The Best MMO Projects for a Group of Friends

9 min read An MMO RPG is a great opportunity to combine pastimes with friends and play a game where all the character development efforts need to be honed every day.  When playing with friends, you can build... June 08, 2023 05:36 The Best MMO Projects for a Group of Friends

An MMO RPG is a great opportunity to combine pastimes with friends and play a game where all the character development efforts need to be honed every day. 

When playing with friends, you can build joint leveling strategies, discover special ways to improve characters and have the opportunity to get all the delights of game content on your own, without the help of outside players.

What to play:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Destiny 2

World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, players will find many activities that require several players for a comfortable game. When playing with friends, you can farm difficult zones and receive a reward exclusively in your own hands, without sharing it with outsiders. It is worth combining attacking and auxiliary professions to be able to farm hunting zones for a long time and fruitfully, and earn gold and materials that will be useful for crafting equipment and weapons in the future. You can work together to master some mining and crafting professions to be able to make armor and weapons for each other on your own, and sell everything you don't need to the marketplace for additional gold.

In WoW, a new update takes effect when players reach level 60 - then all players get the right to sail to the Dragon Isles and start exploring the content of the new expansion. You can upgrade to the desired level on your own - by gathering your group, completing tasks and tasks of NPCs, or simply farming a large number of monsters that you can kill quickly due to the correct selection of characters and AoE attacks. The second option is to order a wow boost SkyCoach from professional players and get fully prepared characters to explore new islands and sail to new content.

The update consists in the development of territories inhabited by dragons and each character needs to go through the storyline to find out the history of the appearance of dragons, in their confrontation with centaurs and giants, understand the reason for the disappearance of the black dragon species and at the same time accumulate knowledge and study each island. In the future, each player from your group will be able to visit the capital of the Dragon Isles and gradually tame their own dragon.

You can fly on a dragon, learn not to fall out of the saddle and perform aerobatics. With a new pet, you can attack enemies from the air and fly to any point on the map in free flight mode with your friends.

Destiny 2

Online MMO Shooter with the ability to upgrade and explore space with friends. You have to resist alien invaders and visit new, yet unexplored planets for the sake of pumping and obtaining unique equipment.

Destiny 2 is almost the perfect shooter to play with friends:

  • The possibility of pumping as a reinforcement of efforts.
  • Tactical interactions to get results.
  • Co-farming small dungeons and raids.
  • PVP mode

You have to upgrade by completing tasks and quests, contracts and other assignments that require the destruction of certain monsters and the performance of the required actions to complete the contracts.You can interact with your group however you see fit.

There are only three classes in Destiny 2:

  • Titan is the tank and defender of the group. Strong in melee, can set up a defensive shield and block most direct damage.
  • Warlock is a mid-range shooter and magic class in the shooter world. Can use AoE attacks to destroy targets or heal allies.
  • The Hunter is a ranged fighter and a master of traps and daggers in close combat.

Joint farm

For small groups who want to go through interesting dungeons and get good equipment and weapons and simultaneously hone tactical actions. To do this, Destiny 2 has strikes - small zones with bosses and a retinue that you need to enter, defeat all opponents and with a chance to get epic or legendary equipment that will significantly enhance your combat characteristics.

Large full raids will ideally require a larger cast of players, but if you keep track of helpful guides and have enough confidence in your abilities, you can risk challenging a mythical dungeon with a small group of players. To be successful, you will need good communication and having each class to fulfill their role in the dungeon.

Boss control, healing and quick damage to guards. If successful, you will receive a lot of experience and equipment of a legendary or epic level.

PVP mode

Destiny 2 has a special seasonal PVP mode, in which players gather in a group with any comfortable composition and fight among themselves. Each round lasts several minutes and for an effective fight you need to think over your own battle tactics, use shelters and grenades to bypass protective shields. Each win in a round accumulates into a streak and brings players closer to the opportunity to receive a unique seasonal reward.

For accumulating seven victories in a row, you can get unique seasonal legendary equipment that changes every time the season changes and it is always a weapon that can significantly increase the player’s potential. Winning in one season, you are automatically strengthened to pass the next and gradually accumulate the perfect equipment for the game.

The mode is called Trial of Osiris and you should not be upset even if you lose in the coveted round - the battle system goes fast enough and with due perseverance, players will have no problems getting a seasonal reward.


In conclusion, MMOs are a great way for groups of friends to come together and enjoy a shared gaming experience.  When choosing an MMO project, it's important to consider a variety of factors such as gameplay style, accessibility, and community size. The best MMO projects for a group of friends are those that offer engaging gameplay mechanics, a strong social aspect, and a thriving community.

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