After getting up in the morning, we first search our smartphones to check the messages that we receive all night long. And then almost 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp to read those. But WhatsApp Plus Apk came with some exciting features that made it more popular than WhatsApp’s official app or other apps like YoWhatsApp.

People nowadays are not satisfied with only chatting. They use stickers, emoticons, etc to have more joyful conversations with each other. To meet this desire this version of WhatsApp was introduced. But the question is, why did we decide to have a detailed discussion on this app?

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 16.30
  • File Size : 47.1 MB

Let’s find the answer together! In the last part of this discussion, we will provide a free download link of Whatsapp plus to you.

Whatsapp Plus Apk

What is WhatsApp Plus?

This is a third-party app that was developed to introduce some enhanced features to its users. Their own servers are functioning to provide a seamless conversational experience to them.

Fact is, this app is almost identical to the official WhatsApp app but came with the blue icon instead of green. It will allow you to customize your user experience extensively. You can customize your fonts, apply different kinds of attractive themes, etc.

This app introduced itself with two different versions- for Android, and iPhone. Today’s discussion is for Android users.

How to Download WhatsApp Plus 2021

To download this app is a simple process. Don’t rush to Google Play Store and search for this app. So hold on! You won’t find it over there. At the end of the article, we have shared a direct download link. You can have this app on your phone with just a single click. Easy right?

The Installing Sequence:

Let’s tell you the installing procedure with the sequence. Cause you may face difficulty while installing this particular app.

  • First and foremost, install the app on your phone by following the traditional process
  • If your phone is holding the official WhatsApp app, then take a backup of your chat settings. To perform this, open the WhatsApp official app and follow the sequence to take a backup- settings > chats > backup.
  • The process can take up to 2-3 minutes to finish. Until then keep patience, and let the process be complete.
  • After the successful completion, close the app and uninstall it following the sequence- settings > apps > WhatsApp > uninstall
  • Now install WhatsApp Plus Apk following the normal procedure.
  • Now open your new WhatsApp, insert your phone number, and make it verified with  OTP.
  • Boom! You are now ready to go.

Features that WhatsApp Plus Blue Holds to Blow Your Mind

As this app comes with the blue icon instead of green, that’s why this app is also known as WhatsApp plus blue. In this section, we will cover almost all the exciting features that will make you interested to try this app. 

  • Freezing the last seen status- allows you to freeze the seen status made by you, wherever you want
  • A rich collection of icons to use
  • Double swipe to exit conversation
  • Shortlisting your messages by newest/oldest type
  • Tons of unique sticker collection that the official WhatsApp app never holds
  • Enable to perform Group Video Call
  • Auto Reply functionality- allows you to send a specific message to your desired contact when you are offline
  • Theme changing functionality
  • Chat filtering option to filter out specific  messages
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) mode- allows you to block any incoming and outgoing SMS whenever you want
  • Built-in lock screen functionality- allows you to lock your app home-screen without any third-party app
  • Increased character limit (255 characters) in Whatsapp plus for android
  • Hiding specific conversations with PIN code

Permissions That Are Needed for This App:

As we mentioned above, this app is a third-party app. WhatsApp plus apk 2021 version uses its dedicated server to function. You won’t get the app from Google Play Store. 

Since the app holds a lot of unique features, so they need some special permissions of your phone to make sure the app can function seamlessly. We have prepared a list of these permissions as per the primary requirements.

  • Camera App Permission-  will allow you to perform video calls
  • Contact App Permission- will allow this app to fetch contacts to its homepage so that you can start chatting from there
  • Microphone Permission- For making calls to your friends and family
  • Data writing permission for external storage
  • Location Access- This is not extremely necessary, but you can allow this permission as well to make sure your app can perform well

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Here are some frequently asked questions that can appear in your mind

Q: Does this app steal any personal data?

  • No. It’s a true fact that this app uses dedicated servers. There is no connection between the WhatsApp official app and this one. Third-party developers made this app to offer you some unique features that the official one is not offering.

Q: Which is the latest version of this app?

  • The latest version number is v16.30, which was updated on June 2021

Q: Can this app be functional on low-end devices?

  • Yes. The size of this app is 47.1 MB, which is ok for any low-end devices. But in this case, keeping some free space for the internal storage is a good practice. This will help you to refrain from experiencing app freezing

Q: What are the other types of WhatsApp apps available on the internet?

  • Many developers made many third-party versions of this app. But all of these YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsapp, etc are popular examples.

Concluding Words:

Now here comes the million-dollar question (!). And that is, Should you uninstall the official WhatsApp app and install the WhatsApp Plus instead? To be very honest, there is no straightforward answer to the question as it depends on your taste. But if you are a big fan of enjoying the new features and exciting your friends while chatting, then this app is the only option we guess! If we are right, download the app from below, and enjoy!

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 16.30
  • File Size : 47.1 MB