Video Editing Tips- The Ultimate Guide For Smartphone Users

23 min read Are you looking for complete guidelines and video editing tips in regards to editing video content with your beloved smartphone? Especially for youtube? Then the internet has directed you to the right... June 08, 2023 05:36 Video Editing Tips- The Ultimate Guide For Smartphone Users

Are you looking for complete guidelines and video editing tips in regards to editing video content with your beloved smartphone? Especially for youtube? Then the internet has directed you to the right article, and eventually, you are here! 

You may don’t have a DSLR or a highly configured workstation as well. But now this article is here to help you.

Editing videos with a Personal Computer is common, as it gives extra advantages to edit videos swiftly. But smartphones keep a limited capacity to perform such tasks as video editing compared to laptops or computers.

We know this will be a hard task to write a complete article on video editing with android. But we will cover almost everything regarding this topic for sure. Be engaged till the last line of this article and be a next-level video content creator!

Before Discussing Video Editing Tips

Before deep-diving into the main topic, there needs to conduct an introductory-level discussion on video shooting as well. After all, the quality of the final output after finishing your video editing part will mostly depend on the input. This part is super important. Because viewers judge a video quality upon if they are enjoying the video or not while playing with their PC or video playing app

So before starting the editing part of your video, primarily there should be a concern on how much quality video you can capture with your phone.

Selecting The Right Smartphone Before Video Editing Tips

There is a common misconception among beginner-level video content creators.

And that is “any raw video can be modified with software as we want”. This word is partially true, but there exists an important hidden note.

You can add effects to your video, you can add extra contrast and customize all other parameters as you need. But you can never increase the video quality that you capture with your device.

That’s why you may have noticed, many top-level video content creators invest a decent amount of money to buy their shooting devices. But we know, this article is for those video content creators who are decided to make all the shooting and editing part done with his smartphone. So in this case, we are going to give a primary and concise guideline with bullet points to take the right shot.

  • Focus on the camera quality, not on the numbers: 

Don’t only focus on how many Megapixels of the camera your phone is offering. Focus on how much your phone is good at capturing quality video footage.

Because many smartphone brands are playing number games with the camera unit. We will cover this point step by step in detail in a separate article in the future.

  • Check out the depth-sensing sensor: 

It will help you to have clear footage while your surrounding is getting dark. Check the aperture from your smartphone as well. 

  • OIS and EIS feature: 

OIS means Optical Image Stabilization, which functions mechanically to allow the user to have stable footage while shooting. EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) performs the same thing, but it’s a software-based feature. Try to make sure your phone holds this as well.

  • Storage Type: 

Try to make sure the internal storage type of your smartphone is UFS 3, UFS 3.1, or above. This will significantly help while you will perform multitasking with your smartphone.

Video Shooting Instruction

After choosing the right device, here comes the second step- to follow appropriate instructions to get raw footage first. In that case, we are committed to giving you some primary instructions that can help you best raw footage before editing.

  • Get longer video clips:

When you will begin editing videos, almost 60-70% of your raw footage will go into the gutter. That means you are picking a very small portion of your whole raw footage that is needed to make the content concise. So if you want to make longer videos, then taking longer videos is necessary while recording

  • Take multiple shots:

Never take a single shot for creating a particular video. Take multiple shots so that you can choose the appropriate one to use. Another important note, make sure the voice recorder of your device is working fine while recording.

  • Get a proper plan:

Don’t just take some raw shots and sit down to start editing. Before that try to make a concise plan about what message you are willing to deliver to the audience. Get a pen and paper, create a proper funnel to engage, and then open the app to begin editing. 

  • Organize your files:

As editing is a timely process, so keeping your materials organized is essential to increase your efficiency. You can create different folders with different names in your phone storage to put your files as per the types of these. For example, you can put four types of folders for your convenience- Project, Footage, Audios, and Exports.

Tips for YouTube Video Editing:

Youtube is the largest video platform on this planet. According to Statista, more than 2 billion users are using Youtube to enjoy video content. To entertain this huge traffic, YouTubers are making videos with not only their expensive gadgets. 

There are many successful YouTubers, who have built a community of millions of subscribers by making content by only using their smartphones. But many of them are struggling in this run. We want to cover some great video editing tips for YouTube that can help anyone to thrive in making videos with a smartphone for youtube.

  • Make a proper plan for your content:

Before holding the smartphone to shoot, you should make sure of one thing first. And that is, to make a proper plan in regards to making your content. At the very beginning, you have to decide what message you want to deliver to your audience.

Then make a proper script on it. After that, you can go for making the video using the script. Try to avoid filler clips as much as possible. After all, your message delivering process on the video should be precise.

  • Pay attention to every second

According to your planning, you have to set the estimated length of the video. You have to make sure first, how much time you need to deliver your message precisely. So be conscious about every second in regards to making a video for Youtube.

  • Get some smartphone gadgets

Consider this point as one of the best video editing tips. You can make your shooting part done with your smartphone. But there need some other types of equipment that will be helpful to make your video more attractive and engaging. But in this case, you should choose equipment according to your video content type. 

For example, if you want to be a vlogger, then you should have a gimbal that will help to keep your video stabilized while recording. But if you are just a product reviewer, then it’s more important to spend money on your studio. You can buy a decent quality microphone, a good smartphone holder, etc instead. 

  • Build your network

Only making videos is not enough in terms of thriving your YouTube channel. You have to promote your existence on YouTube to others first. But if you can make this happen indirectly, then you can grow more effectively. In this case, social media accounts can act as extensions of your YouTube channel.

So being active on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter can add extra advantage in driving traffic to your YouTube channel. It’s another important approach to read and respond to the comments and inboxes.

  • Use a secondary way of recording sound

Its true smartphone comes with a built-in mic. But in terms of making video content for YouTube, it’ll not be a wise approach to use this one to record audio while shooting. You can record your audio separately and then you can sync it with the main video while editing. 

There are many decent quality microphones available in the market. But if you are decided to save your budget a little bit to spend on other sides, you can your headphone to use it as a secondary option to record audio. In that case, try to use decent quality headphones.

Video Editing Tips On Choosing The Right Apps:

This section can be considered also like video editing tips for beginners. On Google Play Store there exist many video editing apps with free, premium, and freemium packages. But which one should you choose? 

This fact surely will put you in a dilemma to pick the right apps for your own. But we have developed some points on this note as an instruction manual to help you when you are at the very beginner level of video editing.

Try with free apps first

We know all video editor apk which are under the free package, hold limited features to edit videos. But we are suggesting you start with free apps. There are many free apps on the Google Play Store that hold a decent amount of satisfactory ratings from its users. You can use one of these. In this article, we will cover some of these tremendous apps that can be your best companion in terms of video editing.

Choose apps according to your need

The common features of video editing always exist in almost every editing app. But all the apps can’t perform the same for all aspects. After doing some research on these apps we have come to a decision. 

It will be a wise approach if you don’t use the same app in regards to making videos from all platforms. For example, InShot Pro is popular for making vertical videos. So, if you are a Tiktoker or an Instagram activist, then this app is for you.

Use multiple apps for multiple purposes

We strongly believe, there is no existence of any video content creator, who uses only one video editing software in their career. They look for multiple links of video editor app download for android. In terms of editing video with your smartphone, the same statement is applicable. You will find some apps that have a rich library of filtering options. But it’s not good at color grading. At the same time, another app can do these both perfectly, but it has another weakness.

So you need to have multiple apps to have a complete and precise video as output. But there exist some apps that are capable of performing well in almost every sector. We have covered some short descriptions of some of these apps in the next section, which will help you to pick the right app for you. 

Try to avoid heavyweight apps

Heavyweight apps indeed offer more functionality compared to other lightweight apps. But it’s a wise approach to choose the lightest app possible. So consider this point as another video editing tips for android. Heavyweight apps cause to slow down the device and affect multitasking performance. Fact is, during the editing time, you will never need to use all the functionality of your app.

So focusing on your needs should be the priority in regards to using a video editor app. Then in the next step find the apps that can meet your needs. This approach will save your phone storage and video rendering time as well.

Some Popular Video Editor APK

Choosing the right best video editing app should be considered as one of another great video editing tips. If you have read the whole article, then you already know how to choose the right app for you. But if you are still in a dilemma, then we want to introduce some exciting apps that can meet your needs according to your requirement.


Filmore- the name of reliance for professional video editors who are a big fan of editing videos with their PC. But it has an android version as well. You can’t enjoy all the features that come with the official software. But it’s hard to count all the limited features included in the phone. The immediate sharing option will add an extra advantage to your video making experience. Let’s be introduced to some exciting features that can make you give it a try.

  • Reverse video option
  • HD video exporting functionality to your gallery
  • Supports more than 8 languages
  • Some classing transitions for making your video more attractive
  • Slow/Fast mode
  • Voiceover feature
  • No watermark on the video! And many more!

iMovie APK

iMovie APK is a little bit different from all video editor apk. We are excited to introduce this app to you because this app was first developed by Apple Inc. for mac and other smart devices invented by the company. But later on, developers made an apk version for it. This app will allow you almost the same thing that the IOS version can perform. You can customize all types of files such as videos, audios, GIFs, etc with using this app. Our honest recommendation is, in terms of editing video this app is capable of dominating the list. Some of these key features of this app are-

  • User-friendly user interface
  • A rich library of movie templates
  • A rich collection of audio customizing tools
  • Effective feature to marge multiple videos
  • Fast forward and slow-motion effects
  • Less rendering time required to get the final output, and many more!

We have included the download link of this app in this article. You will get the installing procedure and a better breakdown of video editing tips beginners for in the article as well.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe has a great brand value for producing great editing software. Almost all big-budget movies are made with their video editing software. Adobe premiere rush was developed targeting android users. The rich functionality of this app will allow you to make professional-level videos and blow your subscriber’s minds. The key features of this app have given below- 

  • User-friendly editing option
  • Animated title customization
  • Separate video making options for different media (such TikTok, Facebook, Instagram YouTube, etc ) 
  • Hundred of original soundtracks and sound effects
  • Pro version of this app is available that will allow your entrance to explore more premium features.

Kinemaster Diamond APK

If you are determined to have the all-rounder video editor apk, then Kinemaster Diamond apk will dominate the review list as well. The super impressive visual effects and 3D graphics conversion functionality have added another dimension to this app. The other super exciting features compelled us to keep a separate article for this app. In this section, we only want to focus on the key features of this app. 

  • No watermark at all!
  • Split audio setting option
  • Noise-canceling technology
  • Able to edit unsupported video formats
  • Audio recording functionality
  • A rich collection of sound effects, animation,  themes, etc
  • Access all the premium features of this app (if you download this app from our direct download link!)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- Can we consider this article as the ultimate list of video editing tips in terms of video editing with smartphones?

  • Yes, you can. The suggestions provided in this article regarded video editing was filtered out after good research.

Q- Can we download the apps for free?

  • Absolutely. If you download the apps from our provided link, then you don’t have to spend a single penny.

Q- Are these apps safe to use? 

  • Of course. Because we do not insert any kinds of manipulating script into the coding of the apps. We just collect the downloadable version for your apps and provide the safe links to you. 

End of the Discussion

There are many people, who are determined to make video content, but they are struggling to manage the necessary and expensive equipment they need to go through this journey. Then we want to state an interesting saying, If you want to even go to the moon, you have to take the first step with your feet first.  You will find at least thousands of successful video content creators, who started their journey with mediocre a smartphone. 

That’s why we made the ultimate guide on video editing tips. We believe this complete article will guide you as your mentor till the moment you continue your journey with your beloved smartphone. But what’s next? To get the answer, stay tuned with Android Blue.

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