The Best 10 Free Vpn App For Android

17 min read Here is an extensive list, for the best free VPN app for android devices for the new year 2021. There are many things we want to download or to access but cannot be able to access because of countries... July 08, 2023 11:01 The Best 10 Free Vpn App For Android

Here is an extensive list, for the best free VPN app for android devices for the new year 2021. There are many things we want to download or to access but cannot be able to access because of countries' many legal restrictions. And as we say that, “every problem comes with a solution”, hence one of the brilliant minds Gurdeep-Singh-Pall invented this VPN application back in 1996.  

The full form of VPN is a virtual private network. While using the Vpn, it works as a protection mask, hides your identity, and makes you an unidentified person. Best Free VPN app for android changes your IP address and shows you’re located somewhere else. For example, at present, you’re now in India, Delhi, but after you get connected with a free VPN via the internet it will change your IP address and on the server, it will be showing you’re in Germany or somewhere else. Even though Google play store has many free android VPN, most of them are bogus and filled with many fake positive reviews. 

VPN download free comes with many other advantages, such as bypassing the geo-restriction, as a result, you can easily get access to the other countries streaming services. For instance, Netflix offers much more content to US subscribers than any other Globe. Besides being able to access some famous services like BBC Iplayer etc.

Free Vpn App for Android - 2021

Here are the best free android VPN for the new year 2021. This best free VPN download for Android will blow your mind, with their exciting and amazing features. This best free Vpn can easily operate in android 11.0,10.0, Pie, Oreo, and other older Android OS versions. These 10 VPN downloads are absolutely free, safe, and contain alerting security permission. 

1: Speedify

As the name suggests “speedify”, speedify is one of the fastest speed VPN apps in the Google play store. Speedify has a data limit of 2GB per month. Users can easily access this VPN over Windows, Mac, Android, IOS. Provide the facilities for accessing almost more than 50.  The key aim of speedify is that it provides an amazing fastest connection service or you may also call “turbo speed”. In the free version, users will get access from almost 50 locations. The main problem that the free users suffer is that, after installation, they get a 5GB data allowance but after one month it goes down to 1 GB.  



Courtesy: speedify

2: Surfshark

SurfShark is another free Vpn app download, with fast and secure facilities. Surf shark helps users to hide the exact location and secure the users browsing data too.this surf sharks assists the users by securing the tunneling protocol like openVPN and IKEv2. Some of the amazon features are:

  • Can be accessible to more than 800 servers in 50+ countries 
  • Bypass allowance 
  • Does not have to log your IP,WebRTC, 
  • Prevention from DNS LEAK 
  • AES 256 for an end-to-end encryption 
  • Want to connect as much device as you want 
  • Don't save any activity log  



Photo Courtesy: SurfShark

3: Windscribe VPN

Windscribe Android VPN is one of the finest free VPN for android. Windscribe vpn offers more than ten servers across the world. Windscribe vpn is terrifically fast, as a result users can easily select any one of the four protocols incorporated with OpenVPN UDP/TCP,IKEv2,stealth. On the other hand, windscribe VPN has another amazing feature for android apps, “split tunneling”, through which users can effortlessly choose their desiring app, to use by using VPN encrypted tunnel.

Windscribe VPN android follows no log policy, and users can find it in the setting of windscribe’s setting. Windscribe’s users can enjoy upto 10GB/ month data cap, with full free facilities. With the assistance of windscribe VPN you can also enjoy the restricted streaming content on Netflix. Windscribe VPN is considered one of the fastest free VPN for android, with great network speed and torrent user friendly.  



Photo Courtesy: Windscribe

4: Tunnelbear VPN 

Best VPN  For Android, indeed, is tunnelbear VPN because it administers a highly secure free best VPN app for android devices. The free version of tunnelbear VPN carries at most 500MB per month data cap. Users can enjoy some additional free 2GB of data cap by inviting friends or tweeting about the app. Apart from that, tunnelbear VPN is the Best free Vpn android App, which is secure, safe and fast and you won’t be disappointed by downloading this app. Some of the exciting features are:

  • Individual security audits every year 
  • Uses open VPN protocol chained with AES 256 bit 
  • A uncommon features name Ghostbear, helps to hide your identity 
  • Have more than 350 servers, over 22 countries 
  • Have kill switch and split tunneling 



Photo Courtesy: Tunnelbear

5: Hotspot Shield VPN

Another most exceptional free vpn for android device is hotspot shield vpn. Hotspot shield comes up with a built in interface with a very few settings. In the beginning of operating this app, it will ask the user to sign up, which some users might find unnecessary. With some limitation, hotspot shield VPN still is the best VPN app for android, the features of the hotspot shield vpn are: 

  • Just have only one server from US
  • Have a data cap of 500MB/ per month 
  • Have kill switch 
  • Option to add trusted WIFI network 
  • Cellular network 
  • Network speed is little slow 
  • Have no log policy 
  • Collect no browsing data 
  • With advertising interruption 



Photo Courtesy: hotspot shield vpn

6: Turbo VPN 

Turbo VPN is not just a VPN, it’s a video player. Turbo VPN is one of the best free VPN for Android, through which users can easily watch any video while traveling. With the help of Turbo VPN users can easily unlock their desiring website, games, and apps anytime. This app encrypts the users traffic and secures the IP address from hackers. The other features of turbo VPN are:

  • Have the facility of bypassing the firewalls
  • Protect the users wifi hotspot 
  • Operate like LTE,3G,WIFI,and mobile data carries 
  • Uses UDP or TCP 
  • Connect with VPN proxy server 



Photo Courtesy: Turbo VPN

7: Proton VPN

Proton VPN is built up by a swiss based company. By breaking all the belief that “free product is not good” proton VPN for android changes this assumption by providing all the awesome free features compared to any other VPN. Proton Best VPN for android free, charges no hidden charges, ads free, data caps or no sharing the users data. The free version of Proton VPN, you can only get three different locations to select; US, Netherland and Japan. On the other hand you can only connect to one device at a time. The amazing features of proton VPN are: 

  • Free encrypted email service
  • Open source android vpn with AES-256 and 4096 RSA
  • Dns leak protection 
  • Two vpn protocols 
  • Have kill switch, which helps to restrain the device from getting deactivated accidentally 
  • Split tunnelling, which helps to exclude IP address from VPN traffic.
  • You will get free seven day trial 
  • network speed sometimes lacks in the free version 
  • No streaming support  



Photo Courtesy: Proton VPN

8: Nord VPN 

Nord vpn is another free android vpn app, which comes with an extra layer of guarantee on your phone, pc, tablet even in the gaming console. Nord VPN provides a protection to your data both out and about or when you’re at home. Nord vpn helps your data routed by an extra server, which makes anyone else to hack. Nord vpn provides the facilities of ranging the price from free to few bucks per month.


Nord VPN

Photo Courtesy: Nord vpn

9: Avira

Avira is the best free app download vpn, which uses protocol open VPN for security. This free vpn app for android, always keeps the users personal file, login information and password secure. The features of this best free VPN are:

  • Uses the techniques of 256-bit AES encryption
  • Access any streaming sites 
  • Use many different open network like cafes, airports, hotels 
  • Provides virtual IP address
  • No leaking of DNS 
  • Have access of more than 38 server countries  



Photo Courtesy: Avira

10: Hide me 

Hide me also considers to be one of the excellent mobile free VPN apk that android users can easily use for unidentified surfing. The exciting part of hide me is that it has a quick “enable VPN'' button on the front of the home page. hide me is the easiest and safe free Vpn app download

 The free version of hide me comes up with:

  • Excellent network speed on VPN 
  • Free version offers 10/GB per month data cap
  • Have terrific streaming support 
  • Can easily access the netflix app, without buffering 
  • It offers up to five location in the free version 
  • Support two kind of protocol; open VPN and IKEv2 
  • No hassle of sign up 



Courtrsy: Hide Me

Which is The Best Free VPN for Android?

I have described in detail about the 10 best free VPN Android apps. But you must wonder and feeling puzzled which one is the best one to choose for your device. Therefore, I thought I would suggest one of the best free Vpn app downloads. Turbo VPN is one most excellent free VPN for Android devices, indeed. 

Turbo VPN is fast, secure, and trusted by over 100000000+ users. With the help of this free VPN download, users can easily get access from any country or state. Have the powerful ability of open-end using any website, games, video content, etc. While using this one of the best free VPN, it totally covers you and hides your identity and IP address. 

Read Full Details and Download Turbo Vpn Full Free


Above described are the top 10 best free vpn apps for android. Since you are now in the conclusion part, I Can now say with a guarantee that may have found and chose your desiring free VPN android app. You can now easily access and download a free VPN; enjoy your favorite stuffs in your device without any kind of legal restriction. 
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