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9 min read Being a student is not easy, and anyone wants to get some help with difficult assignments. Suppose you want to make your life and studies more effective and stressless. We asked students which apps he... June 08, 2023 05:36 Top Apps for College Students

Being a student is not easy, and anyone wants to get some help with difficult assignments. Suppose you want to make your life and studies more effective and stressless. We asked students which apps help them stay highly productive, ease their work on assignments, and make their educational routine less problematic. Below you will find a selection of the most widely used and effective programs. Each of these effective apps will help you become more successful in your studies. We hope that you will find this information useful.

1: WriteMonkey

Students often write and edit papers on different disciplines. Usually, to edit and polish the text of an essay or a term paper, one spends at least an hour or more. With WriteMonkey, students could speed up the process of proofreading and formatting their texts. The application allows adding annotations, links, and other elements to papers. If you are fond of blogging, this app will also be beneficial in planning posts. The app is free, and it will take some time to get used to its functions.

2: EssayShark

An effective modern essay writing app for college students, EssayShark is created by a team of the best online service. With this effective app, you can easily order practical writing help write from your classroom by using your device. A program is free to download and use. The app allows any student to request professional help from influential freelance authors. Purchase essays, research papers, capstone projects, literature reviews, bibliography annotations, and other samples. Writers of EssayShark will provide you with unique and customized papers till the deadline you will set.

3: Simplenote

Many students take notes during classes and when working on their tasks at home. If you want to boost the effectiveness of taking notes and do it regularly, consider Simplenote. The minimalistic design of this nice app will let you concentrate on your work. The program is adjusted to various systems. Write down your ideas, make quick drafts of papers, and format and edit your notes with the help of this app.

4: Grammarly

One of the most beloved opts for students that led a deed. And proofread any text. Widespread and popular in different countries. Grammarly lets you find all. Problematic aspects of the text and easily reduce them online. The app offers two versions, free and paid. You can choose the paid version if you need to. Proofread papers often and need checking not only grammar and punctuation but also stylistics. Reduce typos and repeated words, and check your paper for plagiarism.

5: Todoist

One of the best tools for effective task management, Todoist, will improve your life in several clicks! If you are looking for a tool that helps to boost your productivity. Download this program. The app allows for combining various tasks in groups, setting deadlines, make notes and reminders. By adding different labels to tasks, you can easily prioritize and manage them all. Thanks to the Todoist, you can easily get everything done and handle any project. An intuitive interface and easy navigation will let you arrange your life and change it for to better. An app eases work in groups, which is common for students.

6: Evernote 

Choosing this excellent app will make you much more productive and effective with your homework. With the help of Evernote, you will easily hit any deadline. The app makes arranging your projects very easy and intuitive. Thanks to Evernote, you can add tags, set deadlines, write notes, and take other actions to arrange your tasks. 

7: Mathway

If you often face issues when studying math, this app is a perfect choice for you. Thanks to the program, any student will easily resolve mathematical equations of any difficulty in a heartbeat. Mathway’s benefits are countless. Students appreciate that an app not only helps to find a solution for an equation but also realizes how it was resolved. Moreover, an app user can create memos and get explanations for resolving similar problems. In other words, downloading Mathway will make you feel like you have a personal tutor working with you on tasks.

8: Pro Writing Aid

Students will appreciate the function of this useful app as an ability to edit and update any papers. Pro Writing Aid can help proofread and polish blog posts, college essays, book pages, etc. Among the countless abilities one gets after downloading this ultimate program are eliminating grammar and punctuation errors, eliminating typos, reducing stylistic issues, and much more. You can choose any paid or free app version and enjoy easy editing.

9: Oxford English Dictionary

If you often use dictionaries and books, this app will make your studies much more straightforward. You will no longer need to carry heavy encyclopedias with you, as all you need to know about academic reading and writing will be on your device. The free mobile version of the Oxford English Dictionary will enrich you with knowledge and make you feel confident. You will get access to one of the biggest and oldest English grammar databases in the world. Get rid of spelling issues quickly.

10: Google Drive

One of the most popular free apps for students is Google Drive. The multifunctional platform allows for storing vast amounts of different data, including videos and pictures. The app is also brilliant for task management and sharing documents and files, including PDFs. The free version allows using 15 gigabytes of storage. If a student needs more space, it is easy to purchase online. The function of editing files together makes it easy for teachers to track the students' progress and follow their activity. The app is easy to use without a connection to the Internet, as it allows offline work.


Now you know that modern apps for students can sufficiently ease your life and make your studies more productive. Thanks to the apps we selected, any students can check grammar, find information, order a sample of a paper, arrange a studying schedule, download information, make notes, and manage tasks. We hope that you will download and use the programs we recommend. Good luck!


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