Top 15 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

23 min read The best-featured photo editing apps can make your captured image more momentum and live. You have to choose the best one that suits your device. Who does not love to capture the fantastic and remarka... July 08, 2023 09:55 Top 15 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

The best-featured photo editing apps can make your captured image more momentum and live. You have to choose the best one that suits your device. Who does not love to capture the fantastic and remarkable moment? Just one decade ago, people used only digital cameras to capture their valuable moments. Nowadays, smartphones possess the place of digital cameras. But sometimes we need to express our feelings in a colorful way, which is not possible by using a stock camera. In this case, we have to look for a photo editor app to make our capture more vibrant and sparkling. You will get a complete idea of the best android photo editing apps after going through the article.

What is a Photo Editor App?

A utility app used for editing the picture as your desire to make its momentum is known as a photo editor app. In the android operating system, smartphone users can edit their taken pictures using the photo editing app. You can adjust, crop, rotate, filter, and so on activities through this utility app.

What are the Types of Photo Editor App?

Although photo editing apps for Android are getting popular nowadays, you will not get a high-quality picture. In this case, you must have a desktop provided that you want to do a professional edit. Android photo editor apps are categorized into three.

  • Heavy Photo Editor 
  • Lighter Photo Editor
  • Social Media Photo Editor 

There are a huge number of free photo editing apps at present. When you search for a photo editor app, you must face a dilemma. All apps do not have all features you need. Some features are identical, and some are distinct.

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Top 15 Best Photo Editing Apps For Android

What is the Best Android Photo Editor App? It is a common question nowadays if you are really a capture loving individual. I will explore the top 15 best photo editing apps for Android that are the best-featured editing apps at present.

1: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe photoshop lightroom CC is one of the best-featured photo editor apps. It has the most comprehensive tools that help you to make your capture as your wish. You can use it free, but if you want to get the premium version with many features, you will be charged $4.99 per month. The best in class enhancement tools and the interface is clean. Besides, the arrangements of tools are clutter-free. You will get a real photoshop experience, and it has a lot of editing options compared to the other.

Highlighting Features

  • Instantly correct the distorted camera angles
  • Fix the crooked image
  • Reduce the noise of color and sharpen the details
  • Blur your background with a better feel
  • A lot of effects and filters
  • Allows to capture RAW files
  • It has five distinctive camera modes.
  • Selective image adjustments system
  • Import photo sharing option

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Photo Courtesy: Adobe photoshop lightroom CC

2: Snapseed

Snapseed is an add free photo editor app, and it is one of the best lighter photo editing apps for Android. It is a powerful and safe app. A few years ago, Google-owned this photo editing app. Moreover, it is easy to use, and the plethora of functions makes it more convenient. 

Highlighting Features

The tuning control of the app is precise so that you can tune the image more perfectly.

  • You can add the text on the image with several fonts and styles.
  • Cropping, rotating and adding frames easily. 
  • You can add an elegant Bokeh to your pictures. 
  • The color adjustment process is really smooth and effective. 
  • You can open both JPEG and RAW files.
  • It has a selective filter brush.
  • A lot of filters are present, which is around 29

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Photo Courtesy: Snapseed

3: Pixlr

It is also known as Pixlr Express, and it is one of the most popular photo editor apps for Android. It has a lot of dynamic features, and the interface of the app is excellent. Pixlr provides you with useful features. Some apps contain unnecessary features, but Pixlr has a lot of useful features that you need.

Highlighting Features

It has an exciting feature that is called Color Splash.

  • The effects are attractive and gorgeous.
  • You can add your favorite filter and effect.
  • Easy to resize the picture
  • Several numbers of fonts are present to add the text to the image.
  • The sharing system of the edited picture is more convenient. 
  • You can adjust your color automatically with one click.
  • By using a stylized, you can capture a cool photo.

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Photo Courtesy: Pixlr

4: Photo Editor Pro

Photo editor pro is a prograde photo editing app on android indeed. This app provides you some unique and exceptional features that you will not find out anywhere. Besides, it is a comprehensive and powerful photo editor that has many amazing features and effects.

Highlighting Features

  • The filters of this app are attractive.
  • It has a one-tap auto enhance mode.
  • A lot of stickers and photo frames that are interesting
  • You can crop, straighten, and rotate your photo easily.
  • You can enhance the texture of the picture.
  • Color splash and color temperature mode
  • A large number of photo collage system
  • Focusing and autofocusing option

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Photo Courtesy: Photo Editor Pro

5: PicsArt Photo Studio

picsArt is one of the most useful free photo editor android apps. It is a complete package of photo editing. You can also choose the premium version named PicsArt Gold. In this case, you have to pay $5.99 per month. PicsArt also has several numbers of photo editor apps that are well known and popular. You can edit your photo and video by PicsArt photo studio app.

Highlighting Features

  • A well-developed collage maker including photo grid, scrapbook, freestyle collage 
  • You can get 100 free templates to collage your pictures.
  • You can easily adjust curves, sketch, clone, and crop the image.
  • It has customizable brushes and amazing drawing tools.
  • You will get live effects while taking a photo.
  • You will get a canvas effect while taking the photo in portrait mode.

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Photo Courtesy: Picsart

6: Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor is a photo licensing platform. It is a popular photo editing app for Android. Besides, both amateurs and professionals use this editing app. The most important thing about the fotor photo editor is that you can get a license for your images to PxBee. Besides, you can connect with the Fotor community by using this app as it is a photo marketplace.

Highlighting Features

  • You can turn your picture into a piece of art as it has various collage templates.
  • You can add a massive number of filters and effects.
  • The powerful processor helps you to edit the picture whatever you want.
  • It provides you to adjust brightness, contrast, angle correction, etc.
  • One-click auto enhancement feature makes your photo more interesting. 
  • The color palettes, retro, kaleidoscope, nostalgic styles can make your picture filmy.

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Photo Courtesy: Fotor Photo Editor

7: Photo Director

Photo director is a user-friendly editing app that has an excellent user interface. It is one of the most user-friendly photo editor apps for Android. This app will help you create an imaginative picture as it has several stunning photo effects and filters. It is surprisingly the Best photo editing app for Android.

Highlighting Features

  • Minimalist user interface brimming with enhancement and editing tools
  • You can remove the object easily, which is undesirable. 
  • It provides you a wide variety of lens filters.
  • It has a gesture support system.
  • The face detection system is improved.
  • You can adjust HDR effects while capturing travel pictures.
  • Incredible AI power tools
  • It has a magic brush and red-eye removal tools.

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Photo Courtesy: Photo Director

8: Cymera

Cymera offers you an impressive collection of editing tools. It can be called a jack of all trades. In addition to this, Cymera has different camera modes, including beauty mode and the normal mode. It is considered one of the best free photo editing apps for free. Its astonishing beauty features make it more popular.

Highlighting Features

  • You can remove the face pimples, wrinkles, dark spots. 
  • It has incredible makeup effects.
  • You can get the silent mode feature that helps to capture your moment without disturbance.
  • You can get seven distinctive camera lens.
  • Easily shareable your picture on social media
  • The tools are fast and workable.
  • You can control the texture of the picture.


Photo Courtesy: Cymera

9: Google Photos

The most exciting thing is that the Google photos app is free to download, and you can get unlimited storage. Although, recently, Google has decided to opt-out of the unlimited offer. Besides, as a photo editing app, Google photos provide you with a plethora of features that help you make a professional photographer. It is one of the best photo editor apps right now.

Highlighting Features

  • Automatically created collages picture
  • It provides you with automatically edited photos that save in your gallery.
  • The editing tools are powerful and advanced.
  • The sharing of your photos is more convenient. 
  • You can back up your photos safely.
  • Google lens helps you to find out any information about the picture.
  • You can save the location of the image automatically.
  • Google photos create an automatic album based on your pictures.
  • You can share your picture instantly through email, contact no. or other media.

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Photo Courtesy: Google Photos

10: Prisma

Prisma provides you a large number of artistic filters. It is not only a photo editor app but also a social media platform. Besides, you can easily share your artistic creation on this platform. For people who love to shoot and share their moments on social media, Prisma is the best choice for them. The art and photography loving people use the Prisma photo editing app.

Highlighting Features

  • You will get 300 art styles in Prisma’s art filter library.
  • Different styles are regularly updated in this editor app.
  • You can turn your captured photo into art.
  • A vast number of enhancement tools 
  • The controlling and exposure of brightness, contrast, sharpness is convenient.

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Photo Courtesy: Prisma

11: Retrica

Retrica is a complete package of photo editor. It is one of the most used photo editor apps.  You will find all features that you require to create your captured image more attractive and live. This app is suitable for taking selfies, sharing pictures, and personalizing the pictures.

Highlighting Features

  • You can take multiple pictures and collages at a time.
  • Retrica offers you 100 amazing filters. 
  • To edit your photo, Retrica gives you 100 stickers.
  • You can upload your edited picture directly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • The app provides you an exciting selfie features.

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Photo Courtesy: Retrica 

12: Camera 360

Camera 360 is a unique and user-friendly photo editing app for android. It makes you happy and feels better while editing the image you have taken. The app’s controlling system is really more manageable, and the features of the camera 360 are distinctive to others. It provides you a better feel when you will use the 3D effect. The interface of the camera 360 app is pleasing and impressive.

Highlighting Features

  • It provides you 3D funny stickers
  • Camera 360 has 100 exquisite filters
  • The makeup beauty feature is 
  • You can take a high-resolution quality selfie. 
  • You will get a professional image processing feature.
  • HSL color, partial filter, basic color change option

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Photo Courtesy: Camera 360 

13: Photo Grid

Among the free photo editing apps, Photo grid offers many exciting features. It is one of the most popular apps for android. It helps you to remix your photo. In this photo editor app, you will find necessary and essential editing tools. 

Highlighting Features

  • Customizable templates
  • You will get 300 collage templates
  • Easily adjustable contrast, brightness, background texts
  • It helps to soften your face tone and wrinkles.
  • The facial recognition function is well developed.
  • You will get retro, landscape, glowing, halo mode. 
  • Photo grid offers you 200 amazing filters.


Photo Courtesy: Photo Grid

14: BeautyPlus

Beauty plus is one of the most well-known apps for editing the photo. It can beautify your face, and it is popular for capturing the great selfie. Moreover, a reason behind the beauty plus image editing app’s popularity is that real makeup artists and photographers develop it. So, the beauty plus is perfect and an amazing camera and editing app

Highlighting Features

  • Beauty plus have a radiant complexion, which helps to take better selfies.
  • It has a blemish remover that removes the pimples.
  • It can remove your dark circle under your eyes.
  • The tools are practical and useful.
  • Beauty plus has teeth whitening tools. 
  • It has so many fun stickers and filters. 
  • You can easily crop, rotate, and resize the picture.


Photo Courtesy: Beautyplus

15: VSCO Cam

VSCo is an entirely free app, although it has started its journey as a paid app. This photo editor app has a large number of filters. Sometimes while choosing some filters, you have to pay. The VSCO cam is a popular photo editing app that has a vast number of tools. Professionals can use this photo editing app. 

Highlighting Features

  • You can edit your picture with unique presets
  • You will get more tools and presets if you have a membership of VSCO X.
  • It has advanced photo editing tools.
  • You will get RAW photos.
  • You can add texture to the image and mimic it, along with film effects.


Photo Courtesy: Vsco Camera

Final Words

Well, you may assume which one will be the best choice for you? I have provided here the top 15 photo editor apps for android and their features. You must go for that one which can fulfill your requirements. 

The desire of every individual is different. If one of the above mentioned can satisfy your needs, you can try one of them. The most important thing is the Best photo editor apps are free for Android. 

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