List of some Educational App for Your Smartphone

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When students want to cope with their homework faster, they are ready to resort to tricks. Some of them ask more experienced peers for assistance, and others look at various homework help sources. Thanks to digital progress, learning possibilities expand with functions that bring us mobile applications. In our article, you can find out about the 15 most useful educational apps in such categories as languages, educational platforms, coding, maths, exam preparation, reading, and more.

The apps about what we are going to discuss, we have separated into the following categories.

  1. Language Learning Apps
  2. Educational Platforms
  3. Tools for Learning Codes
  4. Math Learning Apps
  5. Exam Preparation Tools
  6. Reading Apps
  7. Apps for General Knowledge and Information Resources

Considering your need and desire, you can choose one of these categories to find out your appropriate app.

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Language Learning Educational app

There are an enormous amount of educational apps floating around the internet, claiming to be the best English learning app ever created. But most of these are not worthy enough to serve you the best. We found the following two apps that can be recommended to you.

1: English Grammar Test – Yobimi

When you look for tips on improving English writing skills, consider this app as the primary tool. Train your English with 1,000+ tests divided into two levels. Get an explanation on the most challenging topics with ten key points of English in use. Every case is provided with illustrations to perceive information better. Anchor your knowledge by passing the test after each subject. It will help the user to memorize the material better. Check your answers to find where you have flaws to improve.

2: Learn 33 Languages Free – Mondly

Today everyone can learn the most popular languages with one click! With Mondly, you can discover many words in the language you dreamed of learning. Practice conversations with a chatbot, learn new words with pictures, build phrases and sentences, and learn to recognize speech with listening. This app can replace thousands of language courses because you can study on the go.

Educational App Platforms

In this category, you will be introduced to two more extensively reputed apps for providing certification-based educational courses and courses for enhancing your professional skills. We know that some other apps can be recommended as decent educational apps, but we want to keep the list short that can help you make the appropriate decision regarding selecting the app.

3: edX: Online Courses by Harvard, Imperial, MIT, IBM

What an excellent opportunity to have the best programs on your smartphone for free! Explore over 2,000 courses on coding, math, physics, and others from the world’s best institutions. Download videos to watch and test your knowledge with interactive quizzes! With this platform, you can earn university credit, professional certification, and other ways to validate your passed degree. Enjoy excellent course contents and the best tutors to get in-depth knowledge on your favorite subject.

4: Skillshare – Creative Classes

It is time to boost your creativity with one of the most artistic worldwide communities. The 30-day trial period unlocks endless possibilities of learning with Skillshare. Study at your own pace and start doing your own projects. Publishing your art online will let others give you feedback and evaluate your work. Expand your skills in photography, illustration, calligraphy, graphic design, hand lettering, pattern, drawing, architecture, watercolor, and more.

Tools for Learning Codes

This is 2021, and it’s an open reality that everything around us is getting automated. And the people who are working behind the scene are also getting excellent careers. The major skill that they own, coding/programming knowledge. If you are a tech enthusiast and want to be the future IoT (Internet of Things) expert, web developer, game developer, AI/AR/VR developer, then the following apps can provide you the best learning resources.

5: Enki: Learn Data Science, Coding, Tech Skills

Unlike previous ones, Enki is a special app to help you get started with programming. Develop skills in coding data with ease by getting a clear explanation on a vast amount of topics. Luckily, this app is a great invention for newbies because it is designed for all levels. Track your progress for each issue with a rich and flexible curriculum. Lessons are available in text format, which helps to perceive information visually and memorize it better. Join the community inside the app, which has many advanced programmers to provide you answers and support the discussions. 

6: Codecademy Go

Learning the fundamentals behind computer code daily will help you practice and keep those core concepts in mind. When you return and find out you have passed everything on this topic, you can quickly affirm your knowledge with quizzes. Read advice from experts in the industry and discover how to apply your skills in web development. Get recommendations on how to improve your code in SQL, Python, Java, HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and many other languages. 

Math Learning Apps

Getting bored with complex math formulas and variables? Let’s make it easier a little bit. There are some fantastic educational apps on the Google Play Store that can develop your mathematics basics in a fun and refreshing way. The following apps are providing the same. If you are interested, check out these-

7: Math Theory

Everyone remembers math from school, but not as profoundly as it represented in the Math Theory application. A knowledge-increasing app will help you to understand all complex math topics and fill the gaps. Extend your awareness in algebra, geometry, calculus, applied mathematics, number theory, and other topics. Save all lessons you like to Favorites so you can go back anytime and repeat the material.

8: Math Tricks Workout – Math master – Brain Training

After the theory, it is time to move to practice! Go further with brain training sessions on various math topics that help you level up your calculation skills. Interactive workouts will engage you and give you an in-depth understanding of the main mathematical principles. All tricks users unlock here can be applied in daily life and used in exam preparation.

Exam Preparation Tools

The night before exam” is a horrible term for every student. On this precious night, even the last bencher wants to take the best preparation and sit for the exam. But the fun fact is, exam preparation is not a one-day match game. It needs proper planning and trick-driven strategies to take the best preparation. The following apps can help you in that case.

9: Flashcards – Study, Memorise & Prepare for Exams

With this app, a student can create cards on any subject and manage them. You are only two clicks away from adding a new card to the set! Mostly, people use it to remember words of any language, but this app is universal for any field. Stay confident with better results because you can easily remember any information. Select one of the proposed modes to study and enhance your learning possibilities: basic review, select definition, match cards, writing review, and audio review.

10: Quizlet: Learn Languages with Flashcards for Free

If you are looking for a flashcard alternative app, Quizlet is one of the best. Here you can browse among millions of flashcard sets or create your custom quiz. Use engaging games that let you study with fun. Practical tests will help you to test your knowledge before real-life exams. Keep learning anything with this app, and you will not be indifferent even to the most boring class!

11: Mobile Learning Tool – Varsity Tutors

When it is time to learn something for your exams with a more severe method, Varsity Tutors is precisely what you need on your phone. It is the best application to get you ready for MCAT, GRE, GMAT, ACT, SAT, AP, and LSAT. With key features and benefits, you can improve your professional studies knowledge and feel more confident at exams. Explore the question of the day or pass quizzes with flashcards by the concept.

Reading Apps

The following educational apps that I am going to reveal here are not entirely for educational purposes. But yes, these apps can help you to enhance your knowledge and unlock the unexplored area of your thought. Basically, these are book review-sharing apps where you can get an approximate idea of a particular book before opening the first page.

12: Bookmate: Read Books & Listen to Audiobooks

What is a student without a book in hand! Unfortunately, it is rarer to see youth with books today, but luckily, they read with their smartphones. Bookmate is one of the largest mobile platforms for books of any genre. Reading on the phone will save you from carrying heavy bags with books to your class. On this digital bookshelf, you can find both ebooks and audiobooks translated into 14 languages.

13: Goodreads

This is the next giant among book lovers. With this app’s help, you can scan the book you would like to read and find it online. Search among popular lists and recommendations to easily find the book you love. Goodreads is more than just an app, but a community of like-minded people. Here you can find your friends from real life and discover what they read.

Apps for General Knowledge and Information Resources

The following two apps are extensively popular and renowned among almost all online activists around the world. There need no introductions for these apps. Cause, the names are already the brands! Without further talking, let’s have a look.

14: Wikipedia

This app should probably start this list with honor because this is the favorite encyclopedia for learners and average internet users. It is a relief to use it out of the browser and handle all necessary data right in your toolbar. It is excessive to say how you should use it. Still, the app has its differences from the web version. With the bookmarks function, you can save what you like and find it quickly next time. With Explore operation, users will easily find out about what’s happened previously, emoji search, and many more valuable details. 

15: TED

With TED, you can easily learn any topic you would like to discover first-hand. Learn anything with prominent people who share more than 3,000 lectures explained with accessible words. TED’s video library contains many new podcasts, episodes, and other educational entertainment that you can listen to even when your phone is offline. 

Final Words

Education is an intriguing journey every student should take joyfully. Using digital innovations properly, you can expand your knowledge and find studying a more exciting affair. Start using at least one app from some categories you need and see how your education benefits.

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