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Downloadgram app is an app that makes it easy to store pictures, videos of instagram in one place without copying URLs.  - It's not a difficult task to copy a URL - And just press the button...

Downloadgram app is an app that makes it easy to store pictures, videos of instagram in one place without copying URLs. 

- It's not a difficult task to copy a URL

- And just press the button after running the app!

Downloading any media file from Instagram is no longer complicated. DownloadGram apk is absolutely free and can easily be used. It is an online platform. There is no limitation. Users can download Instagram photos and videos for unlimited times. And even DownlodGram Instagram Downloader can convert files from jpg into mp4. So, devices can easily read and open them.

DownloadGram is a very unique tool when it comes to saving Instagram media. Even if you are a newbie, you can practice it with no trouble. There are no certain platforms that can be recommended for such tasks. It can open from everywhere at any time

Why DownloadGram App?

The original Instagram platform was designed to share photos and videos by creating an Instagram account. All the users hold some unique usernames. And everybody can share their memories, special days and so on using photographs and video clips like many other social media platforms in order to increase followers on Instagram.

Unfortunately, saving one of the shared media files on some other one’s device is problematic. According to the copyright rules of instagram, an user can’t perform such activity if you decide 

However, this became a serious issue for users who still need to save interesting media files on their devices from Instagram. Thanks to the developer behind the DownloadGram app who managed to find out the solution. Finally, It can download any media file from Instagram for totally free google play 

App Information

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Required Platform

Android 4.1+  





Features of DownloadGram:

By using this app, you will be allowed to -

* Download videos and images quickly

* Download IGTV video & repost whenever you want

* Reels downloader for Instagram image and video.

* Save files on your device easily

* Explore, delete and share downloaded files on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, Instagram etc.

* Share your favorite HD videos & pictures with others.

* Play videos offline with the built-in multimedia player.

Is it safe?

DownloadGram is a free and secured android application. Yes, this is true that there exist some black hat developers who put harmful scripts within the coding lines. But in the case of the DownloadGram App we didn’t find any complaint against this app from the users.

So considering this point, we can claim this app as entirely safe. But yes, this is a third-party app. So keeping the terms and conditions in your mind is highly suggested.

How to Download Videos From Instagram?

  1. Update the Instagram app to the latest version on your device
  2. Open it with a tap right away
  3. Scroll down to the post where a particular images of video is located that you want to download
  4. Go to the options list of the post and copy the post link
  5. Open your device browser
  6. Search DownloadGram Official Website and open the web page
  7. Go to the download bar of DownloadGram and paste the copied link there
  8. Tap on the blue “Download” button
  9. Wait for a while until the downloading process starts
  10. Take a deep breath and you will end with all the interesting files on your gallery

Important Note:
If your gallery does not have enough space to download media, the process may fail anytime while you are downloading. So please make sure, your phone holds enough free storage before going through DownloadGram. And try to connect your device with a stable internet connection. So it will speed up performance. For this is unlimited, users can download this Instagram Downloader online all the time.

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