Top 10 Best Screen Recorder App For Android

14 min read From sunrise to sunset, mobile is the only device that constantly has on their hand in this modern generation. Now the mobile phone has become the closest companion to every person. Now in this modern... July 08, 2023 09:51 Top 10 Best Screen Recorder App For Android

From sunrise to sunset, mobile is the only device that constantly has on their hand in this modern generation. Now the mobile phone has become the closest companion to every person. Now in this modern generation, anything can be viral just within a second.

People now spent most of the time scrolling either Facebook, Instagram, or any other thing. And suddenly, to share. But fails to share is because of many restricted rules. 

Even though now most of the high features android mobile such as MIUI, Oxygen OS, etc have built-in screen recorders. In spite of that sometimes this built-in screen recorder fails to record. Sometimes it fails to share video content by using links, it shows “unavailable” while sharing with friends. Therefore android screen recording apps help you to record anything on your screen. 

Tips from experience# While doing a class on Google meet in this Covid pandemic. My built-in screen recorder fails to record the class, therefore I have to download an external screen recording app from the Google play store. 

Top 10 Best Suitable Android Screen Recording App

While choosing the right and best android screen recorder app, make sure that you are getting these features with that screen recording app. Such as a built-in audio recording system while screen video recording, HD full-screen resolution, no forceful watermark, have the facilities to edit the recorded video, automated saved to the phone gallery, low disturbing ads supported, and free android app. Here is some list of the best screen recording app, with multiple awesome features.  

1: Mobizen screen recorder

With 4.2 out of 5 stars and with some amazing user review, indeed Mobizen screen recorder app is one of the best worthy screens recorder app. Mobizen is a free/ In-app product android app.  Based on the users’ review over google play store, Mobizen is the most user friendly along with the multiple features. Without any hassle, it records your mobile screen in real-time. It has some amazing features such as:

  • Can records the full screen with HD quality 
  • Video record with high-quality audio 
  • 1080p resolution
  • 12Mbps and 60 FPS
  • A built-in application such as simple video editor and face cam options 
  • Watermark free
  • User can customize, the Mobizen logo and input their own logo 
  • Very low ads disturbance, which can be removed if the user wants to do some additional purchases.

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2: AZ screen recorder

With 4.5 out of 5 stars and awesome reviews by the users, the AZ screen recording app becomes the most popular app among, millions of users. AZ screen recording app is a free/ In-app product android app. On the basis of the reviews, different users over the Google play store AZ screen recording apps is the easiest operating app with triple different facilities. Some amazing features are: 

  • 240p to 1080p
  • Bit-rate ranging from 1Mbps to 12Mbps
  • Frame rate 24FPS TO 60FPS
  • Internal and external audio and touches
  • Facilities of dong time lapse
  • No watermark or no time restriction for recording 
  • Generate HD and full HD videos 
  • Can pause and resume while recording 
  • Automatically save into gallery 
  • screen orientation, customized timer to stop, and can share or delete the recorded video.
  • Magic button
  • Ad removal

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3: Google play games

Google play games are the best and easiest recorder for android phones. This is the built-in screen recording function that is already installed on your mobile. This application gives you the facilities for recording both gamming and non-gaming stuff. for set up. Follow the below instruction: 

  1. Go to your play game app  
  2. Then go to the game’s info page
  3. The tap “record” (video camera icon)
  4. Then set your liked resolution: 480p and 720p

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4: Super screen recorder- REC video recorder, screenshot

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars along with some heart-melting reviews, Superscreen recorder apps also the most user-friendly application. This is free/ In-app products. Amazing features of Super screen recorder are:

  • High-quality video recording option 1080p, 12Mbps and 60Fps
  • Facilities to change frame rates, bit rates, and resolution according to your useability 
  • Have pause and resume button 
  • Facilities of facecam, GIF maker, brush tool 
  • No watermark
  • Ad-supported

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5: Screen recorder- no Ads (By Kimcy)

Rating of 4.3 out of 5 and some best review over Google play store, Screen recorder-no Ads is holding a strong position among people. This screen recording app is a free/In-app product android app. The Screen recorder-no Ads have some very impressive features such as:

  • Capture sound through the mic
  • Can record the memorable shots of your favorite games and can record the short tutorial
  • Automatically save in your device and SD card
  • Support recording calls 

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6: ADV Screen recorder

With a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on the Google play store and some positive reviews, ADV Screen recorder is a reliable android application. ADV Screen recorder is a free/ In-app product android app. This ADV Screen recorder holds some amazing features such as:

  • Can set different resolution, frame, bits and can draw or write over the clip.
  • Use both front and back end of the camera
  • Pause or resume while recording 
  • No watermark
  • Before starting the recording, it gives a short time of 3 sec 
  • Lightweight, free, 
  • Contains ads 

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7: DU recorder

Google play has rated this DU recorder to 3.4 out of 5 stars with some moderately nice review over google play. DU recorder is the easiest user-friendly screen recording app. It is a free/ in-app product application. This app contains some impressive  and amazing features:

  • Permits you to record anything on the screen
  • Have no root access
  • No time limit for recording
  • Have a forceful watermark, that displays in every video
  • Users can choose the different resolution, frame rate, bit rates, front-facing camera, shake gesture, GIF maker.
  • Allows you to edit the recorded video by using a built-in editor 
  • This app has access to 20 different language 

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8: ApowerREC

ApowerREC is the most featured free android screen recording app. ApowerREC is the most efficient screen recorder app with a clear audio recorder. This application completely free app, with no hassle of In-app purchase. The app offers different awesome features: 

  • Can record your screen in full HD resolution 
  • When you record the video on your screen it automatically records the audio too.
  • Comes up with 1080p resolution, also can customizable resolution.
  • Also can record your screen in both landscape and portrait mode
  • Have a floating action panel  for easy access
  • Have a very easy start, stop or pause button
  • No watermark

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9: RECMe screen Recorder

With some positive and negative reviews over the google play store and with a rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. RECMe screen Recorder is a satisfying screen recording application. RECMe Screen Recorder is a free/ In-app purchase android product. Some benefit able features of this  RECMe screen recorder are:

  • Strong inbuilt facilities of internal audio and video recording 
  • Have back and the front camera screen capturing facilities
  • Offers 60fps, 1080fps,32Mbps/ bitrate video qualities 
  • Have screen drawing to produce the final edited video within this app
  • HD screen recording 
  • Recording can be saved inMP4 or MKV formate  

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10: Screen recorder with Audio- Master Video Editor

Undoubtedly this screen recording app is the most impressive android app. Based on google play store, Screen recorder with Audio- Master Video Editor got a rating of 4,5 out of 5 stars with some mindblowing reviews by different users. Some stunning features are:

  • Have inbuilt audio recorder while screen video recording 
  • You can use the face camera to record yourself in the video 
  • Shake the device for start and stop facilities 
  • Built-in editor facilities, the screen recorded video and can add doodles or sticker
  • Upto 1440p resolution 
  • Can record screen in 60fps and 12.0Mbps
  • Have a changeable ratio of widescreen, vertical, or square 

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Final thought 

Even though now some new android phones have built-in screen recording features but still that application doesn’t offer much of the facilities compare to the screen recording apps. This screen record app comes up with some amazing features, it kind of works like it a video edit app too. This is the best 10 Screen recorder app, which will help you to record your screen with no time. 

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