5 Best Free Fantasy Football Apps for Android Phone

11 min read Playing football with fantasy football apps is one of the trending practices of the young generation nowadays. You probably have noticed, most teenagers nowadays are not big fans of limiting their gam... June 08, 2023 05:36 5 Best Free Fantasy Football Apps for Android Phone

Playing football with fantasy football apps is one of the trending practices of the young generation nowadays. You probably have noticed, most teenagers nowadays are not big fans of limiting their gaming activity within traditional sports android games. They want to explore something more interesting and exciting that can give them a different and, at the same time, exhilarating taste of real soccer.

Fantasy football sites were developed to meet the same purpose, and those became extensively popular among sports lovers. Wikipedia states, in 2017, about 59 million people played fantasy sports where every 4 out of 5 played fantasy football.
Considering the database from multiple resources, this number is increasing at an exponential rate. And I am almost sure that you are one of them who have been searching for such an article for a long time that will mention some best fantasy apps to play.
Don’t worry, the internet has directed you to the right place! Stick till the end of this article. 

What is The Fantasy Football Apps?

Suppose you are entirely new to this term. In that case, that should be the first question before mentioning some quality fantasy football apps for android. This is an app capable of allowing you to build your football team of real football players.

You can hire a player, rearrange the players’ position in the field, play against other teams with your team, even trade players with other leagues in real-time.
These apps were mainly introduced for giving the real vibe of real-life football in simple words. Simple!

5 Best Fantasy Football Apps 2023

As I mentioned before, now I will suggest 5 extensively popular apps of fantasy football that will allow you to play with the highest convenience and great excitement. Without further I do, let’s jump into the discussion.

1: ESPN Fantasy Sports

The legendary sports media ESPN developed a dedicated website where you can host your own league. But later on, they decided to introduce this for android users as well. As per their decision, they released the android version to extend their existence. You will find the app on Google Play Store by searching with ESPN Fantasy Sports easily. more than 5 million times, the app has been downloaded from Google Play Store. The average rating of this app is 4.0.

Key Features

  • Inviting managers and league setup is relatively easy.
  • Instant notification when a player is ruled out
  • Allows to review the results of previous drafts
  • Showing scores following PPR standards
  • Allowing to follow your players for the whole season with the real-time matchup, live and pro game scoring
  • Allows you to customize your team logo and the executives 


  • Frequently notifications can be proven annoying for you while you are running multiple leagues.
  • Paid DFS options are not available.

2: NFL Fantasy Football

NFL Fantasy Football is another football fantasy app that can allow you to create your league as well. Besides, it holds some unique features to provide a different taste in your gaming experience. The app was first introduced on June 12, 2014, on Google Play Store. Let’s see how exciting features NFL Fantasy Football is offering-

Key Features

  • Footage of real-time highlights with fantasy stories and behind-the-scenes sidelines
  • Compare your players’ statistics side-by-side to make a better and appropriate addition to your team
  • Make the weekly line-up directly with just a single click
  • Compete in the public league against your fans
  • Allows you to create your own league and make a new tradition


  • According to some users’ claims, this app contains some minor bugs.
  • It needs a good internet connection to function.

3: Yahoo Fantasy Sports

This fantasy sports app will allow you to play fantasy football. Playing outdoor sports, including Baseball, is permitted here as well. You may find the game with the title Yahoo Fantasy Sports: Football, Baseball & More. This app could influence more than 10M people to download this app. More than 324K people rated and reviewed this game, which helped achieve the average rating of 4.4. 

Key Features

  • Form a single homepage; you can manage all the different fantasy games and sports.
  • Instant scoring updates and player news
  • Allows you to play outside the season-long fantasy
  • Get expert analysis reports regarding
  • Allows you to play Baseball, Basketball, and Hockey Fantasy league besides Football


  • Sometimes you need to put some cash on the line to play beyond season-long fantasy league.
  • Frequent notification from multiple leagues can make you annoyed.

4: Sleeper

Sleeper is one of the most user-friendly fantasy football apps. You may find this app with the title Sleeper- Fantasy Leagues With Friends.  The name explains this app’s uniqueness and that with this app, you can play fantasy league with your friends and chill. Though the number of downloads is not remarkable compared to the other three, considering the average rating, this particular app keeps the potential to be in the top 5 list.

Key Features

  • Inviting others and the league creation process is relatively easy and simple.
  • Convenient chat environment that can allow you to have hassle-free league coordination
  • Immersive and fun drafting experience
  • Eye-catchy and user-friendly UI (User Interface)
  • Commissioners have more power who can fix any mistakes in real-time, pause any draft immediately if needed.
  • No annoying advertisements


  • According to the many users’ claim, many spammers do annoying activities within the app.
  • Some minor glitches and errors exist in the app that is expected to be fixed in the next update.

5: Top Eleven 2021

Top Eleven 2021 is the most popular and one of the most downloaded fantasy football apps in the whole world. In the Google Play Store, the app has been downloaded more than 50M times till now. The average rating is 4.6 among the 4M people who reviewed this app. In the history of fantasy apps, this app created a milestone in terms of popularity, the convenience of playing, and all other factors.

Key Features

  • Managers can make any decisions and changes considering the weather condition.
  • Allows you to arrange training sessions where your players can improve their skills and boost their strength
  • Allows you to collect exclusive jerseys for your team from legendary clubs like Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, and more!
  • 3D Youth Academy feature to produce future players
  • Allows you to link other soccer managers to create clan tournaments


  • The app is a little bit heavy (96MB) compared to other similar kinds of apps
  • Players are pretty expensive to buy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What is the best fantasy football provider: Yahoo, ESPN, NFL.com, or CBS?

  • All of these are good from different perspectives. But considering the popularity, ESPN and Yahoo will take first place together.

Q- What are some good fantasy football apps?

  • The 5 names I have mentioned in the article. These all are completely free best fantasy football help apps to play. But there exist some premium features as well that need cash to enjoy.

Q- Can you make money playing fantasy football?

  • Yes, you can. But how? There needs a whole article to explain this step by step. Hopefully, I will write on this for you soon, slowly but surely!

Q- What's the best app for fantasy sports?

  • My recommendation to you will be Top Eleven 2021. Considering the users’ satisfaction, app performance, and uniqueness of features this app is almost unbeatable.


In the ending part of this article, I want to mention something different. Fantasy football apps are not the alternatives to traditional football games like FIFA 19. These are the apps by which you can play the same game but in a different way. These apps were introduced to give you a difference in your gaming experience by allowing you to play the manager role and continue a whole season. Considering these facts, fantasy football is definitely a new beginning in the gaming industry.

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