ZDbox Apk Latest Version Download for Android Free 2021




ZDbox apk is a system optimizer tool. It boosts your Android by saving the battery, also make all apps run faster. Also It’s an all-in-one app, containing several options like Power saver, system cleaner, traffic counter, task killer and more.

ZDbox apk allow user to take a peek inside the Android device. So this app is the nice way to keep your device in your control. Optimized your device, also make necessary changes as you like. It is very easy to use and all of its function is easy to understandable. This app is something if you regular use it you will get rid of everyday life expenses which maybe you don’t know why happened. It controls the mobile traffic and do not disturb option to secure you.

ZDbox Apk Key Features:

  • Battery information: will inform you about your battery status. Time, temperature, how much charge left, when charge is complete. It also got one tap power saver.
  • Traffic counter: Inform you about your mobile data usage
  • App lock: Lock apps which you want to lock with ZDbox.
  • History eraser: Clean your browser history, also cache to make them run fast.
  • Uninstaller: Uninstall any apps you don’t want to have in your device. It completely removes the file cache restore.
  • App to SD: It enables user to move their installed apps to SD card. Also help to save internal memory.
  • Do not disturb: Give you your privacy by setting days and time.
  • System cleaner: Clean you system for all background running apps by closing them and boost your device.
  • Cache cleaner: Clean your apps cache. Also clear your apps unnecessary data.

ZDbox Apk

Upcoming and Additional features:

  • Track your phone
  • Remaining file clean
  • File encryption
  • Ad blocker

Limitation: In some Android its App to SD may not work properly.

So download the ZDbox app to optimize your system now.


  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 4.2.462
  • File Size : 10 MB