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More About ZANTI APK

ZANTI APK is a security analysis tool. In fact, it's a highly recommended app for IT security administration. Basically, It is a toolkit for mobile penetration testing developed by Zimperium Mobil...

ZANTI APK is a security analysis tool. In fact, it's a highly recommended app for IT security administration. Basically, It is a toolkit for mobile penetration testing developed by Zimperium Mobile Security. The app allows the user to understand the weak points of a network and the connected devices.  

The app has an excellent benefit for WiFi users. As a WiFi user, you must know how vulnerable your network is. Always, it is on the brink of a hacking threat. But it's become almost a part of our life also. So, there is no other way to give up the network despite the security issue.

For this reason, zANTI will be an excellent assist for you to secure and protect your WiFi network.  


ZANTI premium APK creates a platform for mock testing a cyber attack. You can fake different operations, such as MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks, MAC spoofing, scanning passwords, and many more. So, you can test your network's weaknesses and the weak points of the devices connected to the web so that you can take protective measures and secure your network. 

ZANTI pro APK ensures your network safety, but you can experience a hacker's perspective by making a fake malicious attack. You can say that experience will be an effective as well as a pleasant one.

Though it sounds so hard, the app is not very difficult to use. You don't have to be a pro-knowledgeable person to use the app. Automatically, You will be a skilled person as soon as you start to use it.  

How The App Work 

To provide you the best result of your network's situation, zANTI goes through three steps. Those are-

Scanning- at first, the app makes a thorough check on your device to find the connected devices and their properties as well as the vulnerabilities. 

Diagnosis- by making the mock cyber attack, the app diagnoses the network's weak point and connected devices.

Make a report- the last and most crucial step is to warn the users. After finishing all the checkings, the app provides a detailed message and cautions the user if any security thread is found. It also suggests appropriate measures to fix the issue.    

Features of ZANTI APK

ZANTI premium APK provides some remarkable features that will give you security and a pleasing experience. 

Mark out the risk level

Risk identification is vital for network safety. Equally, it's essential for the connected devices. As the app identifies the possible risk of a connected device, the device owner can take proper steps to secure their devices. 

Identify unknown device

You can see the connected device on your network by the ZANTI pro APK so that you can quickly identify the unknown device. Meanwhile, you can restrict those devices as well as your known devices if any case arises.  

Fast response

The app takes less time to respond to all of your commands. So, you can have a fast experience.  


The app is for technical use, but the app maker makes the interface in a user-friendly environment so that you can use and understand so well without any prior knowledge.

Regularly Updated

 As can be seen, the developers launch so many updated versions from the beginning of the journey. zANTI 2.0.0, zANTI 2.4.2, zANTI 1.2.2, zANTI 2.5.0 are the old versions of the app. Until now, the latest version of zANTI is 3.19.

How To Use ZANTI

To use zANTI, first, download the ZANTI 3.19 APK. For installing the app, you need a minimum of android four and a rooted device to install the application. Unfortunately, The app does not work well on the unrooted device. 

The ZANTI APK download process is-

First, enable the "Unknown Source" from settings.

Then, download the ‘ZANTI APK full’ from the given link.

After finishing the download, find the downloaded file from your file manager. Then, click install.  

So, that's the process of downloading the ZANTI premium APK. Now, the user part- 

  1. After successfully installing the app, open the app and allow root access. 
  1. From the main window, give your email address, then check the box that says, 'I accept Zimperium's EULA,’ then tap on 'Start Now.’ 
  1. Then some skip/ enable options will appear on the screen. Enable them if you want or skip those parts. 
  1. Lastly, from the "Enable zANTI" page, check the box that says, 'I am fully authorized to perform penetration testing on the network.' After that, click finish. 

Now, your setup is complete. Finally, you can see the device list connected to your network. Also, check the other settings options and try them out. Slowly, you can understand better.  


It does not matter whether you use WiFi in your business infrastructure or your personal space. In any event, ensuring WiFi security should be on your priority list. Therefore, ZANTI APK will be your best assistant to take care of your network safety. Besides, the updated 3.19 version comes in January 2023. So, practically it can be called the latest software in the network industry. Without delay, use the app and secure your network safety. So, download now and try out to see how it will work for you.

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