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Action launcher plus apk


Action Launcher

To bring visual changes on your android home screen Action Launcher Plus APK is the name of reliance. To provide your phone a unique look, you’ll find many launcher apps on the Google Play Store and most of these are free to use. Yes, compared to some launchers this one is not the clear winner, but still, it holds some dynamic features that made the difference from the crowd.

In this discussion, you’ll find the key features of this app and after that, I’ll provide the direct download link so that you can download it free of cost.

Features of Action Launcher Pixel Edition Plus APK

Interestingly this launcher application is almost similar to Apex Launcher. But Pixel Launcher Plus APK holds some more interesting features that are not offered by most launcher applications.

Here are some of these-

  • Advanced Shortcuts: You can create shortcuts for any app and at the same time you can check out all the important notifications by pulling down the notification panel.
  • Icon Customization: You are allowed to customize your app icon size. You can rename the app title and bring some other necessary changes as well.
  • Advanced Shutters: When you will swipe from right to left on your screen, it will bring a small window from where you can access many necessary options.
  • Quickbar: This function is basically a search engine within your smartphone. When you struggle to find any particular app by scrolling, this feature will help you.
  • Quick Theme: This feature has the dynamic power to make significant changes on your home screen instantly. After activating this feature, it will change the app icon from your home screen. And you’ll notice significant visual changes in the search bar icon as well.
  • Widget Screen:  You can set multiple widgets in a single widget screen. It will allow you to open any particular widget by just swiping up and down on your screen.

There are some other dynamic features that you can explore by yourself. I haven’t mentioned here all of these. I think it will be better if you try these out by yourself.

App Information

Application Name

Action Launcher Plus APK



Required Platform

Android 5.0 (Lollypop) or Higher





Developer Team

Action Launcher

Number of Installations






The Downloading Process of Action 3 Launcher Plus APK

There is no fancy process, just visit the Google Play Store and install the launcher app directly. Over there you will find the free version of this launcher. If you want to enjoy the pro features, you have to pay for the launcher.

Here is one important thing to be mentioned, 

You’ll find many websites where they are claiming that they can provide you the premium version of this launcher for free. But most of these are not well optimized!

So when you will install one of these, in most cases it will crash. Even some of these hold harmful scripts that may create security vulnerabilities in the system. 

So our recommendation will be to use the official version to avoid any kinds of inconveniences and stay happy with the free features. If you feel challenges in installing this app on your phone from the Google Play Store, in that case, you can use the direct download link that we have added somewhere in this discussion.

Finishing Line

Well! There is no doubt that you will find many better launchers than Action Launcher Plus APK. On the other hand, most of these hold free packages as well. But considering the minimalistic user interface, handy and necessary features, and some other aspects, this launcher apps is highly recommended.

  • File type : apk
  • Version : v47.0
  • File Size : 17.5MB