How to Make Money on Instagram 6 Practical Ideas

13 min read Instagram is no longer just about taking selfies, sharing pictures of your dogs, and showing off your lunch – it's a powerful business tool, and if you use it right, you can make a living from it!... June 21, 2023 14:33 How to Make Money on Instagram 6 Practical Ideas

Instagram is no longer just about taking selfies, sharing pictures of your dogs, and showing off your lunch – it's a powerful business tool, and if you use it right, you can make a living from it! This article covers six ideas you can implement to generate income from your Instagram account.

With technological advancement and widespread internet use, the way we earn money has taken a 360-degree turn. Today, you don't have to sit in the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily to get that paycheck. You don't have the mandatory hours that the first, second, and third shifts impose. 

Social media has changed everything, and you can easily make money on platforms such as Instagram. Let's find out how.

Here we will talk about these critical social media activities that can make you some money and even make your career from Instagram:

1. Become an Instagram Marketing Agency

2. Be an Entrepreneur and Sell Own Products and Services

3. Become an Influencer and Make Money Through Sponsored Posts

4. Selling Instagram Photos

5. Earn Commissions by Selling Companies Products and Dragging Traffic

6. Becoming A Virtual Assistant to An Influence

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How to Make Money on Instagram - 6 Ideal Practical Tips

1) Become an Instagram Marketing Agency

Nowadays, marketing agencies are excellent in various aspects when you talk about social networks, especially Instagram.

If you want to start making money this way, you must understand posting high-quality and engaging images. Besides that, other skills are important such as:

  • Be always up to date on Instagram changes 
  • Know exactly what different audiences want from experience working with many brands
  • Understand the right time to post, understand hashtags and make data-driven decisions.

Producing good content is key for a marketing agency

If you got all these skills with your own Instagram channel, it's time to become independent and leave the shift hours mandatory in your life.

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2) Be an Entrepreneur and Sell Own Products and Services

Instagram is the way to go and one of the best platforms to sell your products and services in today's world. It offers the opportunity to reach a larger audience than ever before. And to take your business to the next level, Instagram is a great way to promote and build relationships with your customers.

As long as you have a few followers, you can post your products and services with catchy captions that sell out. It is easy enough for anyone, even if you are just starting out, and with zero costs or investment required. With time you will gain traffic, more followers, and sales as your followers share your page with others.

Furthermore, with Instagram, you don't have to wait for months until people know who you are or what you are about; everyone will be able to see the gist of what your business or personal brand identity is immediate.

3) Become an Influencer and Make Money Through Sponsored Posts

If you have an active Instagram account with over 50,000 followers who like every single post and yearn for more, then you can qualify for becoming a brand influencer. Partner with different companies and post various sponsored brand posts on your powerful Instagram page.

Nowadays, more than a handful of bloggers and Instagram influencers are earning six-figure salaries and higher by posting sponsored content on their feeds.

Become an influencer on Instagram

"How do I become an Instagram influencer?" you might be asking yourself. Well, the answer is simple - create engaging posts that are catchy. This way, you will make hundreds to millions of dollars depending on the effort you put into your Instagram page.

Remember, it is all about talent, hard work, and determination. Post the brands now and then and gain more follows and likes.

4) Selling Instagram Photos

How about selling your beautiful, weird, or catchy photos to brands that want to use them? If you are a photogenic person, who loves taking photos, ensure that you take quality ones. This way, you can license companies to use some of your pictures on their brands and get paid for it.

The first step is to know which companies are willing to pay for using your pictures. This is one thing that you can do alone on Instagram, but other specialized websites will help you identify companies ready to pay for your photos. They are free to sign up and enable you to create a new user profile and build your portfolio, which helps you attract clients.

Selling high-quality photos can become a great business

Once you get enough customers, the platforms pay you through various payment wallets. This is an effortless technique; all you have to do is take outstanding photos to attract every customer's attention.

You might even go as far as becoming a professional photographer and selling your photos to brands that will pay for using them in their ads.

5) Earn Commissions by Selling Companies Products and Dragging Traffic

Today, many companies' products and services get sold via Instagram by different people who boast millions of followers and powerful influence. Instagram is home to many successful businesses and people who make their living by promoting products on social media platforms.

Earn commission by dragging traffic

For instance, many celebrities sell their brands and products on Instagram. One good example is Kylie Jenner, whose cosmetics brand boomed because of Instagram sales. She used her influence on the platform to promote her brand and become a billionaire.

You can also sell companies' products and services and drag traffic for them on their Instagram page. In return, you get paid commissions which range in price from company to company. Of course, how much you earn from this also depends on your company's sales.

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6) Becoming A Virtual Assistant to An Influence

Do you prefer working behind the scenes? Great, because you can still earn money as a virtual assistant to an influencer. It is a great side gig if you like to keep your work private and don't mind being one of many. There are hundreds of famous people globally who need people who can manage their Instagram Pages.

If you boast a good orientation on how Instagram works and love posting photos, writing catchy messages, and replying to followers' messages, then you can make money on Instagram. All you have to do is apply for Instagram Virtual Assistant jobs and help an influencer post, comment, reply to DMs and market their brand.

Although this type of work can be challenging at times, it can be easily turned into a lucrative side hustle if you are willing to put in the time. In fact, those who stay committed have seen an average rate of $40 per hour.

The Bottom Line

Making money on Instagram can be fun and easy. You don't need to have a big inbox or post hundreds of photos. Just like with other forms of online content, you should put time and effort into getting great results that generate traffic and interest.

If you have success with your own account, you can turn it into a business. Either you can start sharing your knowledge with other businesses as a marketing agency, or you can become someone an influencer count on as a virtual assistant. 

In this article, we gave you some options to make money with this popular social network. With the right strategies, you can quickly turn Instagram into an effective money-making machine.

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