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Afterlight Collective, Inc

Afterlight APK is a great photo editing app. This is a legendary photo editing app that was primarily released for iPhone. Later on, the team behind this app took the initiative to release an android version of it.

It is basically a photo editing app with an extremely easy user interface. It allows the user to edit their photos in a simple way. And this straightforward editing feature helped this app to attain tremendous popularity.

Yes, this photo editing app holds almost the same features that you can get in almost any decent quality photo editing apps. But the uniqueness of this app is - you can consider it as your primary photo-editing app. I mean, if you consider using this app for photo editing, it will be your one-man army!

App Information

Application Name

Afterlight APK



Required Platform

Android 4.0 (Jellybean) or Higher


35.3 MB




Afterlight Collective, Inc

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  • File type : Afterlight APK
  • Version : v2.1.9
  • File Size : 35.3 MB

Why Afterlight APK is An Allrounder APP?

download afterlight apk

The extensive features of this app can answer this question! So, let me tell you the features of this app that are super handy while editing your memorable photos.

  • 59 Unique Filters: The rich collection of filters can allow you to provide a unique vibe to your photos. In this feature, you will get 27 default filters, 14 guest filters, and a new season filter pack with 18 more filters.
  • Transformation and Cropping: 15 different tools are available to transform your photos into a different look. And 16 different presets are available for you to customize your photos.
  • 77 Unique Frames: You can add frames to your photos to provide a classic look. A rich library of 77 beautiful frames will help you to make your choosing decision.
  • Extremely Easy to Use: The simple and straightforward user interface will allow you to edit your photos without facing any difficulties.
  • 66 Unique Textures: Afterlight team has included some unique textures within this app. These textures will allow you to add different light leak effects to your photo.
  • Beautiful Artworks: More than 150 different artworks are available for you that can help you to improve your photo quality.

NB: These are the free features of this APK that I have mentioned above. To enjoy the premium features, you have to download Afterlight PRO APK. But you can choose other decent-quality photo editing APPs as well. Here is the list of the 15 best photo editing apps!

How Can I Get Afterlight APK Full Unlocked Version?

Primarily this app is entirely free to use with limited features. For enjoying the extended features, you have to pay for it!

To get rid of such inconvenience, there is a solution. I have provided the direct download link of the PRO version of this app. By clicking on the green-colored download button, you can download it easily. 

But there are some precautions are needed to be considered before installing it! Take a look at the following instructions.

  • Before installing the PRO version, uninstall the previous version of Afterlight APK from your phone
  • Uninstall or disable all the antivirus APPs
  • Avoid using VPN

Ending Words

So, what’s your thought on Afterlight APK? Are you feeling interested to get this app on your phone? Well! In that case what I would say, if you are happy with the free features, you can download the free version from the Google Play Store. But if you would like to explore the premium features, you can use our download link to get the PRO version.

  • File type : Afterlight APK
  • Version : v2.1.9
  • File Size : 35.3 MB